Long Live Summons! Chapter 223 / Chapters List

 hope to fight with you. This is my wish." Tian Luo Prince's words shocked everyone present, including Yue Yu and Yue Bing. Had this Tian Luo Prince known Yue Yang before? In his previous matches, Yue Yang had been ordering the masked Evil Shadow to fight on his behalf, so how did the Tian Luo Prince know that the Evil Shadow was actually Yue Yang's double?

Yue Yu frowned her brows as she started to think.

Yue Bing, on the other hand, didn't think too much. She only knew that her brother was extremely powerful, so she didn't feel the least bit anxious for him in her heart.

When the Tian Luo Prince finished speaking, he turned towards the red-clothed referee and nodded, "I concede defeat in this match. He can immediately move on to the next stage of the competition. Please get down from the stage. I need to fight him with all my power and not limited by the rules of the competition..." He then turned towards his Roses Fan Group below the stage and waved his hands, signalling them to quieten down, "Everyone, please move one hundred metres back so that you won't get hurt. I don't want anyone to stop me from fighting him. Everyone, if you want to support me, please let me fight an all-out battle with him!"

Seeing the Tian Luo Prince's sad eyes and listening to him plead with his nature-like voice, everyone's heart almost broke for him.

The fangirls tried to keep their tears in as they slowly fell back step by step.

The red-clothed referee wanted to speak, but he understood the determination in Tian Luo Prince's heart. He sighed slightly and waved his hand, signalling the linesmen and silver-armoured guards below the stage to fall back.

Yue Yang also looked at Yue Yu and Yue Bing who were standing below the stage, nodding to them sternly and seriously, "You guys should also retreat to a safe place. Later, no matter how intense the battle gets, you shouldn't come near!"

"Alright!" Yue Bing had never seen her brother so serious before. She obediently pulled her Second Sister and left the arena quickly.

When everyone had retreated hundred meters away, Yue Yang and Tian Luo Prince suddenly summoned their grimoires at the same time.

Yue Yang summoned a Silver Grimoire, while the Tian Luo Prince summoned a Platinum Grimoire.

With the additional strength from two Giant Phantom Shadows and with the fire ability from his [Yang Pole] skill, Yue Yang first released a strength that was lower than but almost approaching Innate strength. His aura was like a Demon King, exploding all of a sudden, the shockwave impact from his Qi could even thoroughly shook the red-clothed referee who was 50 meters away. The red-clothed referee immediately paled. The two linesmen had it even worse. They were knocked back a few steps by the shockwave of Yue Yang's aura.

As for the more than a dozen silver-armoured guards, they were blown away by Yue Yang's hurricane-like aura.

Hundred meters apart, the Roses Fan Group went pale out of fright. A few of the Flower Protection Ambassadors who was standing right in front collapsed to the ground from the shock.

Yue Yang who was holding his Hui Jin Magic Blade was as cold as a Demon King. Purple flames burst out from his hand that was holding the blade.

His other hand was forming a fiery wheel that looked like the [World Exterminating Wheel].

In front of Yue Yang, the Tian Luo Prince had turned himself into a crystal doll-like figure, making his whole body transparent. He closed his eyes under the bright, radiant light illuminating his body, as he summoned bursts of colourful lights that entered into his body and increased his strength. Behind his back, a pair of crystal wings that looked like a butterfly's wings had also slowly formed. Those crystal wings were transparent and flawless. It looked like it was without substance, but it was actually extremely powerful. Every time they flapped beautifully, the whole area seemed to shake.

A fairy that was only as big as a person's thumb was summoned by Tian Luo Prince. It flew towards his forehead and entered into his body.

In an instant, the Tian Luo Prince's body started to form weird-shaped, silver-coloured Runes, a little similar but different from the dark golden Rune that had appeared on Yue Yang's body before.

Then, the Tian Luo Prince slowly and beautifully opened his arms as the light emitting out from his body radiated out even more brightly.

