Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu Volume 12 afterword / Chapters List

This time advanced like a war record, but even though it should have been a first time development, it felt like I had already wrote fourteen volumes of it. I wonder if it's because I had written the war record series called 『Altina the Sword Princess』. This one is published through Famitsuu Bunko. I will be in your care (greetings).

This is the afterword.
The TV Anime of 『Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu』 had an immensely wonderful execution, and I truly spent a happy time on it. There were developments different from the novel, and I think that the readers were also able to enjoy it.

Now then, about the novel.
The Gelmedo Empire has made its entrance! Actually, it was planned to appear in a much later volume, but I somehow felt that it had to be now. It's because putting in the usual standard foreshadowing, and beating up the previously announced opponent is boring. I would be happy if you were able to enjoy it.
For the next volume, I am thinking that I want to somehow put a conclusion to the war with the Empire, and there are various things to talk about like the now blonde Super Alicia, and the Royal Palace Chivalric Order that ran away.
I don't know how much of the plot I can put in, but I would like to reach that point as soon as possible. I will be in your care.

『The 14 Year Old and the Illustrator』 (MF Bunko J) that Illustrator Mizoguchi Cage-sensei is also designing is in the middle of publication. It is a work comedy filled with the interactions and industry jokes of a 14 year old cosplayer and a pro illustrator. The comicalization through Kamelie-sensei is in the middle of popular serialization.

Here is a different topic while I am making advertisements.
There is a limited edition Drama CD that come with this volume. I was the one to write the script this time. Since I think that it came out well, by all means, please listen to it.

Tsurusaki Takahiro-sensei, thank you very much for the illustrations this time as well.
Designer from Afterglow, Ooishi-sama, thank you very much for this volume as well.
Shouji-sama who is in charge of editing, I immensely in your care this time as well. Also in regards to the customized editions, thank you very much for implementing it!
Everyone of the Kodansha Lightnovel Bunko Editorial Department and people of the staff. Family and friends that gave me support. And then, I give my highest level of gratitude to the dear readers that read this. Thank you very much!

Murasaki Yukiya