Feng Yu Jiu Tian Volume 18 Chapter 8 part2 / Chapters List

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Qiu Lan and Qiu Xing run non-stopping and appear out of breath, they find Feng Ming at the bottom of the stairs, they suddenly stop and almost cry with guilt, "All the maidservants were muddled thoroughly, how could they just forgot that Duke Ming haven't eaten yet? This servant... This servant is going to get ready!" They hurriedly salute towards Feng Ming and rush towards the kitchen at the speed of the battlefield.

Feng Ming shakes his head and sighs.

There's The King of Xirei's imperial edict, there's Xiao family edict.

Although the fake comrade Du Feng's, whose name wasn't known, poisoning plan was unsuccessful, it still made me miserable enough.

All is lost....

Under panic-stricken Qiu Lan's cooking is still at a high level, several dishes which prepared in a hurry are still excellent in color, smell and taste.

It's just under the surveillance eyes of Rong Hu and Luo Yun, and surrounded by the nervous and guilty expressions of several handmaids, the entrance of delicious food is stuck to the spine.

Without appetite, Feng Ming is forced to add a small bowl of hot rice.

Throughout the ages, probably he is the first one who has been oppressed to eat obediently by Imperial edict and Xiao family edict.

Is this happiness or suffering?

Thinking of being guarded to death by Rong Hu and Luo Yun two 'superior' guys in the future, Feng Ming is so depressed to death.

(t/n: The superior means: because they have the edicts, it's as if they are the emperor/superior themselves, people can not refuse the edict.)

When the meal served, Feng Ming held the bowl and ate miserably. After eating, he's still looking miserable.

Feng Ming looks up at the two super bodyguards, "I've finished eating. Can i go to see Luo Deng now?"

With such a disturbance, at least 95% of the excitement and emotions of the thoughts that the greatest weapon expert in the town would be picked up have disappeared.

Luo Yun nods coldly. Rong Hu asks, "Is Duke Ming angry?"

Feng Ming grunts in his throat and says, "Do I dare?"

Rong Hu is silent for a while and sits down beside Feng Ming. Feng Ming is immediately vigilant, at first glance that posture required serious talk.

This guy Rong Hu looks honest and steady, but he is actually very scary person.

It's not the first time that Feng Ming has been taught a lesson by him, he is quite impressed and subconsciously stretches her nerves.

After waiting for a while, Rong Hu doesn't talk, Feng Ming brace himself to accept his fate and says frankly, "Say what you want to say."

"This subordinate knows that the person brought by Luo Deng is really important." Rong Hu mutters for a long time before he used a low and slow voice to speak clearly, word by word, "But compared to Duke Ming himself, no matter how capable the person is, no matter how terrible weapon he can make, it seems insignificant."

Feng Ming stunned, revealing a thoughtful look.

Rong Hu asks, "Has DukeMing ever thought what would happen if Duke Ming was really poisoned?"

Feng Ming sighs and whispers, "Rong Tian and my mom will be heartbroken, and you all also will be sad. I know I shouldn't be reckless, I'm sorry."

"Duke Ming thought things too simple. In the past, The King of Xirei died suddenly, the Queen dared not even mourn for fear of the chaos of Xirei and concealed the news, the young prince was out of the palace and was secretly adopted in Old Rong's palace, restless days and nights, only after he endured for more than ten years, he dared to announce the news. Fan Jia's third princess' husband was stabbed in Xirei, the result was that Fan Jia's army immediately pressed the border and almost went to war with Xirei. The King of Fan Jia died of poisoning, the truth was accidentally leaked when they started the embassy, which led to Long Tian's violent character outburst, ​​who slaughtered the entire Fan Jia royal family overnight." Rong Hu coldly says, "If Duke Ming dies, the first consequence is the great chaos in Dong Fan, The Great King is very likely to lose the only remaining troops, wages and the only base, and in the end, the world will lose the most likely opportunity to end the war of centuries".

"Ah?" Feng Ming looks at Rong Hu in surprise.

