Dungeon Defense Volume 1 Chapter 4.2 / Chapters List

Dungeon Defense: Volume 1 – Chapter 4 (Part 2)
Chapter 4 – Romantic Deceptive Tactics (Part 2)
▯Mixed Blood, Lapis Lazuli
Empire Calendar: Year 1505, Month 4, Day 18
Niflheim, Hermes’ Plaza

The glass shattered.

For a moment, everyone’s gaze focused onto here.

There were over 200 people in this plaza, but no one had spoken a word. Due to the silence, the sound of a glass shattering echoed loudly…… It was a mere single glass, but it was so loud that it could reach the furthest corners of the plaza.

“Aaang?” (TL note: Not the last airbender)

Andromalius looked over here.

His slanted eyes resembled that of a fox and were detestable to look at. You could see his vulgar personality and foul temper just from his gaze.

“What are you supposed to be? You aren’t going to lower you eyes?”

Andromalius spoke towards his highness Dantalian.

His highness Dantalian was unresponsive. What was he thinking? I turned to carefully check on his highness’ complexion and— my spine became cold.

It was that face.

The expression he made when he had discovered prey and was waiting for it with ease.

It wasn’t the face of a deadbeat which he normally had. A faint smile was drifting around the edges of his highness’ lips. It was the face he made when an ominous scheme, a wicked plot had formed in his head.

It seemed that the other party did not recognize his highness Dantalian. It was not weird. Since his highness’ horn was buried under his hair so it was barely visible.

Andromalius spit on the floor.

“Wow, look at that. He’s not lowering his eyes at all.”

After kicking the old dwarf one more time, he made his way towards us. The way he swayed looked like he was some wild cat that had found a new toy to play with.

The demon races who were sitting nearby cautiously backed away as he passed. They probably didn’t want to get caught up in the trouble.

On the other hand, the Berbere witches silently stayed in their seats. They had been hired by his highness Dantalian. Their pride wouldn’t allow them to do something like leaving his highness behind and running away.

“To see some peasants with no ethics.”

It seemed that he was displeased that the witches had not greeted him despite having seen him. Andromalius narrowed his brows.

“If you meet a Demon Lord then you should at least greet them with a bow, but what is this? Why are you being conceited with your chins held up?”

Andromalius strongly grabbed one of the witch’s hair. The witch let out a pained moan.


The witch’s name was Beatrice. I had heard that it had been a long time since she had participated in an escort trip, as she had concealed herself for several decades. Witches had itchy feet so it was common for them to go wandering for more than a hundred years. To end up getting involved with Andromalius subsequently to taking a request after a long period of time. That witch had terrible luck.

“Oii, slaves. A Demon Lord is here. It’s one of the honorable Demon Lords that gave you life and feeds you. You should be greeting me politely, and yet you’re not even budging