High School DxD Volume 11 Chapter 2 / Chapters List

Life 2: Infinite and the Mid-class devil promotion test!

"So this is the mating season of Nekomata, huh."

That's the first thing Sensei said when he came here after receiving a call from the other members. After that we called Abe-senpai and had her look at Koneko-chan and she told us her diagnosis. That Koneko-chan is acting with her instinct to make offspring. Koneko-chan is in her room now and sleeping calmly. Abe-san specially gave her a medicine that relieved her instincts. It seemed like it worked. To be expected from a Beast Tamer. She has lots of knowledge about Youkai and creatures. The Gremory members who live in the Hyoudou residence and Sensei are gathered in the VIP room.

"Mating Season, huh........"

I mumbled. Is it the same as a cat's? Well Nekomatas are cat Youkai after all. Is that the reason why she came to me like that?

Sensei continued.

"Nekomata females go into mating season after a while when their body becomes developed enough to bear babies. In other words the instinct of being a Nekomata makes them want to make babies. Those parts are similar to cats. And in a Nekomata's case, they choose males of a different species that they take a liking to. In other words that's you, Ise."

M-me......? I pointed at myself and Sensei nods.

"Koneko is a rare Nekomata. Nekoshou. I think it's a good idea to make offspring. And if that is the child of the Sekiryuutei, you can't ask for anything more. But this time, it is a bit......."

Sensei says it after making a sigh.

"Koneko is still too small."

......Yeah, you are right. Her oppai are too small. I thought of that after looking at Rias and Akeno-san's breasts. Rias made a sigh after realising it.

"Oh, come on! He means her body."

Yeah you are right! I'm sorry that I'm always thinking only about breasts! It's just such a treat for the eyes!

"Do you mean that she has a small body?"

Sensei explained to me.

"Yeah. It will be dangerous for the Nekoshou to bear a child if their body and mind aren't matured. Even in the human world, giving birth puts lots of strain on the mother's body right? If she bears Ise's child as she is, there is a high chance that both she and the baby won't be able to endure it while giving birth resulting in both of them dying. Taking those facts into account, it's better to do it after her body matures a bit more."

Koneko-chan said before that her body is small, but she could make babies. Was she...... just saying reckless things then? She certainly can give birth. But it will be dangerous for both her and the baby. Her body isn't ready yet. Then wouldn't mating season not come by instinct then?

Abe-senpai also said "I think it is a bit early for Koneko-san to go into mating season" when she checked Koneko-chan.

"Then wouldn't it be weird for the instinct of the Nekoshou to determine that if it still can't give birth? But why is Koneko-chan........."

"I can understand her as one of the girls who lives in this house."

The one who said that was Akeno-san. Everyone looked at Akeno-san.

"I'm sure that Koneko-chan's emotions increased by looking at the relationship between Rias and Ise-kun. So she must have thought things like "I can't lose" and "I will be the next one" very strongly."

......Rias and my relationship? Rias and I looked at each other. Did she think that she also had to do something after seeing the confession and our relationship........? S-so she chose me? That is something I could feel honoured about! But in her current state, it will put a lot of burden on her. I can't possibly make Koneko-chan go through such a dangerous situation.

"Did she go into mating season when her body isn't even ready because of the influences of Ise and me......?"

Rias says it sadly. It seems like she is a bit shocked. She must be thinking that her feelings towards me have stimulated her important servant. Maybe it might have been different if I paid more attention to her........ But I only had eyes for Rias since the confession...... Sensei realised the weird atmosphere so he said it while scratching his head.

"Anyway, suppressing her instincts forcefully isn't good. If we continue to suppress it with medication, then there is a chance that her instincts won't work after she matures."

He's certainly right. We are relying on the medications right now, but we can't let Koneko-chan's body become ill by relying on it too much. Sensei points to me and then declared.

"The best thing right now is for Ise to endure it until Koneko's condition gets stabilised."


"Yeah. It might be a good situation for you who is always in mating season, but endure Koneko's seduction if you care about her well-being. You should be able to endure it if you think that she will die if you have sex with her."

Y-you might be right, but......! There isn't any guy who won't get excited if a girl seduces you.......! In other words you are telling me to endure this, which will be like torture for me!

.....Looks like amazing things are going to happen......! There will be both sweet and harsh everyday life events! Thinking about it gives me mixed feelings of excitement and hardship..... I put on a hard expression, and Rias holds my hand.

"Please Ise. Don't give into Koneko's seduction. You can't make babies with her okay? Besides, even I haven't........"

"Y-you are right! I will endure it and will not give in to her seduction till Koneko-chan's condition becomes stable!"

If the woman I love is begging me, then I can only do what she says with high spirits!

"If you endure it safely, then I will give you a reward. Ne?"

! Are you serious! I was shocked at the sudden terms!

"Are you serious!?"

"Yes, I'm serious. It's Ise that we are talking about, so it must be something ecchi. Ufufu."

Rias smiled at me! Oh my! I can receive a reward from Rias if I endure Koneko-chan's seduction! No, this is important. But taking care of my important Kouhai's body is important as well! I need to seal in these lecherous feelings of mine! But for a lecher like me this is something very hard....... But if this person, Rias, is wishing it then I.......!

"I understand. I will endure it for the reward. No. More than that I will endure it for you and Koneko-chan!"

"Yes. To be expected from my lovely Ise."

"Yes. Of course."



Rias and I stare at each other for a while. Aaah, the woman I love...... The feelings between us must be mutual.......! The confession of that day! I will never forget it for the rest of my life! This person and I.........

"Hey, hey. Stop making a scene here Baka-uple."

Ha! With Sensei's words, Rias and I realised that we were looking at each other for too long! We let go of each others hands! I also realised my face was getting red!

......Well....... Hahahahaha........ I couldn't help it!

"Trying to show off aye? Do those things when you guys are alone. Isn't that right, you guys?"

Sensei asked Asia and the others.......

"No. It seems like we can watch calmly over both of them with relief."

"While I do get envious of them, just looking at them with a sense of relief somehow heals me."

"You are right. It took quite a long time for it to progress to this stage. It seems like there are flowers growing behind them in the background when they look into each others eyes!"

The Church-trio of Asia, Xenovia, and Irina say something embarrassing like that while nodding their heads! Stop! Just thinking about what happened just now makes me so embarrassed that I want to flee from this scene!

"Ufufufu. My desire to have an affair became even greater because the "affair-point" just got even higher."

Akeno-san put on a smile as if she means something! What is this "affair-point" thing you just mentioned that sounds both charming and scary!?

"If I recorded that scene just now and sent it to Raiser-oniisama, he would die of agony. Ufufu."

Ravel! You can't bully your brother!

"...........Geez. Ise sure is blessed with amazing women. Oh and there is also something I need to report. Akeno."

Sensei changes the topic and spoke to Akeno-san.

"Barakiel approved it. I also think that's a good idea. Now the only thing left is your will."

"So father has........ I understand. I can't cause trouble for the group anymore than this. Even Gasper-kun is working hard. I also have to be as well sometime soon."

Akeno-san's face is filled with determination. Rias looks like she knows what this is about. Did Akeno-san ask her father something......? Sensei nods at Akeno-san's words.

"Okay. And putting that aside, can I talk to all of you?"

Sensei speaks to us with a different tone and looks at us.

"Tomorrow I'm planning to call a visitor to this house. Rias. I want to get your approval for this."

"Ara. It's my first time hearing about this. It's pretty sudden."

It's also my first time hearing about this. But it looks like Rias holds the authority over this house it seems........ Well if it has beten renovated this much to fit her tastes then that might be an obvious thing.

"Yeah. There is something about this thing......"

Sensei wore a more serious expression than usual.

"You guys will definitely feel dislike towards this "visitor". No. It won't be weird if you guys hold killing-intent towards this "visitor"."

........! T-that much........? But killing intent? What kind of guy is this visitor? Everyone was shocked at Sensei's words and looked at each other. Of course. It's someone who we hold dissatisfaction and even killing-intent towards....... What crosses my mind is.......the Vali-team.

"Ise. You know the group that came into your mind? That's half correct."

"....! Sensei, Vali and the others are coming here again?"

In the battle against Loki, those guys used this place as the base. That time we were cooperating temporarily so we didn't fight each other...... But we were originally enemies. We have a relationship where it wouldn't be weird if we fight to kill each other the next time we meet. But still, we met with those guys numerous times. We won't hold killing intent towards them the moment we see them.....

"Vali is a terrorist. We cooperated once, but if they have business here again then it's obvious that we will be prepared to fight. But I have to say that I don't think we will hold killing intent towards them immediately. I hear that they helped Ise and the others in Kyoto. From my personal view they are enemies but don't hold as much of a threat as the Hero-faction. Just meeting them will be......... But we will be on alert."

Rias says that as if she had the same thought as me. Sensei scratched his cheek and made a sigh after hearing Rias.

