The Girl Who Ate a Death God Chapter 36 part5 / Chapters List

"I thought I would kill when lion's fangs were shattered. Until then, you can scratch all you like. Because I will receive it all. But, I will definitely be killing you."

The death god distorted her mouth and Finn's heart was broken. This was just the case of a meat eating beasts watching themselves devour their prey.

As he spat out congealed blood, Finn threw away his spear.

Finn's subordinates were covering their mouths, trying to hold back their impending screams.

This was high tide. He did not want to even think about how he would be received in the coming ages in the written histories.

"――Kill me!. But, remember death god! Someday, it will come when you receive your reward. ... this is certain. This was the same for us, and it will be the same for you."

"I know enough about such that I disagree. That is why I am doing this."


"Alright, goodbye."

As the girl smiled, two death gods appeared from behind. Their skull faces distorted and they cackled.

On the sight of this, Finn doubted his own eyes and even his sanity. He hurriedly closed his eyes, then slowly letting in the light, there was an innocent smile of girl.

That was the last thing Finn ever saw.

The death god, as though putting on a performance, waved their three sickles and ran them across Finn's body.

In one go, blood rose and the left and right arms, both legs, torso and neck went flying.

The upper and lower body were cut apart and the remaining armour and meat mixed into something unrecognizable.

In an instant, the 'split apart' Finn's agonizing screams were silenced.

In the white fog, a crimson fog rose and gathered, as if to aim at the head, the blade of the sickled slashed.

As they raised it high, the young girl looked over the Black Calvary and called out.

"General Finn, has been vanquished by the 'Red Bull' Veloce!!"

In the middle of the deep fog, the death god calvary raised their voices, in celebration of the victory of their Lord.

The people watching over Schera's troops recognized that Veloce had vanquished Finn.

Throwing away the red feathered helmet, Schera wiped the blood away from her face.

"Ahh, I am hungry."

"Well done, Honorable Schera."

"Thank you very much."

Schera happily threw a candy into her mouth that Katarina gave to the calvary.

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"It is from that time. That is, that Veloce became known as the 'the Red Bull'. Although she seems to have wanted to be called 'the Red Feather'."

Dima complained to Katarina without thinking.

Veloce, who did not wish to be called a wild boar, went to the trouble of wearing a special red feathered helmet. Though she said it felt great with the red feathers, it was regrettable that it became such that she was called the Red Bull.

"The Red Bull suits you more! With that simple bullhead, Schera's observation is truly remarkable!"

Veloce, who had vanquished both of the lion generals. Initially, both "the Red Feathers" and "the Red Bull" names were used but, after a while, "the Red Bull" had completely been destroyed. But it was mainly the nature of the person in question that was the cause.

When Katarina asked Schera why the name Red Bull, the reason was that beef is delicious was the answer.

A convinced Katarina nodded many times saying, "Her Honor Schera as usual."

"By the way, why did Schera give Veloce that name, at that time? Because of that, Veloce is troubled. No matter how much it is denied, there is a great deal of humility from those around."

"Ahhh, I do not know. But, Her Honour is not troubled at all."

What Schera wanted was the Cyrus Fortress. So it was not necessary to have the merits above. Why did she allow Veloce to have the credit? Katarina did not understand. Perhaps it was a repayment to Yeruda? Perhaps it was just on a whim?

Whichever it was, Veloce acquired a new name and the dishonour that covered the House of Gale was completely dispelled.

"......please allow me to ask one more question. Just how old are her Honour Schera and Katarina?"

"Her Honor is 17. I am 24."

Katarina reacted immediately, touching her glasses.

"The other day the answer was 18 and 25. Why did you reduce in age by one year? Please let me ask."

"That time was that time. What is important is now. Without looking back on the past."

It might be thought that she was saying something good, but actually she was just mingling.

Of course, Dima was worried about the fact that Schera and Katarina were not aging. Even though it was asked, it was carried away.

Anyway, because it could turn out to be troublesome, he wanted to think of an excuse in advance, but the principals could really do nothing.

Dima exercised 'postponement', throwing out troublesome things for the time being.

"Is that so? If so for  now, I am fine."

"So next, I would like to ask something, Dima."

"Please ask me. I will not hide anything."

"Will you tell me when you and Veloce are getting married?"

Hearing Katarina's sudden words, Dima choked violently. In tune with this, his glasses fell.

Katarina was peeking at Dima, who had a miserable smile, from under the pink robes. He had the eyes of the hunted.

"You are that upset about it!"

"Ka-Katarina, what are you saying?"

Dima refuted it, biting down. The usually pale face was turning crimson. A cold sweat went down his back.

The usual calm demeanor was gone and an aged expression peeked out.

"I know that there is a fool having an inappropriate relationship with a superior."

"How, is it me!?"

Because what she had actually been stating was the reality, his voice could only raise as he spoke. Dima and Veloce had indeed a deep relationship.

It was progressing from the start. Training together. Having the same feeling. Comfort being together. The mistakes of youth. But now―

However, they were always careful to make sure no one knew about the standing they had with each other. Why had they played with this demon?

"Using necromancy, I made a rat lurk in Veloce's bedroom. I made it so that I could see anything the rat could see and saw everything from beginning to end. I was so envious! I collected everything I saw and wrote it down in a document to read later and confirm!"

"Ah, ah but-"

"There are rumors spreading. Not just in Cyrus, in Mirad and beyond."

"Where is the source of this ru-rumour! I will pummel them!"

"The source of the rumor is me."

Katarina let out a cackling laugh and Dima was scratching his head.

"Ah, ah."

"So, the inappropriate Staff Officer Dima Art. When will you have the wedding? The Honorable Schera will likely be looking forward to it! With an all-you-can-eat buffet. I am already making the invitations with great excitement."

As she handed Schera's invitation from her bosom, all before Dima became dark. It was not something that could be done overnight.

"Yo-you are an idiot."

"By the way, Veloce looks like your mother. The personality and conduct are exactly the same, does Dima have a special fetish? Do you?"

Katarina added a particularly stopping blow to the now burning white Dima. She was rotating a walnut with a demonic smile.

Mama's boy Dima's mother was Matari Art. She was a brave woman, who was Katarina's swordsmanship instructor.

Matari and Veloce's figure were not really the same, but they were similar in that they had simple personalities and both did not think before doing anything.

――After this, the unforgiving torture of the necromancer lasted another hour. Needless to say, Veloce was the next recipient of this treatment.

Because this is a gaiden the settings are hidden.
Dima: Dima: hidden Oedipus complex, closet pervert.
Veloce: Very big herself so loves small things.

Katarina: Demon

"The Red Feathers" is the name that Veloce did her best to think of.

For that reason, she displayed the beautiful feathers on the helmet. Although she thought that that name was good, instead and after a while people called her "the Red Bull."