Dungeon Defense Volume 2 Chapter 3.1 / Chapters List

The Northern Guardian, Margrave of Rosenburg, Georg von Rosenburg
Empire Calendar: Year 1505, Month 9, Day 15
Dantalian’s Demon Lord Castle vicinity
“It appears the enemy has no outposts ahead, your lordship.”

“Mm. So it is according to the information from our spies. It seems there’s nothing impressive about this Demon Lord named Dantalian……”

I nodded after hearing the report from my subordinate.

Currently, my troops, the troops of the Margrave of Rosenburg were marching slowly. The destination was Demon Lord Dantalian’s stronghold. Our advance was proceeding smoothly. The morale among the troops was high, and everyone’s steps were light.

It was an abrupt dispatch, but they were all compliant. I was honestly grateful. A force of 1,500 soldiers were all obediently following orders from their superior without voicing any complaints. There was nothing as fulfilling as this for a person of great stature.

“Your lordship. Do you think it’s true? The rumor that there’s an endless supply of black herbs piled up in Demon Lord Dantalian’s castle……?”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. The important thing is the fact that that kind of rumor has widely spread throughout our land.”

The decisive reason for our dispatch was because of the Black Death.

This terrifying plague had instantly established itself as a nightmare, reigning over all the people of the land. The friends and family that were fine yesterday would end up as cold corpses after a single night. It was terror itself.

Unfortunately, the people of my land were no different. Within a single month of the outbreak, 2,000 of my citizens had died.

Everyone trembled in fear of the plague, regardless of one’s social status. According to a report from a tax collector, the population of a small mountain village had all perished. He had initially gone there to collect taxes, but ended up burying corpses instead. It was a disturbing story……

“Insecurity and fear are at its peak for my subjects. If we were to stay still and take no action, then the public sentiment will be disturbed. If that were to happen, then there is the possibility that a revolt may occur as a result.”

“A revolt……”

My adjutant’s face stiffened.

He must have been surprised that I, the lord, would mention the possibility of a rebellion. My adjutant may have been competent, but his courage was a bit lacking. Would he relax if I smiled here?

“As far as things go, this is merely a hypothesis. Think about it yourself, what would my subjects do if their lord did nothing while their close friends and colleagues were dying? It would be difficult for my subjects to tolerate that.”

“But that’s irrational…… Is the Black Death not divine punishment from the gods? That’s not something within your lordship’s capability to handle.”

“Be it divine punishment or anything else, it is the lord’s duty to look after his subjects. If a lord were to run away from this situation, the only thing that awaits him or her is ruin.”

“Your lordship.”

My adjutant looked at me with a gaze full of admiration.

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