Dungeon Defense Volume 2 Chapter 1.2 / Chapters List

Dungeon Defense: Volume 2 – Chapter 1 (Part 2)
Chapter 1 – Quite Good Friends (Part 2)
▯Weakest Demon Lord, Rank 71st, Dantalian
Empire Calendar: Year 1505, Month 9, Day 5
Niflheim, Governor’s Palace
“…… This one has never written a letter like this before.”

“Chief. I, too, wish to believe that you’re innocent. But you have conspired against me and attacked me in the past, have you not? In other words, you are not completely trustworthy yet.”

“This one no longer plans to be hostile against your highness.”

“That is quite the pity. I’m unable to believe you.”


Ivar Lodbrok ground his teeth.
(TL Note: I plan to stick with calling Ivar by the gender of the individual he’s currently possessing.)

It was clear that he was upset. He did have more than enough reason to be angry, after all.

This person before me was originally one of the highest people of authority. He was the richest person in the demon world as well as the behind-the-scenes ruler of the free city of Niflheim.

That person had fallen and was now acting as my puppet. He yipped like a dog at my every command. It became quite pitiable. Even so, I did not plan to forgive him so easily.

“What does this one have to do in order to gain your highness’ trust?”

“Simply do a couple of favors for me.”

“What kind of favors……?”

“First, I’d like to hire some soldiers.”

It was written on the anonymous letter that an army of two thousand men were going to invade.

Although it was still uncertain whether the letter was true or false, there was nothing bad about being prepared. At the very least three thousand. Yes, I wanted to be prepared with an army of at least three thousand soldiers.

“I consider this to be a light request. If it’s the marvelous Keuncuska Firm then surely you’ll be able to gather three thousand men easily. Do you not think so?”

“……Of course. Your highness.”

The other party had an expression as if he had chewed on shit.

Oi, your emotions are showing all over your face.

Was he perhaps looking at me with contempt? Was that it. Did he decide that he didn’t have to keep up appearances in front of me?

That was troubling. A pet that looked down on their own owner had no use. It seems I had to teach this vampire manners once more.

“Lodbrok. Do you perhaps dislike me?”

“…… That is not possible. This one holds respect and loyalty for the Demon Lords in this one’s chest at all times.”

“That is a relief. I like you quite a bit as well. I was worried that it might have been one-sided love. One-sided love is only beautiful during one’s childhood. But at this age, is it not vulgar to be caught up in such a thing?”

Ivar Lodbrok looked at me with a doubtful gaze. He was most likely trying to figure out what I was talking about.

I took something out from my sleeve. Well, it wasn’t anything too important. A single strand of hair. It was merely a single strand of blonde hair.

Ivar Lodbrok grimaced.

“What may that be?”

“I’ll say it again. I like you quite a bit as well. Except, not your elderly appearance but your original body. Your delicate and female