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Carrots Have Good Consistency; Delicious

Royal Capital Liberation Army Headquarters, Salvador Fortress
The heads of all the commissioned officers were having a final war council aimed towards the engagement expected to arrive in the near future.

"As per information from our scouts, as expected, the enemy's main force means to expand to the Alucia Plains. There is almost no mistake as information from the betrayers also indicates this."

"Then it is a frontal attack, wouldn't you say so. Their ambush in the woodlands failed, and they also have to cross the river. Judging from General Yalder's personality, one that believes in [Strength in Numbers], he is thinking of coming at us from the front."

The Tactician Diener disinterestedly murmured while placing a knight-piece, representing one unit, on the map spread out on the desk.

"How is the usual construction going?"

"We have conducted construction work all around the predicted enemy invasion route. We will finish before long, it is said."

"We're playing tricks on them, is what they are probably thinking. Our forces are in reality weaker than theirs. This will be suitable bait to catch the Kingdom's forces."

"Now that the Tactician-dono has read this far, the rest is work for us officers and men yeh. My arm is tingling!"

Said the fifty-year-old senior commander, Behrouz. Unhappy with the Kingdom's deterioration, he was a man with an abundance of morality who lead his men to join the Liberation Army. Steady fights were customary to him, and he could calmly judge the progress of battle.

"So everything is complete."

"However, we cannot limit ourselves to progressing according to plan. We do not know what will occur. This is a battlefield."

Mildly warned Deiner at Altura's nodding her head in satisfaction. Altura spontaneously made a bitter smile and replied,

"I know. Even a single moment of hesitation is taboo. I was taught that ad nauseum after all.

"In times when the wind is at one's back, the nerve to holdfast is necessary. Even looking at history up until now, there have been many cases of people with extravagant merit who have fallen to ruin. For the sake of the citizens, we must absolutely not permit a repeat of the same mistakes."

The arrayed commissioned officers silently agreed at those words. Incompetent statesmen. Harsh despotism. Widespread disorder in domestic public safety. They would liberate the citizens from all of them and once again return the Kingdom to its former affluence. That was the Royal Capital Liberation Army's mission, their raison d'etre.

"We are also backed with the full might of the Empire. At the dawn when the Princess takes the throne, we will bring about perpetual peace in the continent of Mundo Novo."

"We are grateful to you, Prince Alan. We have again and again received care packages, volunteer soldiers, and we have even been graciously furnished with magic weapons. That we have been to stand on our own this far is all thanks to you."

"We only work in accordance with His Majesty The Emperor's decree. And what ultimately moved His Majesty's heart was your fidelity for the citizens. That by no means proved trivial. No one other than you exists that can lead the Liberation Army."

"......Thanks, Prince Alan."

Real Motive or Public Facade. It was obvious which. It was unthinkable that the greatest leader of the Keyland Empire would support being manipulated by the naive ideal of 'For the citizens.'
Even though the Empire had been hit by the effects from the large crop failure, their frenetic internal regulations did not change. The increasing insurrection, the multiplying number of bandits, the swelling war expenditures-The Empire barely managed to maintain control one step before discontent would explode and nothing more.
However, their sworn enemy the Kingdom had it rougher. Its incompetent King had not the faculty to suppress dissatisfaction, and it would be suffice to say that it was already too late for the crumbled public order. Piled onto that was the timing of the Royal Capital Liberation Army uprising.
This was the greatest chance for the Empire to raise a liberation army, aggressively support it, and have it bear the full front of overthrowing the Kingdom.
They organized a volunteer army, devised to further augment its war potential by sending in the Second Prince to the liberation army, and once this event was realized, they would seize the initiative.

Alan, the individual second in command of the Liberation Army, had no such whimsical thoughts to that extent. He had been captivated by Altura's charm, and he thought to honestly aid her as an individual person.
After all, the one to inherit the imperial throne would be the eldest son, and he was no more than a spare.

"Excuse me! I have come with urgent information!"

In the strategy conference room came in a soldier looking flustered. One group of generals scowled, but they had inferred from the soldier's appearance that it was bad news.

"......Disorderly. Calm down and report. You are wasting time and stamina like this."

