The Girl Who Ate a Death God Chapter 36 part3 / Chapters List

"That is for taking a unilateral decision! A whip would be more effective for a bull than words would be, right? If it is useless to use words then from the beginning it would be better to make you understand by the body."

"Ka- Sgt. Katarina! Do not treat a human as a beast!"

She powerfully grabbed Veloce's chin and drew her face nearer.

One would expect that Veloce would surpass her in strength, but she could not move. It was like a frog being caught by a snake, she could not move her limbs.

The blue face was issued a command from Katarina's strangely glossy lips.

"Hey, bullhead. It can't be helped it if it's like this. If you break the promises, this will reverberate back to the morale of our army. You must win! Even if you die, you must win! You do not need to worry about being vanquished. We will raise your body for eternity until it decays. Okay? You must not dirty Schera's name."

Katarina was murmuring terrible things with her tongue lashing out like a snake. This woman was really capable of doing anything. Since childhood during the training, she had been killed.

Schera did not care, but she was fundamentally gentle. Even if one failed at something, she would forgive you. But this girl was different. She was really a demon.

Veloce was recollecting the trauma, but was just holding on. For she was now the commander. She was not allowed to be afraid.

"Of-of course! Ey- I will win!"

"Bullheads have a difficult time understanding difficult things so just do one thing."

"Whatever happens concentrate on the fight. Do not take your eyes off the enemy. Right so, do you understand?"


"Your voice is too low! Say it from the bottom of your gut loudly!"

"Affirmative! I will not take my eyes off the enemy!!"

"Okay good. And do your best. Schera also said this."

"Yes. I will give it all my might."

Veloce breathed out of both cheeks and tried to set her mood back to normal.

Seeing this, Katarina wrung her neck and left through the awning.

The actual duel would take place at the halfway mark.

But, there was the possibility of a spear entering from the side. From the fortress, they would be easy targets for a well-aimed bow.

Fortunately, there was a mountain of fresh bodies within the fortress.

Katarina, with a casual gesture, plucked out some cane from the grasses, when she cast the eye's spell, the bodies just buried in the fortress reacted.

Although they were a far distance away, it was easy to operate it even with 100 proxies.

As the necromancer distorted her mouth, in slow motion, they began to walk. 

It was three hours until the battle.

――Front of the Cyrus Fortress Gates.

Both armies were watching as Veloce of the Star Church and Mizeru of the New Kingdom faced off. 

Riding a horse and closing the distance between them, Mizeru began speaking.

"My sincere gratitude for accepting my selfish offer. I have given the order that in the event of myself falling, the soldiers will lay down their weapons and surrender. This promise will without fail be executed."

"... And if you win, is it okay? We give no guarantee that we will unfold* the siege."

"Wanting that much is greedy. I am already satisfied with having had enjoyed such a sunny stage for this battle. With all of the public watching on, I can fight as a warrior. For a warrior, there is surely no greater stage."

"Certainly, that must be so. ...Shall we begin?"

As Veloce spoke, Mizeru nodded.

"I am Mizeru Catefu! I have received the lion's power from my father, I am about to show this to you!"

He raised a spear high to make the fortress behind him tremble with pride and screamed his name. The defending soldiers of the New Kingdom were screaming out.

Veloce responded to this, continuing.

"I am Veloce Gale. I am Veloce of the 'Red Bull**'. Let us begin!!"

With the horse kicking, Veloce rushed towards Mizeru, clutching her weapon. The red feathers of the helmet she wore were streaming in the wind.

Mizeru, who was meeting her, rotated his spear and raised his anticipation. The momentum driven spear and the halberd crossed paths and there was a dull noise that reverberated.

The fierce abilities of both sides had begun their battle.

The defense was back and forth. The horse was driven, counting dozens. The place where this would be won could not be seen.

When a spear was thrust forward, it was meet with a forceful throw off. The halberd was thrust up and driven down in a groaning attack.

Mizeru dodged with the spear missing by a paper-thin distance, and the fierce battle began again. 

The fight of all fights between two great military names unfolded with the two armies looking on. 

Ten soldiers watched their battle coldly from the castle walls. It was not Mizeru, it were the soldiers who reported directly to Finn.

They were selected as the guard specifically because of their excellence in archery. Their loyalty was unshakeable and they were excellent soldiers who would execute whatever the command of Finn fully.

They had one order from Finn. "Close the gap, and shoot the enemy general." They were told that even if Mizeru was involved, he did not care.

Finn had decided that Mizeru's proposal to do battle was foolish and, in the end, opposed.

But when Mizeru went forward with it, he coldly told him to do whatever he wanted and directed the soldiers to take up defensive positions.

At the same time, although Finn had decided to forsake his own legitimate child, Mizeru had not noticed.

The only one that Finn loved was his wife, Mira. After she had left this world, Mizeru was less like a son and more like an underling; he consciously put space between them. They had not talked of family matters in many years.

It was impossible to admit that Mizeru, who was inferior to himself in every respect, was his 'heir'. This was because of a strong sense of confidence that the lion general's glory was something which had been built up by himself. 

"Take care! Fire at the time of the signal."

The most well trained sniper in the team took command.

In order to execute the command of Finn, he aimed for both of the pair doing battle to the death. Because the pair were changing position so much, it was difficult to aim.

However, closing one eye and sharpening the nerve, the skilled archers slowly took the iron arrows. There was a great deal of wind resistance, but the arrows had a weight about them that would carry.

If an arrow painted with poison was hit directly, it would be a gem that would surely take her life.

He powerfully drew the strongly tightened string back and trained his sight.

With a great breath, when his tightly held right arm was released, his eyes widened for a moment.――.

Just as one thought that the corpses behind the archers came, a white light exploded.

The screeching violent nose was tremendous and whether one was inside or outside the fortress, everyone was paying attention. was just instinctive. 

―― That is, except for one person.

Not taking the short moment that had been set upon everyone else, Veloce's spear had made contact deep in Mizeru's flank.

The blade had destroyed the armour, ripped through the hardened flesh and made it to the internal organs.

While letting out a cry of agony, Mizeru fell from the horse bleeding. 

"Deception. Ey-, I am, aft-after all. ――mother."

Veloce adjusted her breathing and wiped the blood away from her weapon.


*withdraw as a replacement

**Red Feather as a replacement