Dungeon Defense Volume 2 Chapter 4 / Chapters List

Chapter 4 – Baroque Game of Truth or Dare
▯Weakest Demon Lord, Rank 71st, Dantalian
Empire Calendar: Year 1505, Month 9, Day 17
Dantalian’s Demon Lord Castle vicinity
“A person who appears to be a noble is escaping. Lord, is it fine to not pursue him?”

“Leave him be. That man is Margrave von Rosenberg. A high noble who’s contending for precedency in the northern region of the Habsburg empire. If I were to capture the margrave here, then the consequences would become needlessly big.”

I declared.

There was no reason for us to distinguish ourselves more than necessary yet.

‘The rank 71st rice fish Demon Lord had suddenly captured the greatest margrave in the empire.’, this would become an excessively large scandal. Instantly gaining the attention of the entire continent. Factions earnestly vigilant towards me will appear as well. This was something I did not wish for.

The Earl of Rosenberg’s territory was located on the border area between the human and demon world.

In order for the demon armies to invade the humans, and the human armies to invade the demons, this was the path that both sides had to cross over first. If we were to thoughtlessly touch this danger zone, then we would be waking up a sleeping wolf.

Staying low was the right choice here.

“Although we may have won here, if you looked at it objectively, this is not an impressive victory. This was nothing more than 3,000 soldiers suppressing a mere 1,000. Adding to that, I have lost my Demon Lord Castle as well. If anything, the other demons will most likely ridicule me.”

A Demon Lord who had lost his Demon Lord Castle despite having an overwhelming advantage in troops by 3 times the amount.

I planned to make that into how people evaluated me.

In conclusion, while I was a parvenu who had luckily sold the black herb in order to become this prosperous, I was also disregarded as the fool among fools who had accepted a half-breed outcast as my lover. If this wasn’t a perfect disguise tactic, then I didn’t know what it was.

I laughed with satisfaction.

“That margrave has done quite the outstanding job. To think he would blow up my Demon Lord Castle…… I was hoping that he would at least pillage the herbs from my castle, but he had gone and done something beyond that instead. How splendid.”

“No matter how big the world is, the only Demon Lord who would be happy that their Demon Lord Castle was destroyed is your lordship.”

Miss Farnese spoke in a dumbfounded tone.

“Although this young lady thinks that the other Demon Lords will look down on your lordship completely.”

“I can only be grateful if they do belittle me.”

That was exactly what I wanted.

“Think about it, De Farnese. Margrave von Rosenberg could have easily mobilized a force of 10,000 soldiers. However, the actual amount of troops he had brought with him was merely 1,000. A military force consisting mainly of light infantry and cavalry, at that. How much could he have been underestimating me to have done this?”

But it was thanks to that, I was able to survive.

If the margrave had led a massive