Countless crystals quickly condensed around him and covered his body, forming a flawless, incomparably beautiful crystal armour on his body. More amazingly, the silver Ancient Rune on Tian Luo Prince's body had seeped through the crystal armour, forming new, more complicated and profound Runic Circles.

Everyone watched dumbstruck.

No one could imagine that that bloodthirsty 'Titan' was actually this strong. The energy he had released was at least at the level of a Level 7 [Overlord].

The thing that others found it hard to believe was also the fact that Tian Luo Prince was actually this strong.

He actually had a Platinum Grimoire, crystal wings and crystal armour. He could even turn his beast completely into a set of armour. What realm was he at? It was said that only Level 7 [Overlords] could cultivate beast-to-armour transformations. Furthermore, even Level 8 [Emperors] could only cover 30% of their body with beast-to-armor transformation. Most people wouldn't be able to complete the beast-to-armor transformation their whole life. At most, they could only transform their beast to look like a weapon...

Apart from the special beasts that were designed to turn into armours, other beasts would never be able to transform into armours completely.

Only if the summoner managed to grasp the concept to [Awaken] the strength of beasts that was described in Ancient times would the beast be able to match its summoner and turn into armour.

Right now, other than the Tian Luo Prince's perfect, flawless face, his whole body had been covered with a crystal armour.

He even had a pair of beautiful crystal wings.

People had never heard of beasts that could transform into wings before. If they had not seen it with their own eyes, everyone would probably not believe it at all.

"Your highness..." All the members of the Rose Fan Group were brimming with tears and excitement. They loved him, supported him, completely because of his handsome looks, not because he was strong. His looks made others unable to not fall in love with him. Because of this point, everyone felt a faint feeling of regret right now. The surprise that the Tian Luo Prince had given them was simply too sudden.

It turned out that he was a hundred times, a thousand times stronger than what people had imagined him to be.

Seeing the Prince who was wearing a crystal armour and possessed crystal wings, how could they not cry in happiness...

"My Crystal Battle Armour is not yet perfect. It's a pity that I didn't have the time to perfect it." The Tian Luo Prince sighed with a tinge of regret as he put away his Platinum Grimoire, "Let's start. I'm really looking forward to fight with you!"

"Let's have a good battle!" Yue Yang also put away his Silver Grimoire. He raised his Hui Jin Magic Blade as he charged towards Tian Luo Prince, shouting loudly.

Flames burst towards the sky.

Far away, people could see that the purple flames had formed a frightening giant blade in the sky.

An extremely powerful, unavoidable slash striked at Tian Luo Prince's chest.

In that instant of the strike, killing intent, fire ability and sword blade all fused together to form a huge vortex of explosion, releasing a light that was as strong as a sun, emitting from Yue Yang's hands.

The red-clothed referee's expression changed. He had the added defense from his beast and was a Level 6 Junior-[Elder]. However, even when standing 70 metres away, he was still pushed by this huge shockwave of energy from the impact of the strike a few steps back... He completely couldn't imagine the level of power and strength packed in that blade point, at the center of the fighting arena. That, that was definitely a destructive, fatal attack!

A slash capable of splitting mountains and rivers - [First Slash: Earth Splitting Slash]. The red-clothed referee immediately knew whose famous sword skill was this.

Yue Qiu, this was the Yue Clan's genius warrior, Yue Qiu's creation.

Since Yue Qiu had died, then the one who was using it must be his descendant... The red-clothed referee didn't recognise Yue Yang, but he felt that this slash wasn't any weaker than Yue Qiu's. It was even infused with a scorching fire ability.


The loud impact sound almost deafened the crowd. Everyone heard buzzing in their head that lasted for a long time.

However, the scene on the arena had shocked everyone.

Tian Luo Prince had stopped Yue Yang's [First Slash: Earth Splitting Slash] with just a single hand.

"My God..." The red-clothed referee started to question if he had already gone insane. How could this be? It was such a frightening slash, yet the Tian Luo Prince did not even need to avoid it, he had received that destructive slash with a single hand. The defense of that crystal armour was simply too frightening! He knew about beast-to-armor transformation and had seen their super strong defense before. However, he had never seen such a strong defense like the Tian Luo Prince's!

