Dungeon Defense Volume 1 Chapter 5.2 / Chapters List

Chapter 5 – The Most Extravagant Circus (Part 2)
▯Weakest Demon Lord, Rank 71st, Dantalian
Empire Calendar: Year 1505, Month 8, Day 20
Niflheim, Governors’ Palace
Amidst the uproarious atmosphere in the ballroom.

“…… The one with the highest rank amongst us, is myself. It would only be appropriate for a Demon Lord to be the judge of a conflict between two Demon Lords.”

I wonder if he had thought that he couldn’t remain as a spectator anymore, but rank 5th Demon Lord Marbas had stepped forward.

“Ivar Lodbrok. I shall be temporarily taking the role as the host. I’m sorry, but the weight of this hearing is too much for me to leave in your hands.”

“As you desire, your highness.”

The old vampire obediently backed off.


Marbas stood in the center of the hall.

The way his legs were standing firmly made it feel like he was a gigantic tree. His stability was remarkable. This bald man with a burly stature was knitting his brows a fair amount, as if he didn’t really find this situation to be pleasing at all.

“I am rank 5th. As the Demon Lord in charge of nobleness, I shall formally receive Paimon’s request. The accused is rank 71st. No name, Demon Lord Dantalian.

Marbas’ announcement weighed heavily on the surrounding.

His dignified voice would not allow any objections. The Demon Lords lowered their gazes, and the faeries floated into a line and carefully bowed.

“Excluding the people directly involved, intervention from a third-party is strictly prohibited. Dantalian. The one accused on this Walpurgis Night. Come forth and face your accuser.”

It would only be appropriate to obey the host.

Taking a couple of steps forward, I stood at the exact center of the ballroom.



Paimon and myself, we stared at each other while leaving a slight gap between us.

Like how duels would start between gladiators in the Rome Colosseum.

“Once both sides has finished their refutation, we shall decide on whose opinion is right by majority vote. First, I shall present the right to question Dantalian to the accuser, Paimon.”


Paimon grabbed both ends of her skirt and bowed.

It felt like time had stood still on the folds of her politely raised skirt.

“Thank you for accepting this hearing.”

Paimon slowly glared this way.

“Shall we confirm all of the facts first then? Dantalian.”

“As you wish, your highness.”

I bobbed my head in greeting.

In truth, it was the first time we were facing each other, and yet there were reserved no actions between us. Hostility was more explicit than goodwill.

“You, on the 8th month and 16th day, at the daybreak of 4 o’clock, murdered Demon Lord Andromalius in the Hermes’ Plaza of Niflheim. Is this lady correct?”

“That is correct. I admit this.”

“And, Dantalian. You, knowing full well that the other party was a Demon Lord, murdered him anyways. Is this lady wrong?”

“That is also correct. Ah, but if I were to respond more accurately.”

I raised my shoulders.

“I did not know he was a Demon Lord from the very beginning. While I was drinking beer in the plaza, some young greenhorn