"Regarding the Vali-team, I know that you have an unclear relation with them. It's just that....... There's something I can't say right now. Please wait till tomorrow morning. You will know then. But my wish is that you guys don't attack the "visitor". That's all. It's enough if you guys listen to the "visitor's" story. If it goes well, this meeting can change the balance greatly. Tomorrow morning, I will come back here again. That's why, please."

Sensei bowed his head down.

.......Someone like that is coming? All of us are in doubt. So what kind of person is coming? And by the sounds of it, this person is coming with the Vali-team........? While holding doubts and uneasiness, the next morning we ended up meeting "it".

Part 2

The next morning. When I went out the door while having my heart beat going fast since the doorbell rang...... The person standing in front of the door is a skinny girl wearing a black gothic-lolita costume.

....... I was familiar with her. No. There's no way that I could forget it.......! There's no way in hell I would! That girl just let one sentence out of her mouth.

"It has been awhile, Ddraig."

I took a step back and pointed my finger at it!


My scream was so loud that it echoed throughout the house! H-H-How can this be! Being shocked can't express my state right now! It's not something that I was predicting! It's not a joke! It's a shocking revelation that could turn heaven and hell around! The group members who were gathered at the entrance all went into battle mode! I also made my gauntlet appear and was in a state where i was deciding whether I should start the countdown for the balance-break! Of course we would! She is the boss of the "Khaos Brigade" who has been picking fights with all of the factions! She is like the final boss!? It's unfair that she appears here! No! It's not proper that she appears here! She is the strongest being in this World! She is like the final boss of all the factions! And isn't she the infinite of the invincible!? So why is she visiting my house, the Hyoudou residence!? Is my house that famous!? Is it an important place that even a final boss would visit!? Mystery and doubts were formed from the sudden fact that Ophis appeared, but the feelings of how to respond to this situation get stronger! In that situation Sensei comes in between us.

"Hey, hey, hey! I told you yesterday! Not to hold killing intent no matter who comes! So no attacking! She also won't attack you! Even if she did, we can't defeat her even if we all fight together!"

Rias gets enraged at Sensei's words!

"This is absurd Azazel! That Dragon is the boss of the terrorist group that has been attacking each of the factions! She is a bitter enemy who has also caused significant damage to the World of devils! So why did you bring such an enemy to this place!? Into this town, which is an important location for the alliance! And especially this house! Doesn't allowing Ophis into this town mean that you deceived those who secure this town!? So why did you do something like this!?"

Rias is right. This town is the place where the Underworld and Heaven make cooperative actions and also the place used to negotiate with other factions. The most important place. It's also the place where few staff members from the angels, fallen-angels and devils besides us reside to maintain it. I think having her in such a place means either Sensei persuaded the staff members or deceived them. Seeing Irina having such a shocked face means that she didn't receive any information from Heaven's side. Of course we didn't get any information about it from the devils side either. If such a person like her was to come, Sirzechs-sama would have told us before hand, but we weren't informed. Then it could be thought that Sensei made Ophis visit the Hyoudou's residence without informing Sirzechs-sama or Michael-san. Rias realised that immediately and yelled towards Sensei and Ophis. Because this is........

"This is breaking the rules of the alliance Azazel! It's something where the fallen-angel side's can't complain even if they were to be blamed by Maou-sama and the leader of the angels, Michael! Why would you, who has been talking about an alliance, do such........"

The snapped Rias stops there. She then inhales the air.

"......It is you who has been talking about alliances. So you have determined that this visit from Ophis has that much value correct?"

Rias said that conclusion. She's right....... There isn't any reason for us to doubt Sensei now. This person seemed fishy and seemed like an enemy when we first met him. But now he is the Governor of fallen-angels that we can trust from deep within our hearts. We broke through disasters numerous times because of this person. The reason we became this strong is also because of Sensei's help and knowledge. There is no way that Sensei would betray us who he is always so concerned about. Rias probably started to remember that while she was enraged.

"Yeah. I'm sorry Rias. I have deceived and am still deceiving many people in order for her to come and visit here. But maybe her wish would be something that might change the existence of "Khaos Brigade" itself. I determined that it was necessary to stop unnecessary blood from being shed....... I will apologise to you guys again and will ask you guys again. I'm sorry and I ask you. Can you at least listen to her story?"

Sensei bows his head down once again. This man who has such a high pride is doing this.......... It must have magnificent meaning behind this.

"I will trust Sensei. The reason I'm here like this is thanks to Sensei."

I just said that and made my gauntlet disappear. The other group members also looked at each other and put their weapons away.

".......I'm always in the care of Sensei. I want to slash my sword at Ophis this instant but......I will endure it."

Xenovia folded her arms and closed her eyes.

".......To allow Ophis in while not informing Michael-sama...... Personally I don't know what I should do, but there is no other choice but to believe in Rias-san and Azazel-sensei."

Irina also affirmed it while having complicated feelings. From where she stands, she should be the one with the most difficulty since she is the representative of the Heavens side staff but she still affirmed it. It's proof that she believes in Sensei and us. I'm happy to see that.

"I just have to believe in Ise-san and Rias-oneesama like I did from the start."

"I have the same thought as her as well."

Asia and Ravel are also fine with it. I also think that Kiba and Gasper who aren't here, Koneko-chan who is sleeping in her bed, and also Rossweisse-san who returned to Northern Europe temporarily would have the same thoughts as them. Rias made a sigh and then asked Sensei.

"So then shall I just let her in and give her green tea? Is it only Ophis? What about the Vali team?"

Asking that, a light was formed in front of the entrance and a small magic-circle appeared. The one who appeared from there is the magician from the Vali team, Le Fay, who is wearing a cape and pointy hat and a large dog with ash-grey fur. Putting Le Fay aside, this ash coloured dog....... I remember it! I mean I won't forget this chilling feeling just by looking at it! It became much smaller than before but there is no mistaking it! It's Fenrir! A god-killing wolf that is said to kill and eat God with its fangs! If I remember it went under the Vali team.......

"How are you doing everyone. It is I, Le Fay Pendragon. I have been under your care at Kyoto. This over here is Fenrir-chan."

A magician girl who gave us a polite and gentle introduction.

.......It seems like Fenrir is also attached to her and it isn't giving off any hostility towards us. Even so, it is still a legendary creature so its still scary enough! Then a glamorous woman appeared from another magic-circle! She hugged onto me soon as she appeared!


Aaah I can feel the sensation of enormous breasts!

"Long time no see Sekiryuutei-chin! Do you still like oppai like always~?"

It is Koneko-chan's sister, Kuroka! Shit! The sensation of her oppai is great!

"It's Kuroka!? W-What kind of pairing is this!?"

It doesn't seem like anyone else will be appearing so is this everyone from the Vali team? Vali and Bikou haven't come, so only the female members came? That big golem isn't here right? Because its too big and it wouldn't be able to enter the house! There is something that is looking straight at me who is being hugged by Kuroka. It's Ophis. Ophis said one thing.

"I want to talk."

Sensei also persuades me.

"Drink tea with her. I deceived and lied to other factions in order to make this setting. If this was found out and it goes into a bad direction, my head will get cut off for real."

......I understand that. I will do it. I will do anything. Even drinking tea with her.

......To my grandpa in heaven. It seems like I really do get involved in many things. Finally the time for me to drink tea with the ultimate being has come........

A strange mixture of members are gathered in the VIP room. We the Gremory-Team (Kiba and Gasper came but Koneko-chan is still resting in her room) + Irina, Ravel, Sensei, and Vali-team's Le Fay, Fenrir, Kuroka and Ophis who is the centre of this meeting. A gathering of those for who it would normally be impossible to meet.

"Here is your tea."

Akeno-san gave green tea to the Vali-team members and Ophis while being on alert. Le Fay drinks green tea, while Kuroka is eating snacks that go well with tea. Fenrir is sleeping near Le Fay...... They sure don't have any feeling of being nervous..... Kiba also came and is on standby behind me. His expression is the same as usual but he has his senses sharp on alert so he can jump in anytime he wants. Gyasuke went to Koneko-chan's place. It seems like he's worried about Koneko-chan who is his friend. If he is beside her, Koneko-chan should calm down to a certain degree. I then whispered into Sensei's ear who is sitting next to me.

(........So what should I do?)

An obvious question to ask. Sensei asked us to listen to her story. But I don't know in what manner to progress the conversation. The group members are also here with awkward faces and are feeling nervous. That's because we won't know if an unimaginable battle will occur because of something! If that happens, I think this town will blow up starting from this house...... It is certain that we would be annihilated. Then Sensei replies to me who is nervous.

(She is interested in you. So answer her if she asks a question. It will be a good opportunity to understand her.)

(E-Even if you say that! S-She's the boss of the terrorists and is the ultimate-dragon right......? On top of that she's stronger than Sensei and Sirzechs-sama!)

I won't be able to get rid of this nervousness even if Sensei is beside me! Won't you also die with us if it turns into a battle!?

