Long Live Summons! Chapter 84 / Chapters List

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Chapter 84 - I Want To Violently Beat You Up Too!
Translated by: Taffy
Edited by: editAS, Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

It did not matter if it was a bronze, silver, gold or crystal card. They were impossible to counterfeit.

There was an extremely simple test. All one had to do was to touch it against the Achievement Crystal Pillar, which would then accurately display any related information.

When the two girls saw the faint white glow the crystal card was emitting, they realized that the card was indeed that guy's and immediately dismissed their feelings of contempt. Those able to use a crystal card couldn't possibly be ordinary people. They had boundless prospects as either the child of some clan or someone from the royal family. When they looked closer, they suddenly realized that the card had recorded him killing six demon generals. The eyes of the two girls practically bulged out from their shock. Putting aside killing a Demon General, killing only a low level green-skinned imp was already enough for many mercenaries to brag to others for years. Yet this guy had killed six Demon Generals? What kind of god was he?

His name was Titan?

Why hadn't they heard of his existence before?

Even the Three Great Killing Stars had never had such achievements. Yet this unknown, minor thief that hadn't even been registered for half a month had already killed six Demon Generals.

This...how was this possible?

"I also know that I cannot change all of my achievements to gold. That's why you only need to convert the achievements of killing 5 of the Demon Generals." Yue Yang had heard Ye Kong say before that there had been mercenaries that had exchanged all of their achievements as money before to buy drinks. However, once they were discovered, they would be punished by affiliates from the nation. In the worst case scenario, their mercenary title would be wiped, and their rank would be lowered.

"However, if you aren't exchanging them, allow us to report this to the nation. For sure, the Ranker Hall will reward you heavily with these kinds of achievements. I dare say that you'll get rewards worth much more than 500 gold. Why convert them into gold?" The somewhat taller beauty quickly tried to dissuade Yue Yang from converting.

"If you're lacking money at the moment, I can lend you some. Although I don't have much, I still have at least 10 gold." The slightly shorter, but paler beauty was practically crying.

"......" Yue Yang was speechless.

At that moment, a white robed man strode over.

His manner was like that of a famous scholar; he acted leisurely and at ease, unhurried and elegant. He waved a green sandalwood fan back and forth in his hands, giving him the appearance of a calm and clear-headed, very capable person.

The two beauties hurriedly rushed over, and began to talk over each other trying to beg the man to come and dissuade Yue Yang. The most important thing was to make sure that Yue Yang wouldn't convert his achievements, no matter what. This was a glory that couldn't be sullied. He shouldn't give up this glory even if he was desperate for money right now.

The scholar-looking white robed man extended a hand to stop the girls' chatter.

Fanning himself, he walked up to Yue Yang.

With his nose raised high, the man arrogantly opened his mouth and lectured, "I say, young man, don't just run to us, the Glorious Third Floor, and show off when you've only killed a green-skinned imp, got it? I actually understand how youngsters like you all yearn to become famous, that others will welcome you and admire you, and beauties will cry out your name....but not everyone can be as outstanding as the Three Great Killing Stars. The most important thing for a person is to clearly understand their limitations, and recognize their standing. For example, a thief like you should just do thief-like things, and guide others the way you're supposed to, or scout out information. Don't go playing into the gallery, and definitely don't come here asking to convert achievements to gold after only killing green-skinned imps....those are only level 1 monsters. Killing one is only worth a few coppers. We only convert achievements that are worth at least a gold coin. No, that isn't right. We've never supported the conversion of achievements to money. I've seen many little thieves like you that get all pleased with themselves after killing only a minor monster. You can go and brag about it to your friends outside the Warrior Guild; that's your glory, so we won't object. However, coming here to show off isn't acceptable. Although I'm not a battle-type Ranker, I've also killed five long-horned demons before. Those are level 3 demons, yet do you see me going around bragging about it? No, I've never done that, I'm not that kind of person. One must conduct themselves in a low-profile manner, do you understand, youngster?"

"Ah?" Yue Yang's vision seemed to have blurred. Why did this guy's words seem to be similar to Fatty Hai's?

Could this guy be Fatty Hai's relative?

The two beauties quickly reminded the white robed man who had a scholarly appearance, but was actually just a talkative, gossiping person, "Director, what he killed wasn't a green-skinned imp."

The white robed man snorted in disdain, "Then was it a yellow-skinned? Yellow-skins and green-skins are the same; both are level 1 monsters. Although it can throw some rocks around, it's still nothing much."

"No, it wasn't a yellow-skin either." The two beauties were preparing to explain in detail, but the white robed man stopped them from speaking any more.

"Even if he killed some level 2 tusked demons, it's no big deal. I killed tons of those things back in the day, at least 9 of them, and yet I never went around flaunting that; actually, I have never even considered doing so. Someone with a low-profile like me, who would ever thought or knew that I had killed five level 3 long-horned demons and nine level 2 tusked demons? Nobody. I was just that low-profile, living while being indifferent to fame and fortune." the white-robed man who looked like a scholar immediately swing the green fan in his hands.

"..." Yue Yang suddenly felt the urge to violently strike the guy in front of him.

"That's not it at all, director, what he killed wasn't a level 2 tusked demon." The two beauties lowered their heads in dismay. This kind of boss was really shameful.

"Then it's a level 2 Rotting Zombie?" The white robed man said, unstoppable, "A Rotting Zombie is really easy to fight. Aside from its large body which has pretty good endurance, it is otherwise pretty useless. Back then, my group killed many of them. If we hadn't forgotten to bring our card with us that time, it probably would've been a dozen or more."

"It isn't a level 2 Rotting Zombie, nor a level 3 long-horned demon. It's a demon...." Before the two beauties had finished speaking, the white robed man waved his hand to stop them once more.