"S-sir-! Please forgive me! Presently, the Intelligence Corps members sent to reconnoiter Antigua Branch Castle have repatriated but—-!"

"If I'm not mistaken, Voleur should have proceeded to inspect enemy movements last night."

"Y-yes but. According to enemy soldiers, now deserters, Colonel Voleur has been killed."


Alan displayed an expression of doubt. He could not believe that that robust soldier had been killed so suddenly. Judging that it was probably a mistake from an incorrect report, he opened his mouth.

"How idiotic. Voleur's spearmanship is peerless even throughout the Empire. He wouldn't be killed by something like a Kingdom soldier. Go get a confirmation one more time; there's a chance this is some sick joke."

"......The, the Colonel's corpse has been brought here. I, I have confirmed it with my very own eyes. That appearance was Colonel Voleur's. The Intelligence Corps members have also witnessed the whole story from beginning to end, so there is no mistake."

Voleur's body had had multiple wounds. His head had been cut off, and it couldn't be known what kind of expression he had as he met his end.

"......Do we know who he was killed by?"

"Well, that is. The troop members were in a crazed confusion. They only repeatedly said that it had been done by a God of Death, and we could not get out of them any detailed circumstances. Also, the deserters who happened to be present have been taken into custody. According to them, it was a young girl wielding a large scythe—-."

"Immediately guide me there. I will ascertain this with my very own eyes. By a God of Death, a large scythe wielding little girl? Illogical. Cannot be understood at all."

"Pl-Please excuse me. The Colonel's body is over here."

Everyone from the Empire who had come to assist, even Alan, followed, guided by the soldier. After seeing them off, Tactician Diener opened her mouth.

"Princess. This is a battlefield. There is danger at anytime of Death visiting anyone. Friends, lovers, brothers. All of them can all of a sudden become meaningless corpses. Do you have the determination to come to grips with this overflowing anguish from now on?"

"—-Naturally. Above a great many corpses and blood I stand. At the same time, I will minimize the number of victims. That, is my duty, as a commander of the Liberation Army, and my calling as royalty. Never will I run away."

Altura closed her eyes and put her hand to her chest.

"We staff officers, generals, and even the soldiers. We devote our body and soul for the materialization of the Princess's dream."

Diener silently lowered his head, and the military officers raised their arms overhead and shouted,




—-The Royal Capital Liberation Army sallied towards the Alucia Plains.

Heading towards Alucia Plains, en route, The Third Army Corps.
Sidamo was reporting to General Yalder

"According to information from our scouts, the enemy's main force has also departed for the Alucia Plains."

"I see. So rather than being confined and crushed, they chose to be grandly annihilated on the plains. They've saved us much trouble!"

"There are reports that the enemy scout unit has been conducting work on the plains. However, we do not have any details."

"Have they been excavating pitfalls?"

"Unknown, however, it seems that they have mobilized a large number of people."

To head to Salvador Fortress, one could cross the plains, navigate the woodlands, or take a detour route and cross the Alucia River.
Jira's Division which had been annihilated a few days ago had launched a surprise attack through the woodlands. If they were to do the same, it would probably take several multiples of hours if they were to be alert for traps or take a detour.
For the Third Army who did not have a surplus of food, that route they didn't want to take. Furthermore, the danger known as crossing a river was something they did not want to risk.

"There is no need for something as dull as a detour. We, the heavy armored Steel Division, will trample everything, watch us!"

"Exactly, That they are using tricks or traps is proof that they are in difficult times. A simple frontal attack would be to our behoof."

Advised Major General Kyros leading the heavy cavalry and Major General Dhanush leading the heavy infantry. They were both born from distinguished families and had definite promise of being promoted in the future. For the sake of coming out on top of a factional dispute, they wanted to earn achievements no matter the cost. Jira, who was one of their rivals, went and perished on his own accord, and they were snickering inwardly.

"Umu. Certainly, we will not go so far as to detour. Rather, a detour like a river crossing is dangerous. As per the art of war, we would likely be attacked while defenceless."


"I am resolved. There is no need to go out of our way and waste more time."

"......Speaking of which, Sidamo. What about the detached force you arranged for?"

