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Her life was crumpled up like a piece of aluminum foil since the age of 1.

“I can’t forgive that old woman. Forgiving her would be wrong. Damn it. I shouldn’t have worried about what Lapis had in mind and just killed that woman then and there.”


With a sound effect a hologram displayed in front of me.

[The other party is disappointed in you.]

[Demon Lord Barbatos’ affection went down by 3.]

“You’re quite the twisted guy, aren’t you.”

Barbatos gave me a look of sympathy.

“You look perfectly fine but the inside of your skull is defective. You don’t even realize that you look like a mental patient right now, do you?”

“I’m perfectly normal.”

“There are two types of people who claim that they are perfectly normal. One is a murderer, and the other is a soon to be murderer.”

Barbatos lowered her back slightly.

She stared at me very seriously.

“Anyone will make mistakes as they live their life. Of course, if they make a mistake then they should be punished. Up to that point is fine. But you’re stating that the punishment must be execution no matter what. And at your lover’s birth mother, at that.”

“If there is a whore who deserves to die, then they should.”

Barbatos let out a sigh.

“…… Did you say your lover’s name was Lapis Lazuli? Damn she’s admirable. How the hell was she able to deal with you? If it were me, I’d have cut your balls off and ran away long time ago. You two really should just break up.”

“Are you taking my side right now or Lala’s?”

“I don’t know, you idiot.”

Barbatos scratched her head.

“I was hoping that an actual useful rookie had appeared after such a long time, but isn’t he just a complete mental patient? Haaa, my fate is always like this…… If you take out his love affairs then he sort of seems okay, but how the hell do I make this retard function like an actual person……”

“Hello? I can hear everything you’re saying.”

“Of course you did since I wanted you to hear it. Mr. Bitch, I’m thinking in a present progressive form on whether if I should appoint myself to be your nanny. This is quite the deep shit.”

Barbatos clutched her forehead and groaned.

It was like she was contemplating on how deep she was planning to step into someone else’s life.

If you become concerned with another person’s personal problem then you’d most likely end up in an endless swamp. Barbatos was probably thinking about that sticky feeling.

I wonder if she had finally made a decision.

“……Okay. Keep talking.”

Barbatos had an expression that appeared as if she had resigned herself to a knot somewhere in her mind.

“Keep talking? About what?”

“You dumbass. I’m talking about your love business. From what you’ve told me up till now, it doesn’t seem like there’s a huge problem between you and your succubus lover yet. You may have quarreled but that wasn’t a big enough fight to result in a break up. Just what kind of shit did you pull during the rest of the month that made that kid so appalled at you?”

“I see you’re talking in a tone as if you’re already certain that I’m the one at fault.”