Is it Tough Being a Friend? Volume 5 Chapter 1 part6 / Chapters List

It was the next day, Monday. There was a sudden event that arose during this morning's homeroom.

The homeroom teacher, Minegishi, placed his hands on his desk and reported some surprising information.

"Err...this may be sudden, but starting from today, we have an additional member of the class."

It seems that for some reason, a student would transfer to class B. Following Elmira, this would make it the second time someone transferred here in the middle of a school year.

Though I pondered why it was this class of all places...there was no point trying to figure it out.

After all, Ryuuga is in class B. That's where the protagonist is.

If there's a transfer student, they must be in the protagonist's class. That's how this world works.

Under that same theory, if a group of terrorists were to ever attack the school, they must occupy the protagonist's classroom. Once again, that's how the world works.

(At any rate, we're doing the transfer student cliche again...? Unfortunately, it won't have the same impact as Elmira. They would need to have rainbow hair and possess the lower half of a horse...)

While worrying about such things, Minegishi said "Now then, come in," and faced the door.

The door soon opened with a rattle, and a student walked towards the teacher's desk. The student had a gallant, well-ordered stride.

The classroom suddenly clamored upon seeing the person. I did too.

(W, who is this...?)

Naturally, the new student's hair color and lower half were normal. Furthermore, they were unfortunately a guy.

However, he definitely──had a presence that could grab the attention of those around him.

First of all, he was an extreme ikemen.

His long bangs nearly covered his eyes, but he was definitely a beauty. He was tall, had long legs, and even seemed to have an athletic body.

The next thing to catch my eye was his unusual white school uniform.

It's probably from his previous school, but I knew what school that uniform belonged to. It was an elite school in the area, Hakubou Private High School...could it be that he transferred from there to here?

Furthermore, he had a distinctive jet black leather glove on his left hand.

It was the type with exposed digits that motorcyclists often used. It stood out against his white uniform. It seemed to have no real purpose other than making him look cool.

However, most importantly──he had it.

Even if someone wasn't an expert like me, they would still recognize that "he was no ordinary person." He had the power to attract the gazes of onlookers.

(I never thought that there would be someone other than Ryuga with these kinds of characteristics...!)

My heartbeat grew faster. I stared at the transfer student more passionately than the girls around me did.

However, my excitement and amazement didn't end there.

"Pleased to meet you all. My name is Tenryouin Agito."


Tenryouin Agito? Was that what he said? That's his real name?

He didn't accidentally give out his professional name? He didn't reveal that he got kicked out from Hakubou Private because he worked in a host club?

"Minegishi, where's my seat?"

Prompted by Tenryouin, Minegishi hurriedly pointed to a seat. It was next to the hallway.

I suppose I should mention that the window seat in the back is Ryuuga's seat. Mine is in the middle row, the fourth seat from the front. Diagonally behind me was Elmira, who was still sleeping. She ignored the transfer student.

"Could you use that empty desk there? Or do you prefer one that's near the front?"

"I have no qualms."

While saying that in a business-like manner, Tenryouin Agito turned towards his seat. Minegishi looked at him with a look of confusion.

"W, wait, Tenryouin. Since today's your first day, how about answering some questions from everyone? We still have five minutes to spare."

"Unfortunately, I'm not one to speak in public. When I want to open up to someone, I will. I value...having one friend rather than many acquaintances."

With those cold words, Tenryouin Agito went to his seat.

One of the guys said "Tsk, so he's one of those pretentious guys," but the girls kept staring at him. I also kept staring.

(This cold attitude on the first's as if he's saying 'don't get involved with me,' while forming a wall around himself...this is how Ryuga acted before.)

His looks, his aura, his name.

There's no doubt about it. This guy──has the characteristics of a protagonist.

I immediately tried getting in touch with Tenryouin Agito each time a class ended.

However, I failed each time. Girl always surrounded him, forming an impenetrable defense.

Even when I tried to force my way through, their arms, elbows, and rears would push me away. Eventually, they would say "Kobayashi, you're in the way!" and spray me with deodorant. Now I know what it feels like to be a cockroach.

"Damn those fangirls..."

When I turned to Ryuuga in bitter defeat, she shrugged her shoulders and forced a smile.

As expected, the original protagonist had a hospitable attitude. Since she's a pioneer who's already made a name for herself, I could sense her experience and style.

"Tenryouin is quite popular. It seems you won't be able to talk to him today, huh?"

"I wish he would start handing out numbered tickets."

"Ahaha. You're as sociable as ever. I've thinking about this before, but you're like a Shiba Inu, Ichirou."

How rude. As if I would be a Shiba Inu, the quiet yet violent dog.

Now that it's come to this, I have no choice but to aim for when he goes to the restroom. There shouldn't be any girls with him then. Only guys get to talk to each other when they're taking care of their business.

"All things considered, what a name, Tenryouin Agito...I couldn't believe my ears."

While folding her arms, the protagonist gave her thoughts. Look who's talking. You're the one with the name Hinomori Ryuuga.

