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Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 18: Prime Minister Lou, "The Fox"

Freezing at the door side, Zhuo Qing had no room to advance or retreat. She lowered her head in defeat to look at her light green skirt that was tied at the waist. Zhuo Qing's eyes were bright, secretly warned herself, calm down, calm down. He might not necessarily recognize her!

Raising her head towards Lou Xi Yan with a soft and depicted eyes, Zhuo Qing howled in grief. If he did not recognize her, that would mean he had something wrong! Clearly understanding that she deceived others and herself, Zhuo Qing was still sighing and softly pulled down her skirt. One side was trying to retreat and the other side was using herself to consider the most gentle voice and stated: "I feel embarrassed, I... went to the wrong chariot."

Lou Xi Yan lightly raised his eyebrows, a clear voice with a smiling expression echoed lowly: "I am still under the impression that you will say that you are just passing by..."

Zhuo Qing was stiffed, ferociously glared a glance at Lou Xi Yan. She raised her head so the dark blood red of the scar became undoubtedly visible. Lou Xi Yan narrowed his slender and tiny eyes, his complexion was changed a little and asked: "Did you hurt?"

It had been a little less painful on the throat, the blood was basically dry, Zhuo Qing indifferently asked: "It is nothing, just a little skin scratch." It was more painful on her waist now!! A woman really was not suitable to fight violently. Of course, except for Gu Yun who had that kind of genetic mutation type of woman!

Zhuo Qing's heart was cursing silently, her wrist was suddenly grabbed by a person. When she recovered, she was already pulled into the chariot's soft couch by Lou Xi Yan. Paying attention to Zhou Qing's nape that had a large area of bloodstain, Lou Xi Yan's heart was tensed. Feeling a little pain on her wrist, Zhuo Qing looked towards Lou Xi Yan, only to see his pair of eyes that were serenely watching attentively at her neck. Recalling that the bearded man sprayed his blood on her body a moment ago, Zhuo Qing hurriedly said: "This was not my blood!"

Lou Xi Yan lightly lifted up her collar a little, indeed, he could only see the bloodstain but could not see the wound. This woman was really rather complicated ah... She escaped for one shichen time (2 hours) just now, but could provoke one "murder case."

Feeling a little itchy on her neck that Zhuo Qing was not really used to, she struggled to stand up.

"Do not move." Lowering her shoulder, Zhuo Qing once again was pushed by Lou Xi Yan on the soft couch. The clear and shallow sound in the past was mildly different, it sounded somewhat deep and low. Zhuo Qing looked up to look, Lou Xi Yan found a piece of white silk handkerchief from the chariot. With one hand, he lifted her chin and with the other hand, he lightly wiped the silk handkerchief on her neck. His hand was somewhat cold. Being extremely close, his body had this faint smell of sandalwood aroma, it was not very strong compare to the average men's well-known perfume but it smelled better. Lou Xi Yan's nearly perfect side of the face was also dangling in front of her eyes. Zhuo Qing felt somewhat difficult to breathe, but she was extremely unlikely to admit to herself that his charm was actually puzzling. She firmly concluded that it was because of the silk handkerchief that was wrapped around very tightly... Sensing that Zhuo Qing's body became more and more stiff, Lou Xi Yan's corner of mouth was lightly and distinctively perked up. When it was necessary, a handsome man's trick could also be feasible. Lou Xi Yan's hand movement was even more gentle, tying a knot and also gently stroking for quite a while.

Zhuo Qing was secretly cursing, he surely did it on purpose! Was it really necessary to stand by her side this much close in order to wrap the wound?! With great difficulty, he wrapped it up properly. Zhuo Qing was embarrassed and retreated a little, getting up she said: "Thank you, I am going now."

Even if he knew that she was only the gray clothing's youngster, he also did not have any reason to block her departure.


"Qing Feng, if you leave like this and the Emperor knows it, I am afraid that your other sisters will also consequently be put in a lot of trouble. Just like the country of Hao Yue will not escape from this predestined fate disaster." Once again, that kind of faint, light, soft and indifferent smile, it almost made Zhuo Qing mad.

Grief and indignation ah... She just knew it that those villagers were absolutely unworthy to be trusted! Unexpectedly, they betrayed her!! Ironically, she helped them so much!

