The Girl Who Ate a Death God Chapter 37 part3 / Chapters List

"I don't care. Get it over with now! I will even give you something else. I no longer need it anyway."


"I decide my own way of living myself. So, please do as you wish."

When the surprised Katarina turned around, a person with masked robe was standing directly behind her.
There was not just one person. There were perhaps about ten people. All were wearing a white mask and were standing without any movement.
'It is okay to be blood thirsty, but I am cautious around necromancers. Although you are apprentice, just before being an actual necromancer. You until now have died a 100 times. As your sister-in-law I am sad, so please devote yourself more! Whatever happens, you do not have the intention to go and help?'

As the annoyed Katarina dispelled the people behind her without any power, and they collapsed. In tune with this the mask was removed.
The face that appeared was one familiar to Katarina. It was the person who had her mother's name, the hero Art. A woman with a failed personality.
'Do not do anything violent. If you break something I can make is better but it will surely take time and effort. '

'Thi-, this.....?'

'Recently, just like your father, been keen on making dolls. With a hidden soul it is just like the real person. Of course, because humans are different, they cannot really move that easily. I have to develop it more.'
The group with the robes pulled off their masks.
Edelle herself and close friends appeared. In the middle, was a version of Katarina when she was a child, and the figure of her now without father. With the clam expressions that were present at a time when he had not fallen off the beaten track.
'This is crazy. Not just dead people being alive but, dolls. '
Katarina's trembling hands touched her glasses. It was not just fear. Before her own eyes the childhood version of herself. The childhood Katarina. It was that elaborately detailed that one would not be able to tell the difference with the real thing.

'Thank you for your care. However, my mental state is good. It is not the case that I particularly enjoy living with dead people. It is only me that can defend this place. I cannot always be keeping an eye out. So, I just use the dead people. I even spread strange rumors. In order to make people not come close.'
With this atmosphere, all of the outlaws could be well managed.

'So, what is with the departed dolls!?'

'It is simply an act of compensation. This is peculiar to the necromancers. Even you understand this surely. Or, maybe you are pretending to not know. Surely, you do not use pretty and convenient words like, "I want to see them returned to living".'
Edelle had lonely laughed. Just what Katarina had been thinking, she turned away unconsciously.

'When necromancers use extraneous means, a certain desires arise. If there is a person close to them, this will become even more. There is a power in me that can perform this. .... Ahh, the winning percentage is low but, if I guess it is around 20%. Because that kid is cheerful.... So, yeh. I made the decision to retire quietly in that village.'


'Yes yes, the children outside are actual humans. They are just war orphans. There is no need to perform magic on this. When they become adults they can go and live as they please. Me also, will go on living as I please. This village is the one place where humans, dolls and dead people can all together exist. My teacher, Rasu's techniques will forever continue to live here. And, no one at all will ever be able to disturb it.'
Edelle continued to talk about ideals indiscriminately. The new kingdom, the Star Church, robbers,
This woman maybe holds some special feelings toward Rasu. At this point it was not known. Nor, did she even want to know.

'At the village targeted, so you become a god?'


'Does that person know?'
It was possible that they did know. Decide your own way of living by yourself. It was that woman's habit.

'.... While I am not angry, get out of here! When I look at you, I almost vomit. You are a good kid so, if the matter is done, get out of here.'
Edelle held her face with one hand. The particular desires of the necromancer were beginning to come out. Katarina decided to leave obediently.

'Alright then, I am going. ...... Mrs. Edell, take care.'

'Ahh Katarina. ... if it is okay, no I thought and it is okay. After 10 years, I would be happy if you came here to check what has become of this village. What has become of my dream and