Dungeon Defense Volume 4 Chapter 3 / Chapters List

Chapter 3 – The Day Cherry Blossoms Fall


▯The King of Peasants, Rank 71st, Dantalian
Empire Calendar: Year 1506, Month 4, Day 7
Bruno Plains, Army of the Crescent Alliance, Simple Prison

In the middle of the night.

Farnese returned.

“This young lady has brought commemorative gifts, Lord. A lot of them.”

The gift that Farnese brought while saying that, the very first gift that the girl who had just turned 17, an age where it would only be appropriate for a girl to emanate a freshly sprouted feeling, gave to me, the person who was an existence which was closest to that of her father, was not something adorable like pocket money nor was it a traditional hand-written letter, it was simply a mountain of what appeared to be hundreds of human skulls.

Furthermore, they were skulls that had pieces of flesh still attached to them.


“This is a knight from Brittany. This here is the ringleader of the most successful free company in the imperial army of Francia. That individual, who this young lady obtained information about after having tortured prisoners, seems to have had quite the reputation. And this here is the brigade commander that is rather well-known in the Republic of Batavia······.”

With a face void of emotions, however, as if she were a child who had returned from her very first overseas trip and had brought souvenirs for her family members, Farnese displayed the skulls and presented them one at a time. She was able to differentiate them quite well. Although they all looked the same in my eyes and were heads that I wished she would put aside a little, for some reason, it seems in Farnese’s eyes it was as if there were colorful nametags attached to each and every head.

“I see. I understand well that you have a sexual orientation that has an incredibly eccentric and academical value in researching. Therefore, can you get rid of all those in an orderly fashion before I end up vomiting? I am much too normal to accept your preferences in their entirety.”

“Wait a second, Lord. This young lady has yet to reveal the real present. Be overjoyed. No matter how vast this universe may be, the only girl who would possibly gift Your Lordship with a commemorative gift is this young lady. This young lady is unsure, but would it not be because Your Lordship had done an incredibly good act during your past life?”

Farnese behaved pompously.

It was seriously a bit annoying.

Just who exactly does this child take after in order for her to act like that?

If she behaves like that, regardless of whether she’s pretty or not, I’m curious as to whether a man would ever be interested in her. Please do not live while only sticking to my side, you fool. I don’t have a hobby of living while a high-performance psychopath is occupying a corner of my home.

“Okay. In any case, that mind of yours, that wishes to not only give me the news of victory but give me a gift as well, is indeed commendable. So, what exactly is the real present?”


Farnese spread out her arms while making a ‘Tadah’ sound effect with her own