(She won't do something like going on a rampage. If you compare her to Vali and Cao Cao, she basically has no will towards battle. She won't do something like attacking others besides Great Red. So it means you will be having a conversation with her representing each of the factions in the World. Listen okay? Just have a good time and have tea with her! Got it!)

Even if you say that........ I could only be confused while scratching my cheek. I mean I have two tests waiting for me, so what are we doing here....... There are too many things happening! Is this also the power of Sekiryuutei that attracts power?

......It must be. The fact is that she came here because she took an interest in me. So did my power finally attract the ultimate being? It seems like it finally became serious...... I made a sigh while thinking like that, and Ophis just stared right at me.


I moved my lips and put on a smile and asked.

"T-T-Then what business do you have with me......?"

Smile. I need to smile. I can't be afraid. It's dangerous that a single one of my words can cause trouble for all the factions of the World. I don't want to have my name engraved in history for something weird!

[Oppai-Dragon has become the cause for the destruction of the human world.]

I will cry if something like that gets recorded in the student's textbook in the Underworld! Ophis put her mouth onto the tea. She then put it on the table and spoke.

"Ddraig. Do you want to quit being a Heavenly-Dragon?"

....................H-Hmmm.......... It feels like she asked something that I don't get from the start. I let words out of my mouth while putting on a smiley face.

".......Ummm, no. I don't understand what you are trying to say........"

"The human who is the host. He's been having a different sense of growth up until now. I think this is very strange. Very different from previous Heavenly-Dragons. Vali is also the same. Strange. Very strange."

......Me and Vali's growth........? That's strange........? Ophis continues.

"The fight against Cao Cao. The fight against Bael. Ddraig had different evolutions. Armour turned Crimson-coloured. It's the first time. First time that I know of."

......So the fact my armour turned crimson is already known. I thought that it would be scary the next time I met Cao Cao. Ophis still continues.

"That's why I want to ask. Ddraig. What will you become?"

She asked while twitching her neck. Ara, she's cute. I thought something like that! But how should I answer her...... Should I just say that I trained without thinking only seeking for breasts and powered up? But that won't be the answer that Ophis is looking for.

-Then my gauntlet appeared by itself.

......Is it Ddraig? Ddraig then said it so everyone could hear it.

[I don't know Ophis. I don't know what this guy wants to become. I don't know but...... It's certain that he's having an interesting growth.]

Oh, nice one! It will be easier to have Ddraig talk! So I hope that the discussion will become good between the legendary dragons! I will support you if it turns into a fight, so I leave it to you partner! Ophis looked at my gauntlet and talked.

"Two-heavenly dragons mixed, I, as the "infinite" and Great Red as the "dream" into the chant. Ddraig, why did you think of becoming the king of domination?"

[......It must be the result of seeking strength. Because of that, I was eliminated. I couldn't become strong besides increasing the power of "domination". I never thought that my red colour could turn to crimson.]

"I don't understand "domination". Those from "Khaos Brigade" seek domination. I don't understand. Great-Red isn't "domination". I also am not "domination"."

[There is no way for a being that has been strong from the beginning would be able to understand the reasons for "domination". You who was born from the "nothingness" of "infinite" and Great-Red who was born from "illusions" from "dream" must have been from a different dimension. Ophis. You appeared in this World getting out from the dimensional gap. What have you attained from this World, and why did you think of returning to your homeland?]

"I also want to question you. Ddraig. Why do you try to become a different being? Will you discard "domination"? What is ahead after that?"

......She answers him by questioning him. I mean I don't even understand these guy's conversation at all. I don't understand even a single thing! There are things that are hard to understand from a conversation between Dragons. It also felt like Albion, Midgardsormr, Vritra, and Yu-long spoke in their own pace of time. The usual Ddraig and old-man Tannin had some human behaviour in them you could say so it was easy to understand them....... But seeing Ddraig and Ophis speak like this makes me think that Ddraig holds a different perspective towards the World from mine. Maybe it is because they know a different view of the World from me.

"......Very interesting indeed. A conversation between a Heavenly-Dragon and a Dragon-God is something you don't see often."

Sensei was listening to their conversation with his eyes sparkling. He does seem like he likes these kinds of things. Well I will leave this to my partner then. If it is me, then I won't be able to keep up with Ophis's conversation. I thought that my partner was someone I can depend on that much, but it changes after seeing his reaction with Ophis's next question!

"Ddraig, will you become the Chichiryutei? Can you surpass a Heavenly-dragon by groping tits? Ddraig, will you become a dragon that represents tits?"

Ddraig who heard that........reacts in a way in which he needs to inhale some air!

[Ugg.......Even Ophis ends up saying that......... Uuu! Haahaa.......! My consciousness got cut! Counsellor! Someone call the counsellor!]

Crap! It seems like he is about to break because he received too much damage mentally! I got the medicine out and sprinkled it onto the jewel!

"Calm down Ddraig! Here's the medicine!"

Ddraig who had his jewel sprinkled with medicine had his feelings relaxed and starts to calm down.

[.......Ah..Yeah....... S-sorry...... This m-medicine sure works......]

.......You are too delicate........ It looks like Ddraig's soul is exhausted for real. Sorry! I'm really sorry!

"I want to look. Ddraig. I want to look at this possessor even more."

Ophis stares at me again!

....M-Me.....? Oh man..... Even if she's emotionless, it seems like her eyes have the colour of interest in it.......! Sensei breathes out and then put his hand on my shoulder.

"So like that, can you leave her in this house for a few days? Just as you see, Ophis wants to look at you. I don't know what reason there is behind this, but it will be fine if it's just looking right?"

Even if you say it like that...... Having her who is the boss of the terrorists and the final boss look at me with interested eyes is a bit....... I looked at Rias for help but......

"I don't mind if Ise is okay with it. Of course we will be on alert and we will have to stop her with full force if anything happens. If you accept that, then I will........take this request, Azazel."

.....! Rias is okay with it!?

....I think she took an interest in Ophis's true motive! If we can find the string that will lead to the collapse of Khaos Brigade then we can't ask for anything more! If we can stop the terrorist organisation by talking to their boss, then that would be the best. Having the fight stop without spilling blood seems peaceful and good. But I don't think that Cao Cao would stop that easily. It seems like the revolt in each area where he tells the Sacred Gear possessors how to attain Balance-Break is still going on but is being taken care off with few exceptions..... And in a situation like that, Ophis's thoughts will change the direction of the World. And deciding that would depend......on my actions?

Why is such an important task placed into my hands!? I just want to live peacefully with everyone! Why does everyone bring such troubles and causes to me!? I just want to live in peeeeeeeeace!

.......Even if I shout like that within my heart, it's certain that I have to accept this request.

".......I'm OK with it as well. It's just that the tests are coming up soon, so if she's not a nuisance then its okay."

I gave up after giving the minimum rule. Sensei puts his hand on my head.

"I'm sorry for dragging you in every time, Ise. Putting stress on you even though it's right before your important test...... But this is a chance. If it goes smoothly, then the threat that each faction is facing might lessen."

Yes, yes. I will do my best...... I can't decline it if Sensei bows his head down. You are my benefactor after all.

"I'm not in the position to say this but Ophis and Kuroka, these guys have important tests coming up so just don't disturb them."


"I will just relax nyan."

Ophis and Kuroka agreed to Sensei's order. Did they really agree to it.......? I was looking at the two of them with doubtful eyes and then Le Fay came to me pushing out something. It was an autograph paper. She says it while twitching her body.

"U-Umm! The battle against Bael the other day! I was deeply moved! Please give me your signature if it isn't too much!"

....Oh yeah. This girl is my fan. Hahaha. All of Vali's comrades are crazy strong but they do lack in being nervous and they are all weirdos.

"Yeah, yeah."

I signed her autograph paper while making a bitter smile. Like this, we took in an absurd visitor and spent our days together untill the test day.

Part 3


It's the weekend and we still continue to study for the test. There is one girl in gothic-lolita clothing sitting at the corner looking at us. Obviously it's Ophis........

A few days have passed since that day, and I have my books out studying with the other members of the group in the spacious living room for the exam and promotion test...... And in the corner of the living room, Ophis is sitting staring directly at us. And that's while she is eating tea cakes that mum gave her. This abnormal scene is very bad for me mentally....... We have tests right in front of us you know.......

Everyone else is studying trying not to think about it, but sometimes they look at Ophis. Of course they would, since the boss of the terrorists is on standby in the corner of the room. To tell you the truth, it's not a time in which I can study right now.

