Dungeon Defense Volume 3 Chapter 1 / Chapters List

Volume 3 – Chapter 1
Chapter 1 – Wordless Sounds

—Let’s burn a bit more.


The words spoken in a light tone by Barbatos climbed over the mountain ranges and set villages ablaze. Since the start of autumn, we’ve spent our time burning ravines and setting the feet of mountains aflame. Although it appeared as if the flames were burning on their own, it wasn’t a coincidence that the areas we set ablaze always had a fire-fallow cultivating village located there. Many people were burnt to death.

We asked each other in a nonchalant tone.

“How many people have you killed today?”

“I wonder. I think I’ve burned around 30.”

“This kid. You’re still completely wet behind the ears, aren’t you? I’ve burned 70 people today alone.”

“Sure. Good for you.”

That was our way of greeting one another.

At first, the nobles in the humans’ society did not take any actions whether the fire-fallow villagers died or not. These village people were of the lowest class. Once autumn passed and winter approached, and the amount of slash-and-burn villages we’ve burned to the ground reached over 30, was when the human army began to move at last.

The human scouts were slow. We released the witches’ familiars and used them to observe the human forces. Surprisingly, the human troops were not moving in order to rescue the peasants. Anything that tried to avoid the inferno and escaped down the mountain, be it peasant or goblin, the human army hunted them down indiscriminately.

If we burned one side of the mountain range, then the imperial soldiers were dispatched, if we burned the other side of the mountain range, the soldiers from the kingdom were dispatched. Armies started to slowly move around more frequently. The soldiers were pushing their way through the smoke to find the culprits who had burned down the fire-fallow villages. However, the only thing remaining was the black smoke which warmly welcomed the scouts with open arms. I wonder if that desolation felt awkward, the scouts needlessly sliced the noses off the corpses of villagers and goblins before departing. Noseless corpses were scattered around on the ground.

“What’s this?”

Barbatos smirked.

“What the hell are those guys trying to pull?”

“They’re trying to set things back to as if nothing has happened.”

“Set things back? What are they trying to set back?”

“Restore something that can’t be restored. It can’t be helped since the forest fire has already happened, but if they get rid of all the witnesses to have seen the forest fire, then that’ll be the same as the fire not having happened in the first place.”

“It wasn’t even the peasants or the goblins who started the fire, but why are they shifting the responsibility to them?”

“By making them take the responsibility, the soldiers avoid the blame.”

“But what’ll happen if the peasants inform the king?”

“That’s why they’re killing them all.”

……In the humans’ society, peasants are not considered as citizens so they don’t have the right to accuse someone of a crime to the king……this was something I didn’t go out of my way to tell