"Sure, Hakubou Private High School isn't too far from here. Though, why would he transfer here? I feel like there must be some reason."

Once again, you're one to talk. You're the one with a heap of special circumstances. You're the one who's both a girl and the "Successor of the Dragon King."

(Can't I at least greet him today...? Of course, he'll probably push me away. I only need to have him remember my face and name.)

Not noticing my gaze, Tenryouin Agito responded to the girls' questions by saying "Yeah," or "Okay," while holding a blank expression.

It seems that he's established as a cool, ostentatious character. That's good for me. I don't need to alter my established character. I can remain a pervert who gets carried away easily.

(Tenryouin, go to the restroom. Give me a chance to approach you!)

"Hey, Ichirou."

(I know already. I know that going to the toilet doesn't suit your character. However, please heed my request!)

"Come on, Ichirou."

(I won't look at it! I'll make sure to be respectful of what's down there! So please, please go to the restroom! Nature calls!)

"Look at me!"

While I was preoccupied with Tenryouin's bladder, Ryuuga suddenly pulled on my ear.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow!"

"Enough with Tenryouin! You're talking with me right now, okay?"

Before I knew it, Ryuuga had pouted. Though, she almost revealed herself as a girl just now. She reverted to her girl version for a moment there.TLNRyuuga almost said "watashi" instead of "ore"

"Hey, you're getting careless. Be careful of what you're saying at school."

"This is your fault, you know? Seriously, you've only been looking at Tenryouin for a while..."

While puffing up like a blowfish, Ryuuga suddenly turned the other way.

Could it be that she's jealous? Does she suspect me of being disloyal?

"Don't be angry. It's only natural that I would be drawn to protagonist-like people. Know that this is part of my abilities as a friend character."

"I don't get what you're saying. Ichirou, are you going to be like that with everyone? Are you willing to be friends with just about anyone? Hmph, I see. So it's like that."

What is she angry with me about? Is she criticizing me as a guy or as a girl?

Of course, I don't think Tenryouin Agito is more protagonist-like than Ryuuga.

Furthermore, Kobayashi Ichirou is a character in "Hinomori Ryuuga's Story of Battles"...that position will not change. After all, I have two "Evil Spirits" dwelling within me.

Though, perhaps it would be worthwhile taking a business trip to another story. Just to take a brief breather. I'm not going to really get involved.

My position in "Ryuuga's story" has strayed off course a fair bit. Honestly speaking, I'm reaching my limits.

I don't plan to abandon my position, but there's a guy in front of me who I could be a friend character of. Is a bit of rehabilitation so bad?

(Now's the time, I want to be a normal friend character! I'm starving for a minor role! Mitsuhiko, you'd understand my feelings, right?!)

While I was shouting internally, it seems that I accidentally blurted out "Mitsuhiko."

Ryuuga immediately glared at me. She asked "Mitsuhiko...?"

"Who's Mitsuhiko? Could it be that you really did become close friends with someone else?"

"Y, you've got it wrong! That's not it! You're my only close friend!"

"You probably said the same thing to this Mitsuhiko kid!"

Ryuuga kept flicking my head without listening to me. As expected, the "Successor of the Dragon King" aimed at the center of my head.

"Why! Are you! So! Unfaithful?!"

"You've got it wrong! It's Mitsuhiko! He's part of the Detective Boys! That Mitsuhiko!"TLNIn Detective Conan, the Detective Boys is the name of the MC's friend group.

I tried my hardest to explain while she kept flicking the back of my head. Around me, I heard classmates saying "Hey, Koba and Hinomori are messing around again," and "They really are close."

...At that moment, I felt as if Tenryouin Agito suddenly glanced this way for just a brief moment.

I don't know if he was looking at me or Ryuuga. Or perhaps I was misunderstanding and he was just a Conan fan reacting to the name Mitsuhiko.

I wanted to find out, but Tenryouin already shifted his attention back to the girls. He kept his usual poker face, making it hard to read him.

(Logically, it would probably be Ryuga he was looking at...perhaps it was resonance? As a protagonist himself, perhaps he caught the scent of a fellowman?)

However, Ryuuga didn't seem to notice it and once more turned the other way while folding her arms. She's definitely pouting.

"I don't really like Tenryouin. Not one bit."

"Hey, you're acting childish. Please, cheer up."

"I am Ichirou's best friend. I won't lose to some fresh-off-the-farm kid."

Sorry, Tenryouin Agito.

You've garnered the animosity of your senior protagonist because of me. Despite you not doing anything, she hates you now.

"H, how's this, Ryuga? Next Sunday, let's go to the cake restaurant in the mall that's in front of the station. Then we can go bowling afterwards."

"You're paying."


"You're paying for the both of us."

When Ryuuga said that in an unusually sharp tone, I reluctantly nodded my head and said "Sure." I wanted to at least argue for a compromise on seventy percent, but opposing her probably isn't an option right now. Complaining here would be unwise.

I wonder if Mion will give me my allowance in advance...