The Girl Who Ate a Death God Chapter 36 part4 / Chapters List

Dismounting, she drew nearer to the suffering Mizeru.

"Do you have any last words??"

"Ho-how, a soldier's desti-"

"The promise will  be kept without fail."

Schera would definitely keep the promise. So Veloce would as well.

Mizeru squeaked some words of gratitude and closed his eyes.

After assisting his suicide, Veloce bowed.

After this, she raised her spear, winning a great victory.

"General Mizeru has been defeated by Veloce!! We have won!!"

There was a cry all-around from the soldiers of the unified army. Veloce had prevailed over a strong opponent, like a fairy-tale battle.

Everyone felt that a new hero had been given birth to.

The soldiers in the Cyrus fortress had done as Mizeru had said, they disarmed and one could not even see any semblance of resistance to this.

With the great event of the slaughtering of the 'Lion General', the war-weariness set in and the battle was completely lost.

Veloce did as she had promised and spared the lives of the castle soldiers. Katarina wanted to gouge their eyes out but held back.

She and Veloce had to keep the promise. Because that was Schera's creed.

――The figure of the aged Finn Catefu was soon dazzling itself away from Cyrus Fortress.

In castles and fortresses, there existed  things called, 'secret passages'. They were made for special circumstances so that the nobility and high ranking officers would be able to escape.

The lower ranking officers and soldiers did not know the existence of these, and even then, they were cleverly disguised. The passageways were narrow so only a few could move at best.

However, in the historical records, the actual usage of these being recorded were few in number.

But it was unknown whether they had an honorable death or whether they knew about the passageways.

The General Finn was running the whole way through the narrow and dankly lit passageway.

He left behind his favorite horse of many years. There were more than 30 accompanying soldiers and seniors.

Finn had not perished yet. He was sure that he still had a chance.

For he was the hero of the great liberation war. He was one of the specialist soldiers who had achieved the liberation of the capital.

Even if the new kingdom were to fall apart, he would grace those troubled times. As long as he was living, there was a possibility to come back again.

Covered in sludge, Finn wiped away his sweat and continued to run into the darkness.

While drawing near to the end of a passage which one would think went for eternity, twilight was leaking from a massive door that had absolutely no evidence of use for many years.

Finn applied force and busted open the rusted door. With both hands in the lead, he sprung out.

Finn appeared out of the door first. The armor on his body was miserably drenched in sweat.

――The surroundings were headed by the red feathered helmet wearing leader of the cavalry. 100 Black Cavalry soldiers and 1000 troops were surrounding them.

The banners of the three starred Star Church flag and the black flag with the white crow were proudly standing alongside.

The red feathered general advanced and began speaking to Finn.

"I had a hunch. That is, with you throwing your own son and the lower ranking soldiers down, where could the lion have gone?"

To try to extend the conversation and find some kind of breakthrough plan.

".........why, do you know this road. There are only a few people who know this road."

"Because I was at this fortress 30 years ago. But no one used it. Everyone died. There was not one man that ran,as everyone died at that place."

It was still daytime but the visibility was becoming bad. Foggy cloud like things were gathering. The soldiers of the Church were in awe, but the Black Cavalry did not startle that easily.

"I will not engage. You have not seen such age. From where did you hear that story?"

"I saw it. The burned debris of the wasted "liberation army". The ashes of my subordinates were scattered like mere potato ash. And when I remember it, it makes me angry. So, I will not allow you all to get away."

The female officer violently smiled, exposing a great viciousness. It was almost like she was going to sink her fangs in the victim.

"...? Wa-wait! Damn you!"

As his last words, Finn learned about the deceased. They tried to remind him of something engraved.

The old wounds on his back burned with pain.

"You all are, more rotten than I ever could be!! You are the one that took away my last meal!! I will not ever, I will not ever allow this!!"

Finn stared at the female officer in front of him with an expression of shock. She looked at this with a ferocious grin.

That stature and that weapon, with a face unchanged from that time. This was no mistake, this was that girl.

"――De-death God Schera? This is stupid."

"Did you finally remember?"

"De-death god, but you are surely dead. But you were torn apart! How can you be here now then!?"

Without answering Finn's question, the death god pleasantly declared.

"Surely at that time you were too busy to care. Now, let us continue it here. Do not worry, it will be okay. I give my opponents the chance to fight on foot. To not do so would be unfair."

The dismounted Death God waved the sickle overhead, and with a murderous intention, she directed the sharp point towards Finn.

"By all means great as a death god. What you did to me was the last of the last choices that you will mistakenly make."

Finn gazed the surroundings while grasping a spear. As far as he could gaze were the opposing soldiers.

To retire would be hell, and to return would be hell. No, perhaps soon he would be dying.

This could be a hallucination. Perhaps he could have achieved an honorable death within the fortress.

The death god, imprisoned by hate, appeared to be dragging herself.

What had happened to his son Mizeru? He abandoned the thought, he only cared about the stupidity of right now. If Mira saw this, what would she say?

After making a dry laugh, Finn prepared himself for the inevitable, and his spear faced the death god.

".... It okay, I am a pathetic ghost encased in hate. This Finn will give me guidance."

"While great things are said, your arms and legs are trembling."

"Shu-shut up! I will stab just you with this spear!"

Finn started to shake the spear with the power of his whole body. You would think the handling of the spear was as sharp as his heyday, and it was intense.

But he did not hit the death god. The death god stopped all of the spear attacks, repelled and shook them off.

Gradually, Finn began to tire. His breathing became heavy and the rhythm of his attacks became erratic. As his legs became sluggish, there was a blow to the abdomen with the sickle of the death god. The core of his body sustained heavy and intense damage from the top of the armor.

Finn's movement stopped. It seemed like he was standing up only by leaning on the spear.

"Ah, ah, shit! Why don't you come and attack!?"

As time passed there would be an attack. He knew clearly that it would come.

Finn could not stand this.