"Wait, are you saying it's a level 3 Demon Hound? An Infernal Demon Hound?" The white robed man finally began to show some surprise.

"No." The two beauties were already about to give up. Couldn't he just let them finish speaking?

"Then a level 4 Demon Giant?" The white robed man was astounded.

"It's a level 5 Demon General." The two girls were at a loss. Although they had finally gotten a chance to say the truth, it was a bit too late. Yue Yang's expression was already quite ugly because of this, and he looked as if he was about to rush forward and beat the guy up.

"Demon General? How is that possible? His tiny body wouldn't even be able to endure a Demon General's slap." The white robed man was beyond shocked, and his expression was one of extreme doubt. He turned back to reprimand the two beauties, "Did you two see it wrong? How can you let him just bluff his way out like that? You two should be able to tell with a single glance that a minor thief like him couldn't possibly kill a Demon General. Do you think a Demon General is made of tofu or something?"

"Director, he didn't kill only one Demon General, he killed six." The slightly taller beauty weakly replied. Having a superior like this was really shameful.

"What, WHAT? Did I hear wrong?" The white robed man exclaimed, his head spinning.

"I don't know if you heard wrong or not, but we didn't say anything wrong." The slightly shorter, paler beauty said with certainty.

"That's not possible. That's definitely impossible." The white robed man began to wonder if he was dreaming.

"Hey, hey, hey, it's finally my turn to say something. Can you guys please give me the gold coins I converted? I'm short on time." Yue Yang had the urge to slash at the guy in front of him, but sadly, killing wasn't allowed on the first or second floor of the Tong Tian Tower. Otherwise, Yue Yang would've definitely used his magic blade, Hui Jin, to cut the guy down.

"Yes, we apologize." The two beauties held back tears as they passed the gold coins over, and erased the recorded achievement on the card with pain in their hearts. The only thing remaining was the number of enemies that had been killed.

"He, he, he, he uses a crystal card?" The white robed man remained petrified, even long after Yue Yang had walked away. He finally regained his senses and asked while shaking, "How does he have a crystal card? You two were too impudent; a great ranker that possesses a crystal card came here, yet the two of you were completely disrespectful. You've completely sullied our Glorious Third Floor's...Eh? What was he doing here earlier?"

"He was converting his outstanding military achievements into gold coins." The two girls really wanted to use a small blade and slowly stab their superior to death, one cut at a time.

"How could you two let him do that? Perhaps he was just momentarily lacking money. How could you just let him exchange it for gold? That's glory, you know. Do you know what glory is? That's something even more important than a man's life, a supreme pride. That's right, how much of his achievements did he exchange? What? Five Demon Generals? Could it be that what I heard just now wasn't a dream?" The white robed man suddenly began to blame the two beauties, "Why didn't you two notify me? If I knew, I definitely would've stopped him...do you two know that destroying a man's glory is like sullying a god's achievement.....Aiya, who hit me just now?"

The white robed man turned around, and saw that Yue Yang was standing behind him. Confused, he asked, "Why did you come back? No, sorry, it should be sir. Sir, do you have any requests?"

Yue Yang smiled. "Lie down on the ground, and stick your butt up as much as possible."

The white robed man was stunned, and asked uncertainly, "Ah? Why do you want me to do this? Does this have any special meaning behind it?"

Yue Yang's smile became more brilliant. He shook his head and waved his hand, "There's no meaning behind it. However, it'll help me kick your ass a bit more easily. You don't know this, but after being out for so long and thinking about it over and over, I still felt that I should beat you up. If I don't beat you up now, I would be in a bad mood for the entire day. That's why, I'd like you to please lie down and stick your butt up in the air, alright? I'm discontent right now, and even though I was already in a bad mood, you still continued to croak "gua gua gua" like a crow....tell me, isn't that simply looking for a beating?"

When Yue Yang is angry, he turned hostile even faster than a girl's changing moods. He immediately began to raise his fists.

The white robed man was knocked down by Yue Yang's wild fists.

The man had no time to beg for mercy, let alone resist. Yue Yang violently beat him up until the ground was littered with his teeth that would never regrow. The two beauties watching the scene were beyond excited, and were cheering and clapping at the same time, indifferent to their relationship with their superior. Actually, they had wanted to hit him for a very long time now; they just hadn't been fortunate enough to get the chance.

"Do you two want to come and try? It feels quite good on the hands." Yue Yang warmly invited them.

"No, the two of us are fine." The girls began to decline. However, they were unable to resist Yue Yang's energetic urges, and eventually stepped forward and kicked the white-robed man a few times with their faces flushed red with extreme excitement.

"You two can take your time hitting him. I have things to do, so I'll be leaving first." Yue Yang hit the opposing party painfully one last time, and with a light mood, he slipped out of the building.

10 minutes later.

Luo Hua City's Mistress arrived at Glorious Third Floor, and asked what was going on.

The two girls jumped in surprise and fear, and hurriedly began to explain everything that had happened. When Luo Hua City's Mistress heard this, she burst out in anger, and then thundered at the beaten black and blue white robed man, "Lie down this instant and raise your butt up. I command you to do it now."

"Why?" The white robed man was dumbfounded; why did all the Rankers have this kind of request?

"Because I'm in an extremely bad mood, and also want to beat you up." Luo Hua City's Mistress angrily charged forwards and knocked the man down. She then promptly beat him up. Afterwards, she ordered the the girls to continue beating him for her, "The two of you beat him up in my place while I try to catch up with that fellow. Perhaps this Titan is that young one. Was he really lacking money? Whatever, I won't bother pondering it further. It's best if I just hurry and catch up to him first."