But I don't feel any hostility or fighting spirit from her. She really is just sitting there. Kuroka, Le Fay, and Fenrir are playing at the indoor swimming pool located at the basement of the Hyoudou residence. I told those two girls and the dog to remain inside the house. They agreed to it, but putting Le Fay aside, I didn't think Kuroka will listen to me that easily. It seems like she will go outside if she finds the chance. It seems like a riot will occur if she is found by staff who are affiliated with the Three Big-powers alliance...... That would be scary..... No, no! I need to concentrate on my studies! The tests are coming up! I received a recommendation, so I can't do something like betray Sirzechs-sama's trust! Hmmmmm, I know the name of the 72 pillars perfectly. I also remember the rules we need to obey while living in the human world. I also remember the houses that survived and the way of how to maintain them in my head. Also the different ways of treating your familiar depending on whether it is a creature or youkai. I also kind of understand the political differences between the Old-Maou faction and current-Maou faction. And the information regarding the legendary creatures, the dragons, has been input into my head already. I also memorised about certain gods from each faction as well.

......Though I'm not so sure about application problems, Underworld economics, and folkloristics from different regions. Ngggggh, Kiba and Akeno-san answer questions written by Rias with ease. I'm still struggling because I still make mistakes. Maybe she feels well today, since Koneko-chan is studying for the exam with us.

".........Are you alright Koneko-chan?"

".........I'm alright Gya-kun."

Koneko-chan smiles at Gasper who is worried about his friend. Her face is red as if she doesn't realise it...... So it must mean that her condition is still going on. Koneko-chan didn't appear in front of me after that incident. We both made sure not to see each other as much as possible. It seemed like she is really fighting against her instinct. Her body desires that but her heart doesn't. She's in a complicated condition. To tell you the truth, it is really sad that I can't talk to Koneko-chan. There were times I felt like doing something because she also sometimes shows sad expressions. But what is important right now is that I don't have contact with Koneko-chan. Koneko-chan became unwell right before the exam, but both Koneko-chan and Gyasuke have excellent school reports so they won't have problems for the exam even if they don't study that much. It's more like I'm in a tight situation! In that situation Ravel taught me things I didn't know using resources.

"It seems like Ise-sama will be able to answer questions regarding those people who appear in legends because you have met some of them. Though it seems like the Underworld economics and folkloristics will become an obstacle for those people who have been reincarnated into a devil from a human. There are lots of differences between the values humans and devils have, so it will be natural for there to be things that are hard to understand regarding economics and folkloristics. Since the fundamental culture is different after all. So the test will ask questions about that, so even if you don't understand the feelings and thoughts of devils, I think it would be better to answer them by thinking "the devils would do it like this" instead."

"I see. I mean their personality changes depending from which house they are from, so the way they rule their territory is also different.... Gremory has strong love so there aren't any unfair rules towards the people living there. But it doesn't mean it's the same in the other territories right? Since the world of devils circulate as the noble society....."

The different values due to different culture. Looks like most marks for the test will be about that. After all former humans who turned into devils are going to join the World of devils, so not knowing their culture won't allow them to get a promotion. It's said that the Underworld is gradually changing, but the fundamental base is different from that of the human world. Seems like understanding those things will be the problem for me. Hmmmm, becoming a High-class devil seems very hard..... Maybe the promotion test for becoming a High-class devil might be so hard that I would get shocked...... Then Asia stood up suddenly and went towards Ophis.....

"U-Umm, maybe eating just tea cakes might not be good, so here is some green tea."

She took the cup she filled with green tea to Ophis! W-What a brave girl! Ophis took the cup silently and then drank the green tea. After seeing that, Asia smiled and came back to us. I then whispered to Asia's ear.

"Y-You sure are brave Asia......"

"I thought that she might not be someone so scary..... Even last night, Irina-san invited her to play cards with her......"


I got shocked hearing that and looked at Irina. She made a peace sign with her fingers to me with a smiley face filled with confidence.

"Yes. I asked her to play with me. I got to play cards with the Ultimate Dragon!"

S-She sure has guts! If I remember correctly, she also talked to Arthur from the Vali-Team during the fight against Loki! But it makes me envious of her, because she can casually talk to people even in a situation like this. Ah, did Michael-san make her into his Ace knowing her personality? With a personality like this, she can communicate with any kind of person. He might have thought that keeping her in a place like this that makes her meet people from different factions will allow her to play the role of the representative of angels more significantly.

"......A change...... She's quite different from the Uroboros that is told in the legend."

Kiba said that. Akeno-san nods and agrees.

"She definitely has a different impression from the Dragon that represents chaos, infinity and nothingness."

The Dragon-God that is said to be infinite huh..... Looking at her like this, she doesn't seem like a being that is called God of Dragons. Great-Red looks more like a God of Dragons instead. Just like Kiba said, maybe she changed because she stayed in this world too long. I think I'm beginning to understand why Sensei gained an interest in her. This Dragon called Ophis must be a being filled with many doubts. And that Dragon-God has taken an interest in me.... I took a glimpse at Ophis, and like I thought she was staring right at me. What on earth is she trying to gain from me? Just like that, the group study continued while the Dragon of Infinity remained.

The night before the mid-class promotion test day. I stopped studying for the test at an appropriate time and went to sleep earlier for the test. But I noticed the atmosphere from the upper floor was different when I went to the toilet. I became suspicious of it and I went up the staircase. The door of a certain room was opened. It's Koneko-chan's room. The lights coming from her room can be seen from the corridor.



.....I can hear a conversation from inside the room. I killed my presence and got closer to the door. I thought it might be "it". If my guess is right, then "she" must have..... I heard her voice, just like I thought.

"Fufun. I knew that Shirone had gone into mating season at a glance nyan. Is it that you can't control yourself from desiring that man's genetics nyan?"

"......This has nothing to do with Nee-sama."

"Now now. If you want, I can teach you the method of making Sekiryuutei fall for you nyan."

.....Just like I thought, it is Kuroka. She entered Koneko-chan's room and is trying to put unnecessary things in her mind. Man! I told her that much not to cause any problems! And right now Koneko-chan is in a complicated season. We will be troubled if she stimulates her in a negative way. Kuroka is erotic to begin with! Maybe I should tell her off. But how should I enter the room.....? It's Koneko-chan's room so I can't enter normally...... It happened while I was thinking of how to enter her room.

"Nfufu. There is a lecherous Dragon looking inside the room -nyan."

.....! It seems like Kuroka knew about me! Then it can't be helped! I will just go in! The door is opened a bit. I knocked on the door just in case and entered Koneko-chan's room. Koneko-chan and Kuroka sat opposed to each other in front of the bed wearing pajamas. Koneko-chan has her cat ears and tail out. Her tail is out swinging and I can tell that she is in an excited condition. Her eyes are also sharp. But her face is red and I can tell she is about to collapse any second.

"Kuroka. What did you tell Koneko-chan?"

"You are wrong nya. I knew Shirone was in mating season as soon as I saw her, so I came to see how she was doing. It's a natural thing for the elder sister to do this right?"

Kuroka winks adorably, but Koneko-chan's expression just gets more serious. Seeing that, it seems like she came to look because she was interested in it rather than being worried about it as her elder sister.

"This season is very delicate nyan. For example......"

Kuroka suddenly pulled Koneko-chan's arm and then pushed her towards me! Koneko-chan comes to my chest! I caught her but.........


Koneko-chan who was pushed towards my chest made an emotional expression with her eyes teary.

".......Nyaa..... Senpai......."

The small lips made a sweet and low voice sound. Her tail that was spinning around before is now wrapped around my right arm.

"No matter how much you endure it, you will feel like making babies when you feel the skin of the man you love. Sekiryuutei. Shirone is in a condition where she can only think of making babies with you."

E-Even if you say that! I can't lay my hands on her! If I do anything reckless, then it will put a huge burden on Koneko-chan's body! Even if I say that, Koneko-chan is grinding her body against me..... She tries to take my clothes off with an erotic expression as if the strong will that had been stopping her from doing it was removed! She also started to take her pajamas off as well! It's getting into a serious situation because I can see her small oppai appearing and disappearing from the gaps of the pajamas! No no no no no no no! You can't Koneko-chan! If you do something like that with me and get pregnant, it will become dangerous for both Koneko-chan and the baby with her current body!

".......Senpai. Will you not take it if it is my body.....? .........Am I not able to have sex.....? I'm.......already prepared to take on Senpai....... Even if there are lots of small parts, my body is still that of a woman. That's why....... I want Senpai's body....."

Please don't say thaaaaaaaaaaaat!! If you say it with an emotional face and sound like that, I will lose my consciousness! I made a promise with Rias! That I will not make love to Koneko-chan! Rias said she will give me a reward if I were to fulfil that! This is both important for me and Koneko-chan! Endure! Endure, me!! But Koneko-chan's small body is also soft! I tried to retreat, but something got wrapped around my leg and I fell on my butt! Because of that, my sights were about the same height as Koneko-chan and her face is right in front of me! Koneko-chan then embraces me! It's turning into an outrageous situation!

".......I don't want to lose to the Tori-musume[1]...... I don't want Senpai to be taken away...... Even if I can't become Senpai's manager, I think I can satisfy Senpai's desire like this...."