The crystal armour that the Prince had [Awaken], what kind of beast and how high was its level actually?

The Roses Fan Group started screaming in excitement, feeling wild with joy when their highness the Prince had managed to block the heavy slash with a simple move.

Yue Yu and Yue Bing's expression took a huge turn as they muttered, "Impossible..."

"One more time, [Second Slash: Heaven and Earth Collapse]!" Yue Yang didn't use Hui Jin Magic Blade, he immediately condensed a fire wheel on his left hand and use it to attack the Tian Luo Prince. At the same time, he unleashed [Second Slash: Heaven and Earth Collapse], fusing the fire wheel with his blade. The explosion power from this move was much more than his previous one.

This time, everyone could see clearly the Tian Luo Prince extending his hand and stopping the rotating fire wheel in front of him.

The Tian Luo Prince had stopped the fire wheel.

However, he was also pushed back to the edge of the stage from the momentum of the fire wheel. The Roses Fan Group was immediately anxious. He had indeed stopped the wheel, but once he went out from the edge, according to the rules, he would have already lost.


The rotating fire wheel continued to revolve furiously, but it slowly disappeared.

The Tian Luo Prince's right leg had already been pushed out of the stage, but his left leg stopped at the edge of the stage.

He walked forward and started to walk towards Yue Yang again.

Due to the crystal armour's protection, there was almost no scars on his palm at all.

When the red-clothed referee saw this, he had a feeling like his knees were about to give out. This was really unimaginable. That crystal armour really had an impregnable defense. Perhaps, even an Innate Ranker or a Level 8 [Emperor] at full-strength could barely put a scratch on it. No attacks would be of any effect to that armor.

That revolving fire blade wheel was definitely an attack that could kill himself instantly.

However, that mighty attack did not even manage to harm a strand of the Prince's hair.

"[Third Slash: Lord of Rivers and Mountains]!" Yue Yang's hands slowly moved and formed the Level 2 Yin and Yang Mysterious Sphere, condensing his purple flames to its limits before turning it into a giant dragon. With thousands of blades as its scales and a power as strong as the heaven and earth, the dragon charged towards the Tian Luo Prince ferociously.

"[Crystal Dream]!"

The crystal wings on the Tian Luo Prince's back immediately gathered to protect its master. His body also emitted a rainbow like crystal barrier.

The purple flame dragon collided ruthlessly into the crystal barrier.

Raging flames engulfed the whole stage, no one could see clearly the battle situation amidst the flame and smoke.

The sparks that shot out from the collision made the red-clothed referee who was protecting the Roses Fan Group battered and exhausted. As for the two linesman, they were even more tired than the referee. With all their power, they could only block a part of the sparks. If not for Yue Yu and Yue Bing jumping to the front, summoned their grimoire and erected their shield on time to block the sparks of purple flames, the audience today would have been heavily injured, the consequences would be far too horrible to think of.

When the smoke and fire dispersed, everyone could see that the Tian Luo Prince was safe and sound.

He didn't seem to be injured at all.

On the contrary, Yue Yang was already out of breath, his face showing the exhaustion of a fierce battle. The three great slashes had exhausted his Innate Qi and stamina.

He understood that his opponent was someone with an extremely high defense, but he didn't know that the defense of this crystal armour would be so abnormal.

"I really want to fight with you on your strongest state, it's a pity that I don't have much time..." The Tian Luo Prince raised his hand and showed that there was a small hole on his palm, although he had the protection of the crystal armour. Fresh blood dripped down from that hole, forming a small stream of blood, flowing through the Tian Luo Prince's arm and elbow.

The fresh blood and crystal contrasted each other perfectly, looking extremely enchanting.

This, this was the result of Yue Yang using his Innate Invisible Sword Qi from the purple flame dragon's tongue that he shot towards the Tian Luo Prince just now. Only that skill could break through [Crystal Dream] and shot through the crystal armour, injuring the Tian Luo Prince's palm.