With so much resentment, Zhuo Qing coldly answered: "Are you threatening me?" She is not Qing Feng anyway, it will be best if he does not threaten her! Impossible.

Back against the chariot and sitting with cross-legged, Lou Xi Yan mildly smiled and answered: "Miss Qing accuses me wrongly, this type of threatening has not produced any real result in the matter and I will never do it." This kind of casual appearance, out of the ordinary did not make Lou Xi Yan appeared coarse. On the contrary, it was rather graceful and completely free and at ease.

Unfortunately, Zhuo Qing did not have a little bit of mood to appreciate, this man also held too much grudges! Unexpectedly, using her past words and threw it back at her once again. Calm down, calm down! Accomplishment, accomplishment! Zhuo Qing took a deep breath several times, was trying to stabilize her upcoming unstable mood. She simply sat down next to Lou Xi Yan, Zhuo Qing provoked: "In that case, Prime Minister Lou, what do you want to do?"

Looking at her who was making an effort to constrain her own angry appearance, Lou Xi Yan inwardly laughed, softly answered: "Actually, Miss Qing does not need to think too much, please live at the Prime Minister's manor. I am not really trying to make things difficult for Miss, it is merely the broad and powerful benevolence from the Emperor, as such Lou mou (original words used 楼某-Lou mou, it's a third party calling to call himself instead of using 我-I, it's more formal & there's really no English substitution for the word. Similar to an emperor who calls himself "Zhen" instead of "I") also has no choice but to receive. Miss Qing is also injured so you can recuperate at my manor properly. In addition, Lou mou can strive my hardest to arrange you to meet with your sisters. This way, is it good or not?"

Sisters? She fainted with Gu Yun together, was there any possibility that she was inside the Qing family's sister. There was just one of them who was Gu Yun?! Although the possibility was not very big, Zhuo Qing still wanted to meet them. She would not let this opportunity slipped by whatsoever! Looking straight at Lou Xi Yan, Zhuo Qing's heavy voice asked: "Are you able to let me see them?"

The fish bit!

With gentle and soft eyebrows and matchless serious intonation, Lou Xi Yan clearly answered: "Lou mou will surely do my best."

Zhuo Qing turned over to give one supercilious look, so much of a perfunctory answer. She would not believe in this crafty plot. "I want to know if you can or can not."

His eyes flashed with a hint of interest thinking that this girl was not stupid.

Slowly nodded, Lou Xi Yan firmly answered: "I can." The only issue was whether it was soon or later.

Thinking deeply in a moment, Zhuo Qing once again asked: "I will go to Prime Minister's manor, and my status will be your young concubine?"

Lou Xi Yan's face was honest, smiley answered: "Of course, it will be a noble guest." The Emperor already bestowed to give her to him, her side had already been determined at an earlier time, exactly a young concubine... He also did not have any way to help.

"I can have freedom to go out and come in to the Prime Minister's manor?"

Nodding indifferently, Lou Xi Yan generously answered: "You can." However he will oversee her freedom.

Zhuo Qing refreshingly answered: "Deal!"

She did not have any choice, penniless, covered all over with wounds, not to mention that Lou Xi Yan went around to block and stop her. It was absolutely impossible to let her go, even if she really wanted to be free, she would have to find money in a short time! Only an outstanding talent could recognize the current trend (ZQ realized that she would be doomed if she did not live with "the fox"), she still only temporarily surrendered.

Not knowing if Zhuo Qing heard Lou Xi Yan with regards to the additional answers and explanations afterwards, whether or not she could still feel rejuvenated this much, but at this moment, she still did not know it well.

"Back to the manor." A relaxed voice showed the master's good mood.

"Yes." Hearing the sound coming from outside, Zhuo Qing was stiff once again. Lightly opening the curtain, outside the chariot, Mo Bai proudly stood beside the chariot to see Zhuo Qing. His face still looked indifferent, his eyes were dazzled for the first time to ridicule her clever thinking.

Everything that happened today was probably Lou Xi Yan's plan to control and follow his skill to scheme... Feeling cold on her spine, Zhuo Qing felt cheated!

She just barely came out of the tiger's den, and again entered into the wolf's den.