Dungeon Defense Volume 4 Chapter 1 / Chapters List

Dungeon Defense: Volume 4 – Chapter 1
Chapter 1 – The Season that is not Mine

▯The King of Peasants, Rank 71st, Dantalian
Empire Calendar: Year 1506, Month 4, Day 3
Bruno Plains, Army of the Crescent Alliance

The female and male dogs that I saw yesterday were mating today as well.

In the middle of the plain. While forcefully making those humans over there and the demons here into their audience, they were copulating in front of a massive army that was no less than two hundred thousand. The soldiers tossed stones at them and laughed. Although both the humans and demons were laughing, they were both too far away to actually hit the dogs, so within the field that couldn’t be touched, the mutts were able to mate freely.


⎯⎯ Do not throw stones!

⎯⎯ Behave, you scoundrels. The Gods are watching.


The noncommissioned officers lashed the bottoms of the soldiers. They cautioned them to not disturb the dogs. They said that it was imprudent. To me, it was vague whether the soldiers, who were throwing stones at the mutts when a war was about to unfold, were the ones who were imprudent, or the officers, who were going out of their way to scold the soldiers, were the ones who were actually imprudent. Do not throw stones······ stop throwing······. The sounds of stones being tossed and the sounds of urging resonated all the way to the far fields, and as it spread out far, it slowly extended the time of the field.

Farnese muttered flatly.

“They are late. Did you say it was the Imperial Princess Elizabeth?”

“That is right. Albeit, I expected her to come out right away.”

Us two, master and servant, were standing side by side and gazing at the human army encampment over on the other side of the plain.

The negotiation area where the Imperial Princess and I had played Go in this morning had completely burned down. The tent had turned into rubble and was sprawled out in the center of the field. The Crown Prince of the Empire and the descendants of the Margrave were most likely dead underneath those remains. Although we were unable to see the corpses from here, crows would occasionally swoop down and disappear between the rubble. I pictured in my mind the image of the crows pecking and eating away at the bare facial area of the Crown Prince who had his face skinned off. The meat which was earnestly skinned and cooked to a crisp most likely suited the taste of the crows.

Our speech had ended. It was now the Imperial Princess Elizabeth’s turn to give hers. Due to the fact that the Imperial Princess has still yet to show herself, the soldiers were passing their time with the mating dogs.

Every now and then, the soldiers of the demon army would jeer the lateness of the human army representative by shouting ‘Boo······’. Come out already, what are you doing, did they run away because they’re scared······? Despite that, the Imperial Princess did not reveal herself. Side by side, the copulating mutts, the corpse eating crows, and the soldiers that came here in order to go to war all appeared to be at leisure.

“Farnese, do you