Dungeon Defense Volume 3 Chapter 3.1 / Chapters List

▯The King of Peasants, Rank 71st, Dantalian
Empire Calendar: Year 1506, Month 2, Day 25
The Black Mountains, Black Fortress vicinity

For several days the fog was severe. The soldiers were afraid to advance through a place where nothing could be seen. The Gods are not allowing our passage……these words were spoken in whispers. We unpacked our gear near the mountain range. Lapis spoke.

“Your highness. This location is a renowned shrine and numinous mountain in the demon world, so it would only be appropriate to perform an ancestral rite to the Gods here.”

“Would it truly be right to perform a memorial service in the middle of a war?”

“There are many soldiers who entrust their psyche to the Gods. Console the bodies and minds of the soldiers, your highness.”

“Minds, huh……?”

I scratched my forehead.

“It’s bothersome since it feels like it may become a needless pretense. Omit the ceremony and only set the food for the ancestral rites. Do not gather the troops into one spot and regulate them inconveniently. Instead, be considerate and allow the soldiers to offer their prayers whenever they desire. Inform the soldiers that while my intention is to show respect to the Gods, I shall not submit to them. If they depend on the Gods with their minds, then during the times they are unable to see their so-called Gods, their minds will collapse.”

“This one will pass your highness’ command to Miss Farnese and it shall reach the captains from there.”

Lapis handled the matter rapidly. It seems she had already taken care of the preparations for an ancestral rite before we had embarked on our march.

The soldiers steamed white soybeans, ground it, and made it into soup. They then pulled out wheat and turned it into noodles. They were making chilled soy milk noodle soup. Demons believed that if they consumed white soy milk noodle soup while performing an ancestral rite, then their insides would become clear and their spirits would be cleansed. The less salty it tasted, the better it was as food for memorial ceremonies. The soldiers ate the bean soup noodles and prayed to the Goddesses. Following us, the peddlers and prostitutes also made noodles of their own. After having a taste of the bowl that was presented to me, the taste of the soup was pleasurable. A servant had chopped cucumbers and modestly placed it above the noodles, which made me wonder where they could have possibly acquired the cucumbers during this winter season. The servants believed the act of obtaining cucumbers and offering them to me contained their sincerity, so they were quite proud of themselves for it. It’s a relief that there were cucumbers……was what the servants said while beaming immaculately. The soy milk noodle soup was simple and clean. It felt like my internal organs were becoming clear. I experienced for the first time in my life the devotion towards ancestral rites, which I did not experience before, here in this world.

“With this, is the service over?”

Lapis responded.

“It would be better to capture a white horse from a good descent and drain