Dungeon Defense Volume 3 Chapter 4.2 / Chapters List

Chapter 4 – FOG OF WAR (Part 2)
▯The King of Peasants, Rank 71st, Dantalian
Empire Calendar: Year 1506, Month 3, Day 11
Naris Plains, Plains Army Encampment

Barbatos woke me up.


My body had become exhausted after having played with Barbatos since midday, thus I had fallen asleep. Barbatos should also not be completely fine due to the exhaustion, but during the night, during this ambitious night where even the sound of birds could not be heard, she had woken me up. For reference, the people I despise the most in the world are the ones who wake me up while I am asleep. People who wake up others are all psychopaths and mental patients. I will accept no arguments.

“Is something the matter?”

“Follow me quietly.”

Barbatos lowered her voice and giggled. Although she had told me to follow her, she abruptly grabbed my hand and started to drag me along. Barbatos and I were currently in the state where we did not have even a single scrap of thread on us, thus meaning, we were naked. My God. Barbatos was trying to drag me outside the quarters while we were in the nude. I had no choice but to be shocked here.

“Hey, are you insane?”

“I’ll show you something good.”

“I don’t know what it is, but I can’t go outside while naked!”

“I told you to be quiet, you idiot.”

Barbatos continued to chuckle. She was a girl without a grain of sense. The heinous part about this girl was the fact that while she was senseless, her grip strength was also needlessly powerful. Where in that small physique of hers did this strength come from? When Barbatos dragged me along, I would helplessly be pulled along like a piece of straw drifting down a river. Oh Lord. This crazy bitch really did drag me outside the tent!

It was late into the night, so the encampment was quiet. Only the sparsely spread out torches held by the guards on patrol flickered in the distance. I let out a shriek.

“Save me, the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy!”

“Sheesh, shut up a bit, will you? You really do disregard what other people say, don’t you?”

“Are you saying that to me? Aang? Is that something you’re saying to me right now?”

“Oh, Embers of Solace.”

Barbatos blew her breath into her palm. Barbatos then touched my face, neck, shoulder, chest, and bottom, with her right hand. The moment she did so, a warm heat spread from the areas which Barbatos had touched. The savagely cold winter night had become as warm as the evening during the early autumn. The sleet that was fluttering through the air all melted before they could reach my skin.

“Now, is that better?”

“Thanks, you have my gratitude. I’m really thankful, but a more fundamental problem, do you not think that there’s perhaps a more fundamental problem?”

“The fact that you’re ugly?”

“This fucker……”

“Shit, I’m bringing you along to show you something good, so just follow me. It’d be fine if only your lower tool was long, but your mouth is fucking long too. Your tongue is so lengthy that you could probably make a farm on it, you limp dick bastard. Should I tear your trap out and shove it up your