Dungeon Defense Volume 2 Chapter 3.2 / Chapters List

“Adjutant. Are there no more reports from the reconnaissance team?”

“There are none. Our front is completely clear, general.”

My adjutant responded with a delighted face.

It wasn’t only my adjutant. The soldiers around me were all cheerful as well. Soon after, our forces safely arrived at Dantalian’s Demon Lord Castle.

Initially, we were constantly cautious of our surroundings.

It was because after the hilly area, a vast forest was spread before us.

Contrary to hills, ambushes were more than possible within a forest. You could not eliminate the chances of an enemy ambush. To send out a small unit on purpose to be defeated, and then to aim an ambush at us while we were being careless…… In simpler terms, a standard deception tactic. Even if this was a thousand to one chance, I was not going to overlook the possibility of an ambush.

“Indeed, it seems the entirety of Dantalian’s military forces was wiped out yesterday.”

“Yes. Although I was doubtful at first, it appears it was a pointless worry.”

After passing through the forest, a fairly massive rocky mountain laid in front of us.

Within sight was a barren mountain containing nothing but stone. Vegetation was unable to grow on Demon Lord Castles mainly due to the excessively powerful magical energy that emitted from them. It was certain that the mountain before us was Dantalian’s Demon Lord Castle.

“Our scouts found the entrance to the cave.”

“Mm, proceed with the plan.”

As we had previously arranged, a detached force entered the cave. It was a procedure to confirm whether if there were truly black herbs piled up inside the castle.

It was fine if there were actually no herbs. This was nothing more than action taken to show to my people that we weren’t standing by idly. If there were herbs then it was good fortune, if there weren’t then it wasn’t a big deal. It was at that level.

3 hours later, the detached troops ended their search and returned. My adjutant gave me the report with an excited voice.

“General, they say that they’ve discovered 6 wagons worth of black herbs!”


It was a surprising result.

In utter disbelief, I stood up and walked forward, and sure enough, the detached troops were transporting the black herbs while rejoicing. Seeing the detached troops, all 1,500 of my soldiers cheered. It felt like it had become a festival.

Currently, black herbs were being sold for over 10 gold a piece in the empire. It was at least 10 gold! Depending on the region and market price, the asking price would even go up to 20 gold. Before I knew it, my mouth was hanging agape.

“Dear Lord. God Hades……”

How much would 6 wagons worth of herbs cost? In total, there were probably around 7,000 plants. 70,000 gold…… The budget processed by the imperial family of the empire in a single year was about 500,000 gold. Thus meaning, I had obtained in my hand 1/7 of the national budget required to manage the entire empire annually!

“It is the greatest of success, your lordship!”

My adjutant shouted fervently.

“Now the territory of Rosenberg will survive. No,