On the Tian Luo Prince's flawless face, a smile suddenly surfaced. That smile was as clear as a morning snow, it felt as warm as sunlight. It was light, yet it had the ability to penetrate through a person's deepest heart and illuminate their whole mind. Yue Yang had seen many beautiful smiles before, including Luo Hua City mistress' unique laughter, Princess Qian Qian's pouty, angry smile, Yi Nan's joyful, but bashful smile, they were all smiles that could bring down kingdoms and steal other's soul. However, at this moment, this slight smile had actually eclipse all of their smiles.

Yue Yang was dumbstruck.

"Do you still have strength?" The Tian Luo Prince smiled slightly as he gently asked, his voice sounded like wind blowing through a lake, as if it had the capability of causing a ripple in people's heart.

"I can still unleash my [Fourth Slash: Universe Reverse]..." Yue Yang nodded and said determinedly, "This slash would have a power that is ten times more than my Third Slash. If you can receive it, then I could only admit defeat."

"Not bad. I also had the last bit of energy left. Although I had not fought you in your optimal condition, I have no more regrets." The Tian Luo Prince suddenly summoned his Platinum Grimoire, and then called forth a burst of rainbow coloured light. Like a radiant, lustrous meteor shower, the balls of light entered his body one by one. The hole in the Tian Luo Prince's crystal armor slowly disappeared. Furthermore, as more crystals condensed in his hands, it slowly formed a giant, transparent crystal shield. The Tian Luo Prince placed the shield beside him as a Silver Runic Circle appeared in his eyes. The crystal armour and crystal shield immediately glowed with the silver runic circle too, even the crystal wings on his back was also covered with silver runic circles...

In such a strong defense, Yue Yang felt that even if it was an Innate Ranker like Tu Cheng who was delivering his strongest blow, he wouldn't be able to shatter the crystal shield.

Yue Yang didn't know if he could break that crystal shield if he lifted the ban on his Innate strength and unleashed [Nirvana's Flame] and [World Exterminating Wheel].

A tinge of regret seeped through his heart.

It was a pity that he couldn't lift the ban on his Innate strength now.

Yue Yang couldn't unleash [Nirvana's Flame] and [World Exterminating Wheel] in front of the audience, otherwise the audience wouldn't probably be able to survive. Even Yue Yu and Yue Bing would also be in grave danger.

"It's the last slash!" Yue Yang had to force himself to unleash the Fourth Slash: Universe Reverse right now, because he had not fully comprehend the sword skill. However, this was not important, because Yue Yang knew that the Fourth Slash would also not be able to penetrate through the crystal shield. The only thing that would have any effect is his Innate Invisible Sword Qi. The Fourth Slash was just a cover, the move that he was going to use against his opponent was actually the Innate Invisible Sword Qi which cuts through everything!

"Yes, this is the last battle." The Tian Luo Prince eyes that was filled with silver runic circles flashed with a trace of sadness. Although this sadness holds no power at all, it was more formidable than the Innate Invisible Sword Qi.

When it was released, Yue Yang felt a strong pang of pain in his heart.

The Tian Luo Prince's smiling and scowling expression was the world's number one, like a short-lived beauty, that would inspire many sad songs in the future...

Yue Yang suddenly roared, violent like a mad tiger.

He jumped high up from the ground.

The raging flames that emitted from his body followed Yue Yang's figure as he soared to the sky.

As Yue Yang reached a height of around 10 meters up in the sky, he suddenly shot down with a very quick speed.

The purple flames and Yue Yang morphed into a godly dragon that had the power to destroy the universe, plunging down towards the Tian Luo Prince who was holding his crystal shield in the fighting arena.

"Ah, idiot! Stop quickly!" Luo Hua City Mistress and Princess Qian Qian suddenly appeared, the two girls looking extremely worried. Princess Qian Qian even released her greatest strength, unleashing countless Sword Qi and shooting forward like a comet, intent on stopping the two people's decisive battle.