"Sir-, under supervision, 3000 light cavalry have already deployed. They exited the woodlands a few days ago and are tasked with an attack on the enemy food storehouse."

An organized force composed of only 3,000 light cavalry had taken a route separate from the main body and were told to assault the enemy food storehouse. After having experienced being devastated by a surprise attack, the enemy would not expect them to take the same course of action, or so they planned to outsmart the enemy.
On the other hand, even if the enemy had foreseen their movements, then they could divide the enemy's main force. This was an unloseable plan.

"Well done. Good if it goes to plan, and even if found out, we can at the very least divide the the enemy's forces. With no disadvantages, what a splendid plan, Chief Officer Sidamo. Our victory is assured."

"I am honored to receive such a lavish praise. Also, the soldier that had killed General Voleur of the Empire has also been admitted as second in command according to my recommendation. She has little experience leading, but she possesses considerable strength. She will probably prove useful after this to Your Excellency."

It had been unprecedented, but a Second Lieutenant rank had been recommended for second in command of the detached force. Not for her leadership skills, but for her outstanding armed might, or so Sidamo anticipated.

"Hohh. I look forward to it. After this battle, I'll absolutely promote her. Still, to have been killed by a single soldier, seems like those guys who came as support all the way from the Empire aren't that big a deal. Or is it because our Kingdom is just too excellent?"

Yalder let out a hearty laugh. Seeing Voleur's head had cleared up the humiliation of defeat from few days ago. In a good humor after kicking around the head as much as he wanted, he had went so far as to go drink.

"Our Kingdom's soldiers are overwhelmingly superior. They are the product of habitual, rigorous training and Your Excellency's leadership.

"After all, the rebel army is just a mish mash of troops. It will not change that they are just a gathering of thieves. Also, that lot from the Empire who came to assist the insurgents are merely effeminate soldiers and brainless commanders. There is no path for victory against us, the greatest elite of the Kingdom. Moreover, we are spearheaded by Your Excellency Yalder, the foremost general of the Kingdom's army."

"Hahaha-! You give absolutely splendid flattery!! Once we successfully exterminate the rebel army, next is the Empire. Then, we will once again merge, and our Yuze Kingdom will then unify the continent, would you say!?"

"Your Excellency Yalder's promotion to Field Marshal is assured. After all, the proof is that The Third Army Corps is the Kingdom's most elite."

"Field Marshal Sharov is of considerable age. There is no one suitable but you to be the keystone of the Kingdom after this. We swear our loyalty to you all the more."

Flatter Kyros and Dhanush.

"Your Excellency could doubtlessly become the Hero of the Kingdom."

Sidamo said, not wanting to lose. For the revival of the fallen and ruined House of Arte, he must have the top reach of Yalder-without fail, for the sake of washing away the dishonor of his now deceased older brother.
For that sake, he would throw away all his pride and go to the top from this social position.

"I will by no means forget your labour for me. Let us seize glory together!"


—-Kingdom Army, Third Army Corps, as planned continued to march towards Alucia Plains.
Schera's assigned calvary had exited the Northern Woodlands and were rushing towards the Liberation Army's food warehouse. They numbered 3,000.

"Hey, Second Lieutenant Schera. How about not eating in the middle of riding a horse?"

Called out a man of a tender age, turning towards Schera riding side by side with him.

"Eat in times when one can eat. That is my motto. If I become hungry, I cannot fight to my fullest. This is inexcusable, but I cannot follow your orders."

"No, it is not an order but. ......Well whatever. Your strength that took out Voleur, I have high expectations. I received a recommendation from Chief Staff Officer Sidamo personally. I intend for you too to make a desperate effort."

The commanding officer of the cavalry unit was dubious, but the Chief Staff Officer had talked to him, so there was probably no mistake.
Her horsemanship radiated completely from her body, and she was not a hindrance to the march. Even compared to members of the Cavalry, she would fare well. He wondered where she got such skills but did not ask anything, because as a commander, she was nothing more than an excellent subordinate. Once she was no longer useable, or got herself killed, he would just quickly forget about her.


Schera, while saluting, took out her uniformly cut carrots and started crunching on them like a rabbit. The horse that Schera was riding on looked pale as the sunlight and sweat made his body shine dully.