Dungeon Defense Volume 3 Chapter 2.2 / Chapters List

Dungeon Defense: Volume 3 – Chapter 2 (Part 2)
Chapter 2 – Winter (Part2)
▯The Northern Guardian, Margrave of Rosenberg, Georg von Rosenberg
Empire Calendar: Year 1506, Month 2, Day 12

— A rumor has been going around that the end is approaching.

— They say the Demon Lords are going to arrive while steering the Black Death to us.

— That’s a false rumor, a false rumor……


The Saintess of the Empire coughed out blood and fell unconscious.

The saintess claimed that she had witnessed the end of the world in her dream. The soldiers gathered in twos and whispered among one another that the saintess had been possessed by an evil spirit. The fear on the soldiers’ faces was apparent.


— Black smoke shall engulf the mountains. It shall swallow the empire and, at last, consume the entire continent. The gray clouds shall have no limits or bounds, and thus, the winter shall continue with no limits or bounds. Freeze in this continuous winter. Everything shall freeze. The black smoke shall not clear. The black shall……


Speaking up to that point, the saintess then vomited blood. The blood was sticky because of the content that was mixed together with her blood. The reason I was able to detail this incident so confidently was because I was there in person to hear the prophecy during the previous night.

As I was the commander in charge of the northern region, I participated in the conference for the highest leading members of the government. We had received information that the Demon Lord Allied Forces were going to invade soon. We had to prepare against the invasion. I was not the sole person to partake in the strategy meeting, but the authority figures, His Highness the Crown Prince and Her Highness the Imperial Princess, and adding to that, The Saintess, were present as well. In that location, the Saintess was possessed by a spirit.


— The black shall, the black shall, the black shall……


The saintess coughed blood. She vomited repetitively. Her eyes rolled up to the back of her head and revealed the whites of her eyes. There were many clumps from her intestines mixed into her blood. The saintess convulsed. We urgently called for the clerics and healed her.

The Imperial Princess made an entreaty.


— This incident is confidential. Only we must know of this. Do not divulge this information outside. If the soldiers were to hear the saintess’ prophecy, then they will be heavily shaken, thus meaning, we cannot allow our morale to drop in our current situation where the Demon Lords plan to invade. No matter what cost, watch your words.


I agreed.

The Crown Prince, while consumed by fear, nodded his head as well.

With that, the case was supposed to be buried, but—for some reason, not a day had passed before the prophecy ended up being leaked. At the entire front, at that.

From the veteran officers to the new recruits, they all knew of the news that the saintess had vomited pitch black blood last night. Even the peddlers at the bottom of the military camp knew the contents of the prophecy. People whispered