......Koneko-chan acted as if it didn't bother her, but she had Ravel in her mind. She had her in her mind because they are in the same grade. But I don't think she wants to be of use to me using her body! That's because Koneko-chan also has her good parts! Kuroka is looking at this situation with amusement! Damn you Nekomata woman! She's enjoying this situation! I thought she would just stay and look at us, but she came towards us instead.


She removed the obi from her kimono...and started taking off her kimono! Her rich breasts appear, and even the pink part is visible! Huge! Her oppai don't even lose to Rias or Akeno-san in terms of size!

"Fufufu. Taking Sekiryuutei's purity in front of Shirone will also be tasty as well."

I couldn't help but swallow my spit because of her erotic lick-licking. Kuroka pulls Koneko-chan off of my body, and instead hugs on to meeeeee! Her naked breasts touch me! What a rich sensation! It's similar to Akeno-san's oppai, soft and magnetic, but they don't lose to Rias's oppai in terms of elasticity! I was thanking the oppai of nekomata for being well-balanced! I can't keep my self calm because her legs also have some nice meat on them! Apparently, there were many humans who mated with nekomata after getting seduced by them, and I can understand why! It's too erotic! Kuroka, who is horse-riding me looks down at me and says...

"You still don't have any experience right?"

...! She saw through me!? Is it easy to tell!?

"I thought you were having sex every night with Switch-Princess-chan. Looks like you aren't -nya. It can't be helped if you are keeping it in because of that. Alright then... This Onee-san will become your first woman -nyan. It's okay. I will teach you from the beginning."

Because she said something so erotic that my brain boils, my head feels like it will blow up! She doesn't even care about the state I'm in, and starts to use her tongue to lick me from my belly up 'till my neck! It's dry, but soft and warm, and the sensation of it is making me lose my mind! She starts to lick away her saliva with her tongue.

"This is the taste of Sekiryuutei I see. I memorized it -nyan. I never expected to taste it before Vali's -nyan."

I see! So you memorized my taste! I don't know what that means, but I know that this is certainly very erotic! Erotic! You are too erotic, nekomata-oneesan! I started to think Vali is gay, declining to give his genetics to an erotic woman like her! How obsessed is he with fighting!? Kuroka says this while coaxing Koneko-chan to come over to her.

"Shirone. Onee-chan will teach you how nekomata perform intercourse. Here. Look at this man and memorize his taste."

Koneko-chan is starting to lose her reason but she is following what Kuroka said with a vague expression. She starts to lick my neck with her small tongue... Hold on, intercourse!


I felt something that is hard to describe! This is.....! This really is....! This is very indecent......! I can't resist!

Koneko-chan who seems like the chain that was binding her consciousness broke, starts to lick around my body. Please forgive me! It feels so good that my consciousness will also go nuts! Koneko-chan doesn't seem like she will stop, but Kuroka pokes Koneko-chan's neck with her finger. Then Koneko-chan's body shakes. She then falls onto my body as if she lost all the strength in her body.

......Did Kuroka use some kind of technique to stop Koneko-chan? Though she seems like she still has her consciousness left... Kuroka then says after laying Koneko-chan to the side.

"Anyway Shirone, you stop here for now. It seems like you went into mating season because of being influenced by other women, but both you and the baby will die with your current body -nyan. If you really want this man's child, then... You should learn how to control your mating season -nya. Hey Sekiryuutei. I'm a better bargain than her, you know?"

I see. So Koneko-chan will be able to control her mating season if she grows bigger like Kuroka. So it means that it would be better for her not to do child making until then. Hearing Kuroka's declaration, some strength came back into Koneko-chan's eyes.


Koneko-chan moves while her body trembles. She then hugs onto me as if she is protecting me from Kuroka.

"...Senpai is my senpai. I will never give him to you Nee-sama!"

It was Koneko-chan's desperate cry. Koneko-chan... I'm very happy! But I also think that Kuroka is erotic and wonderful as well... No, no! I have to side with Koneko-chan!

Seeing that, Kuroka stood there astonished. She then made a chuckle.

"...Excuse me. The Black-cat over there..."

...! A sudden voice of another person! When I turned my head around, Ravel was standing there!

"Ara-ara? If it isn't the daughter from the House of Phoenix -nyan."

Ravel got closer to Kuroka and then says it.

"It seems like you are Koneko-san's sister. Koneko-san isn't feeling very well right now. If you are trying to do something to her, then I, her classmate, will not forgive you! Also, please get away from Ise-sama!"

Oh! Ravel is arguing against Kuroka while breathing violently! Even so, she is still concerned about Koneko-chan! She seems to be concerned about me, so thank you Ravel! Getting shouted at by Ravel made Kuroka speechless, but.....

"So you are Shirone's friend nyan? Hmmm. Lots of people are appearing one by one, who are always concerned about her."

Kuroka puts Ravel's drill hair on her palm and touches it.

"Looks like I made Shirone's friend angry -nyan."

She says it while sticking her tongue out. She then tries to leave the room while putting her kimono back on. She then lowers her body before going past me and then whispers into my ear.

"Shirone is only unstable right now -nyan. So please don't let her push herself."


...It was a gentle voice. After saying just that, she leaves the room while passing Ravel.

"A valuable Nekoshou. If you don't take care of it, it will be a disaster for our tribe."

She leaves the room while waving her hand back.

... Could she possibly have...?

"Koneko-san. Are you alright?"

Ravel is concerned for Koneko-chan's well-being.

"Ravel. Why are you here?"

When I asked her, she answers with flushed cheeks.

".....W-Well, I am her classmate after all, so I just happened to see how she was doing every night! It's Koneko-chan's responsibility to look after me since I'm still new to Japan! I will be the one who will be troubled if she doesn't get better! That's it!"

Ah, so Ravel was worried about her as well. And she happened to be checking on her every night. She seriously isn't honest with herself.

"...I'm sorry both of you. Senpai. Because of me..."

Koneko-chan apologizes to me and Ravel as if she actually feels bad about it.

...Huh? Is it me or did the redness disappear from her face and returned to normal...? I touched Koneko-chan's cheek after apologizing to her beforehand by saying "Sorry".

...I touched her for about 10 seconds... But it doesn't seem like Koneko-chan is excited or is about to change at all.

"Hey Koneko-chan. How do you feel?"

When I asked her, Koneko-chan also seems like she noticed the change in her condition and starts to touch her cheek and stomach.

"...It's back to normal."

Just like I thought! Her mating season stopped! That's why nothing happened even after I touched her for 10 seconds! It's different from the time I touched her before!

"...What happened?"

Ravel also seems to be in doubt. I understood the reason why. It's Kuroka..... Just before, Kuroka poked Koneko-chan's neck with her finger. Then Koneko-chan fell down onto me. But looking at Koneko-chan now, Kuroka must have used some kind of technique to stop Koneko-chan's mating season.

...Kuroka...I don't know what her true intention is. Maybe she did it because she's Koneko-chan's sister to heart. Or maybe she did it because she felt like it. But it's certain that Koneko-chan is back to normal. That's something I could truly feel happy about. Though I do feel a bit sad as well... T-That's because seeing an erotic Koneko-chan like that is something you won't be able to see often... I will just save it inside my brain! But thanks to that, one worry I had before my test is gone. I felt truly relieved about that.

Part 4

It's the day of the test.

We were gathered at the transport magic-circle located in the basement of the Hyoudou residence. We are dressed in Kuou Academy's uniform. This has basically become the uniform of the Gremory group. We are also holding our bags in our hands. Inside them were the important things that were required for the test. It reminds me of the high school entrance exams. The ones who are going to the stadium to take the test are me, Kiba, Akeno-san and my manager Ravel. Rias, sensei, and the other club members are going to the Underworld along with us, but they are going to wait for us at the hotel located at the stadium. The transport will send us right into the stadium. So only those of us who are taking the test are going on it first. After that Rias and the others will transport to the hotel.

I thought that we would get transported to Gremory territory first and then go to the stadium using a car or through a similar method. But that doesn't seem to be the case. The reason is..... Well it's because we are popular, but over there the relationship Rias and I have has also got quite a lot of attention so it seems like it's better to avoid going to places with large numbers of people. Yes, it's because I confessed to her during the rating game. After that the media started to write an article about it almost immediately.

[Serious relationship between master and servant!]

Like that it continued to gather lots of attention from the civilians living in the Underworld. So we were told that we would be surrounded by the media as soon as we step outside.

.......Rias is a princess of Gremory, and she's also the sister of the Maou. And her boyfriend is me, aka "Oppai Dragon". The two people who have been the main topic of the media got into a relationship, so many people are talking about us.

"Rias who is a Pure-devil, a princess, and the sister of Maou. You who is her servant, the Sekiryuutei who is also the Oppai-Dragon. It will turn into a love romance that will surpass social status. What will happen if a topic like that gets out of the aristocrat society? It seems it is the hot gossip topic amongst women from normal backgrounds."

That's what Sensei said. Is it something like that.......? Romance that surpasses social status huh. But in the Underworld, it seems like they are supporting it.

