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Master of Monsters: V02 Chapter 004

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04. A Puppet’s Desire

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Chapter 4. ~Rose’s POV~

Crafting is almost equivalent to the meaning of my existence.

I picked up my beloved knife as usual and began to shave the moderately sized piece of lumber.

As long as it is a Magical Puppet, each and every one would have a magical knife like this that is capable of processing lumber to one’s content.

That being said, of course the creator’s skill is important.

Normal Magical Puppets create tools only when needed. However, I have been constantly creating new tools on a daily basis, in accordance with Master’s requests. Perhaps as a result, my magical tool creation skills have been improving as of late; enough that even I can tell the difference.

If only I could create better items.
Because if I could do that, I would be more useful to Master.

Time spent shaving wood thusly, are moments of bliss to me.
I feel a definite sense of being useful doing so.

Right now, I feel alive.

To the extent that I ended up having such outrageous thoughts, even though I am but a puppet without even blood circulation.

For me, the monster who was bestowed with the name of ‘Rose’, there were two moments of birth.

The first, was when I was created as a monster referred to as a ‘Magical Puppet’.

A female monster, the same species as me, roamed around in this deep forest while slowly accumulating magical power from the surrounding atmosphere, and created a copy of itself.

Among the numerous products created this way, one of them was myself.

And the second, of course, was at that time, when I met Master.

In that instant, this nameless Magical Puppet gained character and became the individual known as ‘Rose’.

From that day onwards, Master has bestowed upon me the precious duty of producing various items, beginning with weapons and armor.

At times I have been asked to create magically imbued armaments; at others, daily necessities or simple furniture.

Thus, at present, I am manufacturing replacements for the destroyed armaments in the Arachne’s nest.


There was an intent gaze that watched me as I worked on them.

It is not Master.

He has departed to search the forest.

Brushing aside my objections… No, that is fine.
For now.

Right now, it is this gaze that is right in front of me.

“...Is watching me something enjoyable?”


Wrapped in sheets with just a slight degree of smile at the edge of her lips, Kato-san nodded at my query.

“It’s quite interesting. I’m thinking about how mysterious that is.”

Saying that, Kato-san picked up the round shield that I had made.

It is a black shield with a smooth surface.

“Even though the materials are just wood, looking like it’s made from metal and nothing else once it’s finished…”

Saying such, she stretched out and tapped her fingernails on the shield’s black surface.

It resounded with a dull *giiin* sound.