Dungeon Defense Volume 4 Chapter 5 / Chapters List



⎯⎯⎯She performed.

As if she intended to perform like this from the very beginning.

While receiving the setting sun, that was just about to come to an end, by herself.

Saying that this is a place to breathe.


As she pressed down on the keys with her slender fingers,

she stepped on the pedals with her mud covered feet.

With each note and tune from her pressing and stepping




in order for this to resonate.

The enemies were noisy at the bottom of the hill.

Barbatos and Paimon most likely had started the purge.

Occasionally, blood dimly scattered into my line of sight, and sometimes, screams could faintly be heard within the outer layer of my hearing.

However, I did not turn my gaze nor did I focus my ears there.

I simply comfortably listened to the tearless sounds of my adopted daughter, my daughter, the single family member I had decided to accept and embrace, who had started to perform about herself for the first time.


Become a slaughterer.

Be a hero to the military and be a savior to the people. Your name will remain in history just as you have always desired. Because you yearned for it that much, I will grant it. Your ambition to kill your own father, remain in history, and shine more brilliantly than anyone else, I will tell you that all of that is beautiful. If you had a sin, then it should be the fact that you were born, but how can one's birth be a sin?

Oh, Gods.

Forgive that child's sin.

If thou are incompetent there, then I shall forgive it here.