Damn... It's so serious...

If it weren't for the seriousness of the matter, he would start scratching his head again in bewilderment.

"Does Duke Ming know who is in charge of Dong Fan at present?"

"The prime minister Lie Zhong Liu ah."

"Does Duke Ming know who the prime minister has taken a fancy to and joined us?"

Feng Ming feels bored for a while before he says, "It seems to be me."

"If Duke Ming is gone, who else can keep the prime minister loyal?"

Feng Ming answers quickly this time, "Of course there is Rong Tian." The king's charming of Rong Tian 200% unstoppable in Feng Ming's eyes.

Seeing Rong Hu shaking his head, Feng Ming curiously says, "What? Can Lie Zhong Liu rely on Ruo Yan if he isn't following Rong Tian? Unless he retired to the countryside and stopped exerting his skills, how could he find such a wise and powerful sovereign king like Rong Tian? The Prime Minister is one of the smartest people I have ever met, he will definitely make the right choice."

Feng Ming is also full of confidence in Lie Zhong Liu's ability.

Rong Hu doesn't expect Feng Ming to answer like this and then silent again. It seems that the question is not very easy to explain, after a long while, he suddenly whispers, "Prime Minister, it's just too smart."

Feng Ming is even more confused, he puts his hands up in surrender, and whispers, "I admit that my understanding ability is low, could you give me a direct explanation?"

Luo Yun has stood at the side and watched indifferently, but he suddenly says, "I'm going out for a while." He walks out of the door with a reason.

Only Feng Ming and Rong Hu remain in the room.

Feng Ming waits for Rong Hu's answer like a good student.

Rong Hu hesitates, it takes a long time to make up his mind, but after speaking he actually says, "This subordinate wants to ask Duke Ming a question first." Feng Ming simply wants to get crazy. Why does everyone like to play dumb riddles?

What he hates the most is being tantalized by somebody!

"You ask." Feng Ming grinds his teeth.

"Does Duke Ming think Lu Dan is smart?"

Feng Ming doesn't expect Rong Hu to suddenly mention Lu Dan, after being slightly stunned he definitely nods, "Of course Lu Dan is a smart person."

"Does Duke Ming ever think that if The King of Dong Fan is as powerful as our Great King, will Lu Dan show such an ability that shock the world?"

Huh? Feng Ming really never thought about this question.

He seems to catch a little of Rong Hu's meaning, but it's a little more difficult to sum it up.

Feng Ming ponders for a moment and glances at Rong Hu in a complicated way.

Rong Hu says, "The Prime Minister put the task of promoting the Grace of Order and recruiting talents from all over the kingdoms on Duke Ming's shoulders is not a hasty decision. In the eyes of Prime Minister, who can really make the center of the talented foreigners to follow, is not The Great King, but Duke Ming."

The words have been said plainly, Rong Hu no longer hesitates and says, "Of course, the appeal of The Great King of Xirei is unparalleled and every Xirai people who loves the royal family is willing to sacrifice their lives for the Great King. As for the wisdom and bravery of the Great King, no one will doubt it. But how can we make the talents of other kingdoms loyal to the Great King and not to worry about getting rid of too much credit in the future, it's relied on Duke Ming.

"Ah?" Feng Ming opens his jaw wide.

Although this is silly, it happens to be the best expression of his current degree of bewilderment and surprise.

Anyway, there is only Rong Hu in front of him, which is not a shame.

"How to make the people in the world believe that as the Great King in the world, he will act according to the Grace of Order as the national policy instead of pursuing the strict hierarchy as Ruo Yan of Li Kingdom did, it's also relied on Duke Ming."

Feng Ming blinks.

He really doesn't know he has such an important position in politics.

If Rong Hu was not so serious, Feng Ming would definitely think he was joking.

Feng Ming holds back for a while, and finally couldn't help asking, "Why does it rely on me?"

Rong Hu stares deeply at him and finally a warm smile escapes from the corners of his lips. "Because Duke Ming is a long straight sword. The smartest person is the best embankment, but the smartest person also who's other people are most guarded by. But the smart person who can be trusted the most and likes loyalty most often is a long straight sword like Duke Ming."