"It seems like it's getting really serious because people from the media are asking Onii-sama for an interview."

Ravel also said that. I see, Raiser is Rias's ex-fiancé after all. From how it got broken off, the story would be something that the media would love to cover. When it happened, the engagement break off only became famous amongst the noble Devils, so the media didn't take that much of an interest in it. But it's much different now. The media in the Underworld will gather around you, who became popular because of "Oppai-Dragon". Having that in mind, it was decided that we will go directly to the stadium. The media seems to have obtained the information that we will be taking the test, so they are gathering around the stadium. Man, I seriously don't know what to say. Is this something I should feel happy about? In my case, I just want them to be quiet about us! I just confessed to her you know? I'm still thinking about how I can progress in my relationship with Rias.

.......Because of that I wasn't even able to have a single date with Rias since my confession. I was thinking about asking her out on a date. But I couldn't do anything because of things like my tests, Koneko-chan's condition, and Ophis's visit to my house. I looked around, but I couldn't find Gasper.

"Isn't Gasper here to send us off?"

"He transported out of here long before us to go to Grigori's research institute that is located in the Underworld."

Sensei answers me.

"...... By himself?"

I was astonished to find out something that I couldn't have predicted. Sensei nods.

"Right after that match against Bael. He came to me while crying."

[I want to be strong like Senpai and everyone! I don't want to be just protected anymore! I'm a boy from the Gremory team so I don't want to show a miserable appearance anymore.....!]

He begged Sensei like that..... So something like that happened.

"He was a hikikomori and also a coward. Even so, he came knocking onto the gate of Grigori, so it's not some weak determination. Right about now, he is probably facing his own Sacred Gear under the instruction of the researchers."

.......I see. He wanted to seriously become stronger, so other than basic training he began learning to understand and face his Sacred Gear even more. He must have reached a dead end, which resulted in him going to the research institute of the Fallen Angels.

......Yeah. He is a man after all. Come back after attaining something new Gasper! Gasper is also important, but what are these guys going to do? I looked at Ophis and Kuroka.

"What are Ophis, Kuroka and Le Fay going to do?"

I ask Sensei.

"They are going to the hotel with us. It will be bad if they follow you to the stadium."

Well that's obvious. But is it alright for them to go to the hotel?

"Also after your tests are finished, I'm planning to take Ophis to Sirzechs's place. It's a good opportunity. Ophis also said she will go as long as you are going as well. That's why you guys will also go to Sirzechs's place after the test is over."

So Sensei is already planning ahead.

"I understand. I don't know what I can do, but taking Ophis in front of Sirzechs-sama has a big meaning to it right?"

"Yeah. If possible, I want this to go in the right direction even if it's only a little bit. Negotiation that had been said to be impossible may now be possible. It's a big step. I don't know what Ophis is thinking, but because of it, it may be possible to avoid a continued fight. If everything goes well, the enemy organisation itself may collapse and split up. If that happens it will become possible to crush them one by one. If they lose the power of Ophis's snake, defeating them will occur earlier than we had thought. I even want to thank Vali who had suggested this."

Vali huh. The one who left Ophis in the care of Sensei was him.

"He must be thinking in his own way as well. For him to place Ophis in our care."

Sensei says it with narrow eyes after hearing me.

"......He must have wanted to hide Ophis. From a threat that is."

...............? Threat? Is Ophis being targeted by someone? Well she is the boss of the terrorists so that would be natural. All of the factions are thinking that defeating her will make the organisation collapse, so they would target her. But they just can't lay their hands on her because she is the ultimate being afterall. But Vali tried to hide Ophis? From that threat? Hmmm, Sensei seems to know what it is but I don't have a single clue. Well it's no use thinking about that here. I will just think about passing the test for now! Everyone looked after me during my studies, so I won't be able to face them if I don't show any results. And after this finishes, there's still the school exam left...... My troubles haven't finished yet. It happened when me, Kiba, Akeno-san and Ravel were about to leave using the transport.


Rias stops us. She came to me and then kisses my cheek.

"It's a charm. Ise, I believe that you will definitely pass."

I received the best charm there is! Okay! Then this is it! I will confess this feeling I have inside me!

"I will definitely pass! W-When I pass, please go on a date with me!"

I said it! I said it properly! I was able to ask her out by myself! Rias became dazzled for an instant when I asked her out, but she showed a very happy smile after that.

"Yes. Let's go on a date. It's a promise. I will be waiting."

Yeaaaaah!! I made a promise for a date! A date with Rias! It's the best! The only thing left is passing the test! I will pass by burning up my soul! Since the date is on the line!

".........Geez. Getting all lovely-dovely in front of everyone...... It sure is good to be young!"

Sensei makes a sigh as if he doesn't find it fun. Don't say it like that! I was able to ask her on a date while having this embarrassing feeling!

"Then we will be going!"

The four of us bid our farewells to Rias and the others and we were enveloped in a light. Please wait Rias! I love you!

Part 5

.......When the light stopped, we were at a spacious floor. There is a large magic-circle still emitting a shallow light under my feet. Is this the test stadium where the promotion test will be held?

"Welcome. You are the servants of Rias Gremory-sama correct? I have heard about it. Please show me something to identity yourselves."

The staff members who are wearing stiff costumes approach us asking for identification. If I remember correctly I have to show the seal with the Gremory symbol on it and also the recommendation paper. We showed them our seals and recommendation papers. This seal is made from the bone of a certain creature and it is ground into a palm sized circular shape. It's a crimson colour and it has a mark engraved into it. The staff confirm our recommendation papers and seals and say "This way please", and then guide us. We walk into a corridor made from rocks. It does not seem like a gorgeous interior, but is made very simply and accurately.

"This is the promotion test centre for mid-class Devils located in the territory of Glasya-Labolas."

Kiba tells me quietly while we are walking. Hee, so this is the territory of Glasya-Labolas. I was so concerned about the test that I didn't bother checking where the location of the test was. If it's the territory of Glasya-Labolas, then it's the territory of the household where that Maou who said "working is losing", Asmodeus-sama, belongs to. It's also the homeland of that yankee who got beaten to a pulp by Sairaorg-san.

"It seems like they built the mid-class promotion test centre here because of the influence of the strategist, Falbium Asmodeus."

Akeno-san also says that. I only have that Maou-sama who seems like he doesn't want to do anything in my mind, so it's hard to imagine.

"It seems like there is also a test centre in the territory of Astaroth, which is the household from which Ajuka Beelzebub-sama came from."

"There are test centres in various places throughout the Underworld, but the one with the most authority is the one held in the territory of Astaroth. After all there are also noble schools for the noble Devils located there. Buchou also had trouble choosing between the school in the territory of Astaroth and the one in the area of Maou. But she ended up going to the school in the area of Maou."

Kiba answered like that. Oh, is that so? Then why are we at the Glasya-Labolas territory today?

"Because of the earlier incident, the house of Astaroth lost authority......."

Kiba said it quietly so the staff walking ahead of us couldn't hear. I see...... That incident involving Diodora Astaroth caused this then..... I heard that the house of Astaroth went into a dangerous situation because of him. It seems like they avoided the worst case scenario because of the influence of Ajuka-sama who is the chief advisor for the Technical Equation Programme. But it's certain that they are being looked at with strict eyes from the civilians living in the other territories as well as the other nobles. They also lost their right to send out a candidate to be the next Maou as well.

The place where we arrived at after being led by the staff is a place that seemed like a reception area. There were a couple of windows, and test participants were talking to the receptionists.

......There are less Devils here than I thought. A reception area, which is quite spacious, looks dead because there aren't many people in it. Then the staff explains to us.

"At the reception area over there, please take the compulsory documents along with the admission ticket for the test. After you are done with that, please go to the floor upstairs where the written test will be held. The first part of the test will be the written section and the second part will be practical."

So written test first huh. I studied a lot for it, but I want to get a lot of points on the practical test.

"Please hand your report to the examiners who are standing in front of the room for the written section of the test."

So I have to hand my report to the person in front of the test room. I wrote my report on the theme Grayfia-san told me.... I'm still not used to writing with devil letters so I desperately wrote it while holding the dictionary in my other hand.

"Then I will pardon myself. I hope you do well."

The staff left after saying that.

"I will go and bring the documents you must fill out."

After saying that, Ravel goes away quickly. Wow, that girl really is thoughtful.

".....Looks like there aren't that many people taking the test."

"Yeah. In the current Underworld, there aren't that many devils who can take the promotion test. The promotion test centre for High-class devils might even have less devils taking it."

Kiba answers like that. Yeah. Since there aren't any Wars in the Underworld right now, you can only get a promotion by attaining something magnificent from the pact for Devil's jobs or by excellent performance in the Rating Game. Though the first option is very hard to get promotion with, so it became the mainstream way to get a promotion test through the Rating Game. Even so, it looks like we are special cases.

"Ise-kun. There's one thing I want to tell you before the test."

Kiba stood next to me and wore a serious expression.

"......What is it?"

"I'm glad that I met you."


.......Here, I was wondering what he was about to say.....

".......You really became a natural at saying creepy things."

When I said that with a disgusted face, Kiba laughed.

"Hahaha. But if you weren't here, I would probably never have got a promotion test."

"Are you sure? You are strong enough. You would have got a promotion sooner or later."

"No. I'm here because I witnessed how you live your life and your battles. You showed me things that I didn't have. I wouldn't have been here if I didn't know about it."

Is it something like that? I was also influenced by him a lot as well. There were a majority of things where I worked harder because he was someone near whom I aimed for. I sighed while scratching my cheek.

"I'm not quite sure. What good-looking guys think is something that I can't possibly understand. But.....Let's pass the test together. Since we are boys of the Gremory team. Right? Dachikou[2]."

"Of course. If we've come this far, then let's aim to become Ultimate-devils. I've also got a dream now. To become the "Ultimate Knight". I want to become an existence that can stand side by side with you."

Kiba seeks for a handshake. I answered him with a laugh.

"That sounds good. That's simple to understand. I won't know for how many thousands of years I will be with you, but let's become men who will be famous throughout the Underworld."

Akeno-san also puts her hand on our handshake.

"Ufufu. Such a passionate friendship. Let's pass the test together."



Both Kiba and I replied at the same time! Yeah! Lets become mid-class devils together.

"Everyone! I have brought the documents! Let's fill them out over there!"

With Ravel's instruction we filled out the documents......

So the test is about to begin!

"Please do your best! I will be waiting here."

We split up from Ravel at the staircase leading to the second floor, and us three headed up to the third floor. We saw a sign written in devil-letters written as "Mid-class promotion test - Written test room". The room we reached had long desks aligned inside. It looks like the rooms you see in Universities. I also saw a University room when I went to look at the Kunou University.

I must sit on the table with the number [012] written on at. By the way Kiba's number is [011] and Akeno-san's number is [010]. When the three of us sat down, we heard people whispering.

".......Are those people from the Gremory team? The Holy-demonic sword wielder, Sekiryuutei and Holy-lightning priestess......."

"The "Oppai Dragon" who defeated that Sairaorg! Sekiryuutei!"

"So the rumours about them getting a promotion recommendation from Maou-sama were true....."

"So that's why there were so many people with cameras outside........"

.......This truly is making me feel embarrassed. Everyone knows about us. Well we became famous because of the news, tokusatsu show, and the match that occurred recently. Judging from their conversation, the media has gathered outside this test centre. If we say it in human terms, maybe they would be called the paparazzi? Man that is scary. But this is something I have predicted. That's why I have to take the test calmly without making an embarrassment of myself. I made a serious face and a strong attitude!

".........I think you don't have to put that much energy and act like you usually do."

That's what Kiba says! But we came here while having the name Gremory on our backs! While I was doing that, other examinees gathered and the seats around us started to fill up with the other devils taking the test.

......But a room that can hold more than 100 hundred people didn't even get filled. They are mostly devils who were former humans, but there were also devils who looked like beast-humans, youkai and creatures. Well humans aren't the only ones who can be reincarnated. Therefore many types and kinds of devils can take the promotion test. I looked around, but including us the number didn't even reach up to 40 people. That's not that many people. I did hear that a promotion is rare, but I never expected it to be this low! The seats are mostly empty!

.......I think I understand Sairaorg-san's dream and aim. It might be good to give a chance to people who have talent. But in the current Underworld, that would be hard. Sensei also said that the politicians are broken into the Maou-faction and Great-King-faction. While I was thinking about this, the examiner entered the room and began collecting the reports. We gave our reports to the examiner and finally we were about to start the written test.

......Putting the practical aside, I'm not confident in the written test. But still, Rias, Ravel and the others helped me! I will definitely aim for a good result!

"It's time. Please start."

The voice of the examiner tells us it's time to start the test! All the examinees turnover their test papers, and the test begins! Either way I will answer as many questions as I can!

Part 6

"Ah--. Questions like that sure are unfair! What do they mean by: "Write the names of the enemy leaders that appear in "Levi-tan""........"

The food court inside the centre. I was lying on the table while making a pathetic voice. The written test was broken into different sections and we finally finished after a few hours. Even if I was released from a task of using my brain, I was still sighing because of the contents of the test. I answered most of the questions about basic knowledge regarding devils. Except there was a question regarding "Magical Levi-tan" and I was astonished! There was a question where I had to write down the names of the leaders of the enemy organisations. My point is "How the fuck should I know". Also a question about "Chichiryutei Oppai-Dragon" appeared as well! It became a question about the recent event that occurred in the Underworld. Questions about "Khaos-Brigade" appeared as well. Since I'm like a victim from them, I could answer them easily since I know about them more than most of the higher-ups. Well I didn't include any information that cannot be known by the public though. Seriously, I don't know whether the Underworld is proper or improper!

"Ise-sama. I have brought another cup of tea."

Ravel has brought another cup of tea for me. She seriously is a good girl. As to be expected from my manager!

"Thank you Ravel. Thanks to you, my written test didn't become a mess."

"O-of course! I will be troubled if you don't pass since I became your manager!"

Oh, she's in a tsun-tsun mode.

"I didn't have that many blank answers. I have quite a lot of confidence in it."

That's my true response. It was certainly hard. The answers also had to be written in devil-letters. But I wasn't scared because the questions everyone taught me appeared as well. I'm glad I studied like hell.

.....Maybe what's most important in a promotion test is receiving a recommendation. That's why there aren't that many people taking the test. This food court doesn't have many people in it, even though it's huge. But still, I still I did quite well in the written test. Even if I barely failed for the written test, I think I can cover it with the practical test.

"So the practical is next."

Kiba says while twitching his upper-body.

"Yeah. It's the test category I'm really good at!"

"I heard that it will occur on the roof of this stadium."

Ravel says it while reading through the documents.

"Ara-ara. Getting heated up is good, but it is not good for you to overdo it okay?"

Akeno says that to me.

..............? Sensei also said that I shouldn't try that hard for the practical as well. But it's a test so I should try hard! I think this is the test where I can gain the most points. While this was occurring, the time for the practical test arrived. The three of us split up from Ravel once again, and went to the roof while wearing a jersey. The place was like a spacious gymnasium. The participants all changed into clothes that they could move around easily in, and they were warming up their bodies in their own way. Yosh! I will also warm up my body then! I start to sprint from where I was standing and begin to sprint around the running track.

While I was stretching my body with Kiba and Akeno-san, the examiners gathered and began to call our numbers. We attached a badge that had our number on it to our jersey. Then one of the examiners gave us an explanation.

"The practical is quite simple. We will have the participants battle each other. We will have everyone draw a number, and that will decide who you will battle."

Oh, that's simple and easy to understand. So I just have to win that then?

"The battle will be looked as a whole so even if you lose to your opponent, you will not necessarily lose the opportunity to pass. Obviously winning the battle will allow you to get more points though. But we will look at the battle in depth so if you have the three satisfactory criteria of heart, technique, and body we will allow you to get points that will be the equivalent of what you showed. Try to have the battle be as good as possible please! The rule is simple. Fight the opponent with the power you have. Using weapons will be allowed. You will fail if your opponent dies, but if the death occurred due to an accident then we, the examiners, will decide the outcome. Please read the documents you have with you regarding about death by accident. Next is....."

Explanation of the rules continues. Yeah, yeah. So basically I have to show a good match to the examiners then!

.....Wait, what do you mean by a good battle!? I held my head down by the "depth" of the battle. I......I...! All of the battles I had until now were all fist fights or fights like an ape! I've never done a battle with demonic-powers or relying on techniques! The examiner also gave an additional explanation.

"Now people who are a "Pawn" are able to promote during the match with the special approval promotion card dispatched by this test centre."

Hee, so you can promote huh. I never knew that there were special approval promotion cards used by this centre. Is it a derivation of the card Rias gave to Asia when we went on the school-trip?

"I heard that Ajuka Beelzebub-sama dispatched special promotion cards to places like this. Of course, Beelzebub-sama is the only one who can make them, and making copies of them is said to be impossible."

Kiba explained it to me like that. So Beelzebub-sama is the only one who can make something like this then. How amazing is that person in terms of technology....... You can say that he surpasses Azazel-sensei.

"It looks alright as long as we don't kill the opponent for the practical test. Unlike the High-class promotion test, Mid-class promotion test does not require strategies that are based on tactics so it is quite simple."

Akeno-san says. There is a strategy test for the High-class promotion test!? W-Well that was to be expected. Since you will be receiving the "Evil-pieces" that will allow you to make your own group, having a test to test your brain would be obvious.

......I'm screwed. If I pass the mid-class promotion test, then I will also have to study about strategies! Though no matter how hard I think, using a strategy would be impossible for me!