Feng Ming suddenly realized.

What a word to wake up the dreamer.

This truth is actually very obvious ah, in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, if you look at that Liu Bei, he can't do anything, but can only cry, as a result there are manyconspirators. Cao Cao is different, he knows everything and better than anyone else, as a result, he's not pleasing to the eye of everyone, several talented people under his own hands have killed how many people. Isn't that how poor Yang Xiu ended up?

I am so stupid. Just now I have been thinking about how to be a "corporal Li Xian", in fact it's very simple, it's supposed that there's to be one principle —— don't be too smart.

A naive and kind-hearted fool leader is the favorite of smart subordinates.

It turned out that this is what Rong Hu meant.

No wonder i have to understand.

"So, in the eyes of this subordinate, Duke Ming is more important than 10,000 weapons masters. Qiu Lan and those maids are more important to take good care of Ming Wang than to make any armor."

As soon as he said that, Feng Ming was speechless.

Can only bow down and be taught.

"It's not a big deal to skip a meal, but if even those of us who take care of Duke Ming don't care, over time, can Duke Ming maintain a strong physique? If there is a sudden news in the middle of the world that Duke Ming is too weak to carry a sword or mount a horse, how uneasy will be those officers and soldiers who spill their blood and fight for Duke Ming in all parts of the kingdoms?" With such a big crime brought down, Feng Ming once again puts his hands up and surrenders, bitterly says, "I know I was wrong. I won't dare to do it next time. Aih, it turns out that one can become a sinner in history by not eating well. You can punish me."

Rong Hu finally laughs out, "How dare this subordinate punish Duke Ming. Well, Manager Luo is still waiting in the living room, please Duke Ming go and do something important."

Feng Ming as if escaping from birth, wipes the cold sweat from his forehead and quickly jumps and runs away.

Luo Deng is actually pretty depressed.

He is the chief of the Xiao family fleet and what he has to do every day is innumerable, big and smalls, suddenly he was urgently sent by the young master to invite an inconspicuous Xiao family's craftsman 'respectfully' to come over, causing him to think that something important had happened,he was tired riding a horse to and fro half dead.

As a result, after bringing the person here with hardships of travel, they were then hung in the living room together.

What on earth is this young master doing?

After waiting for a long time, he saw Feng Ming who has finished eating rushed over, Luo Yun and Rong Hu follow him left and right, looking imposing.

"Young Master."

"Manager Luo, thank you for waiting for a long time, do you bring him?"

"I brought him," Luo Deng replies and hurriedly sending a man to Feng Ming. "He is the one who made the model that the young master said, is name is Zhu Xuan."

Feng Ming quickly looks at him full of admiration.

At first glance, he froze on the spot.

The man in front of him is just a thin and small man, the most ordinary-looking man, put him on the street outside, he will never attract people to take a second look.

e passed on a half-old gray clothes with black stains on his fingernails, listlessly half-drooping his head, him with the image of the guru of weapons research, which is hidden in Feng Ming's imagination, is more than ten thousands miles apart.

Unexpectedly, the exquisite and well-conceived model came out of such a pair of hands as thin as chicken claws.

Feng Ming froze for a long time before he remember to speak and showing a kind smile, "Your name is Zhu Xuan? Today's model was made by you?"

The man seems to have very little contact with strangers, Feng Ming smiled so gently that he shrinks slightly for a while before biting his lower lip and nodding.

Feng Ming sees that he's so timid and soften his voice, asks, "You added a winch to the model which used five li... oh no, according to what you all say, it should be mathematical knowledge, Zhu Xuan, have you studied mathematics and science?"

Zhu Xuan's response is much slower than ordinary people, as Feng Ming said, he needs to filter word by word to understand the meaning.

After a while, he nods again.

Feng Ming raises his eyes, looks at Luo Deng in doubt, and quietly makes a gesture to ask, is he mute?