The examiners explanation finished, and it became time to draw. We put our hands inside the box, and took out a ball that has a number on it. These things are quite similar to the human world...... Well the ones who come here are mostly former-humans, so they are probably making it more familiar and easier for us to understand.

-Oh, so my number is [4]. Looks like it will be one of the earlier matches. Kiba got [26] and Akeno-san got [32]. Oh, looks like everyone was separated. I wouldn't know what to do if we had to fight each other, but looks like that won't be happening. Looks like their matches will be near the end.

"The matches will occur by two pairs fighting at once! First, [1] and [2], [3] and [4] will start their matches!"

Are you serious? It's my match already! That was quick! Looks like my match will start before I get ready!

"Looks like I'm first."

"Do your best."

"Ise-kun can definitely do it."

I received a cheer from Kiba and Akeno-san.

"I-I will be going then."

While feeling a bit nervous, I entered the circular battlefield made by Demonic power. What will happen now. Triaina can't do a combo. Even if we can promote, it seems like cheating if I keep on changing. Once I promote, I need to finish the match with that. Then maybe I should use the normal Queen? True-Queen is still unstable so it's not in a condition where I can use it. But if we have to show our strength for this test, then maybe I should use it....... While I was thinking, the devil who was to be my opponent appeared. It's a medium height and medium built man. Looking at him, he doesn't seem to be flowing with lots of aura, but...... This person is also a Devil who has the strength to come to this test. I can't let my guard down. The examiner came in and looked at both of us.

"Both of you are ready then?"

Both me and my opponent nod. The examiner raised his hand up, and then put it down!

"Please start!"

! It started! I made my gauntlet appear and started the countdown!

"Promotion [Queen]."

What I chose was the usual Queen I often use! Either way, I can't use True-Queen unless I get into Balance-Breaker! If that's the case then I will promote the usual Queen, and fight in my usual Balance-Breaker! I have been training a lot with it, even though it's not Triaina! There's no way it won't be effective!


The opponent man made his hand glow with demonic-powers, and shot huge orbs of flames! Looks like his attacks with demonic-powers are quite something! If he is a Sacred Gear possessor, then he will reveal it after this attack! Then I will go into Balance Breaker before that!

"-[Freezing Archaeopteryx]!"

Cold chills were surrounding the man's area. Ice started to gather in the air and it turned into a gigantic bird! So it's a Sacred Gear. He made a gigantic bird using his Sacred Gear. I waited for the countdown of my Balance Breaker while evading the gigantic-bird's intense attack and the Demonic-power attacks shot by the man! My weak point is this naked state I am currently in before the Balance-Breaker! But because I opened the path to True-Queen, the countdown needed for me to turn into Balance Breaker is also reduced! Yes! This is where the real fight starts!

"Balance Breaker!"

Red aura envelops my body and it shapes into the shape of armour! Boosted Gear Scalemail!


While expanding both my dragon wings, I charged my power! I can't lose! I will win and pass this promotion test!



I flew up to my opponent while thrusting the boosters on my back! My opponent can't even react to my speed! I can do this! I pushed my fist forward to hit straight at him! Anyway this is my first blow!


It destroyed the gigantic ice bird with ease and my punch continues to go towards him!


The opponent created defence magic circle in front of him, but he couldn't withstand my punch and flew far to the back of the stadium!

DOOOOOOOOOOON!! He crashed into the wall, and went through it......


I stood still while thrusting my hand forward.


That person flew back more than I thought. It's not a punch where I used my boosted powers, but it wasn't a punch that I was holding back either...... One of the examiners went towards the opponent whom I punched quickly. I can hear the voices of other participants who were watching the match.

"............Y-You must be kidding me!? What power!"

"I see.... He surpasses the level of average Low-class Devils greatly."

"I can only say that his opponent was unlucky. He's a monster......!"

"......If it's just power, isn't he a high-tier of High-class Devil.......?"

"So this is the power of Sekiryuutei who defeated the Evil-God Loki and Sairaorg Bael......"

I heard things like that.

......Ummmm. I was troubled by how to respond. I used my power to the fullest because I didn't want to fail, and...... I thought that I can't let my guard down since my opponent is also a devil who is taking the promotion test......

The examiner returns from the broken wall while carrying my opponent who seems to be unconscious. That examiner shakes his head to the examiner who is in charge of my match. That examiner confirms it and says it loudly.

"Number [4], Hyoudou Issei wins!"

.............. ..........Eh? T-This is the end of the practical.....? .........Are you serious? I don't have to do anything more? I could only stand there astonished because of the victory I gained easily.

We finished our practical, and made Ravel start a communication magic-circle so we can report to Sensei.

"S-Sensei! About the practical....."

[Oh what happened? I'm at the restaurant of the hotel in which we made reservations, and drinking alcohol even at noon.]

Alcohol at noon again!? You sure know how to have fun! No, that's not what I mean!

"It's about the practical test! W-Well all of us: me, Kiba and Akeno-san didn't have any trouble, but more like it was......"

[You were overwhelming right?]

----! I nod to Sensei who is grinning.

"Ah, yes."

Sensei makes a sigh.

[Of course. You guys have abnormal strength among Low-class Devils. And the ones going to the test have the powers of high-tiers of Mid-class Devils. You guys have the power of High-class devils. Especially you Ise, who can use Triaina and True-Queen can release a power that isn't that much different from those with more power than that. Well I could say the same for Sairaorg though.]

".....I didn't know. I...... So we became that strong...."

Not just me, but Kiba and Akeno-san also gained victory with overwhelming strength for the test. Instead I feel sorry because I went too far and destroyed the stadium. They achieved victory while holding back their power not to destroy the stadium.

......So this is what he means by not fighting seriously. It will cause harm to the stadium if we go too seriously because of the power difference between us and the other participants. And I might have killed my opponent because of it....... If I think like that, then I put too much energy into the match. B-but my head was full with the things like the feeling of not wanting to fail and that I can't let my guard down.......

[The opponents you guys have been facing are the Vali Team, which are full of legendary guys, Evil God Loki and Fenrir from Northen Europe, and the Ultimate Longinus you know? Fighting guys like that while returning with everyone alive is something that isn't normal. It's a level where it would be said that you guys are abnormal. At least in the Gremory team you, Kiba, Akeno, Xenovia and Rossweisse are strong guys with the power of High-class Devils. Koneko who is starting to learn the power of Senjutsu will also reach the power parallel to a High-class Devil soon.]

I-I see. We went through lots of crises so we greatly surpassed average Mid-class devils. Yeah. If I think about it, our opponents were abnormal guys. And I have been training hard so I won't lose.

.....I realised it again. We became insanely strong. Even so, the enemies who come after us have powers beyond that so my head is about to go nuts.

[She sure has luck meeting with you guys, the woman you fell for that is.]

Sensei says it as if he's depressed.,

"Yes. Rias is the best woman there is!"

Of course! The meeting Rias and I had is something very special! Thanks to that I met with Rias and everyone else!

[Hey Rias. Ise said "Rias is the best woman there is".]

Sensei says it with a lecherous voice to another person! Wh-wh-wh-wh-wh! Is Rias nearby!?

"H-Hey Sensei! Why are you telling her!?"

[Haha! Rias became so red after hearing you say that! Man you guys are in a burning relationship! Shit! Tears are flowing out of my eyes! Looks like I will master being single, damn it!]

Ah, Sensei's voice had a bit of hatred in it. Even so, don't play with me and Rias because it's embarrassing! Please let us taste our life peacefully! Sensei continues after changing back the topic.

[Well, I also said it to Rias just now. That there is no reason for Rias to go through intense training to get strong.]

Rias.......training? If I remember, she was quite upset that she couldn't do much against the fight with Regulus. But it was just that her opponent was a bit too much, since it was a rare Longinus that could move on its own. It was also a demonic-creature that represented the King of Lions.

[One of the weapons the woman you fell for has is the fortunate meetings she has. The grade that the Gremory-team has isn't something that other High-class devils have. Though it seems that guy, Raiser, also said that. This is something in which you can't teach others. You need something like this since you were born. And things like that will continue on as well. In my case, I want to praise the high chance of survival I mentioned before. To survive so many crises with everyone alive is a level that surpasses miracles.]

A level that surpasses miracles. I think I can understand that. I also think it's great that members like this gathered and survived through these crises together.

[Anyway the test is over, right? Use the transport magic-circle at the centre to get to this hotel. The result isn't out yet but let's celebrate here.]

The communication with Sensei ended there and all of us took a breath.

"Great work Ise-kun, Akeno-san."

Kiba says it to me and Akeno-san with a smile.

"Looks like we can relax until the result is out."

"No, Akeno-san. For me, I can't relax for the exam as well."

I made a sigh and Kiba says it to me.

"Sekiryuutei who wielded his power greatly for the promotion test looks like he can't use that power for the exam."

Akeno-san and Ravel chuckled at Kiba's sarcasm.

......Yeah yeah, I'm just a power idiot like you say.

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