A Naive Short-tempered Girl Chapter 52 / Chapters List

Chapter 52 She sold

"Ha, Lao Liu you still have good eyes to enjoy high grade things never changed, that woman is Yu Ao Tian's personal secretary, Mo Xue Tong, I ever tried to make appointment with her but being rejected, very cold ones."

"Personal secretary? Ha, how if I said she perhaps Yu Ao Tian's personal ***? Yu Ao Tian infamous to be playboy, so that how could his personal secretary "clean"?" This man who surname Liu really someone does not know how sour grape is if he has not tasted by himself. But Mo Xue Tong is infamous with her coldness among businessmen.

The most important is her beauty of queen aura and also her glamorous self, there are no men who won't bow at her because of her grace...


"The following auction is third rank product from the well-known engraver, the hibiscus syriacus incense wood. The opening price is 500,000 dollar."

After the product being displayed, Yu Ao Tian who sitting in the first row, his eyes is clearly shining.

"Ao Tian, what?"

"Wait Xue Tong, let them first." Seeing this kind of hunting, Yu Ao Tian really excited. By seeing this, he could see throughout the people so that most of time when he gathered in this kind of auction he will make his bet but it does not mean he must win the bet.

"Number 549 bet on 2,100,000 dollar, is there anyone higher?"

"Xue Tong, raised hand."

"Number 003, CEO Yu, bet on 2,200,000 million. Any other who is higher than CEO Yu? If not then...! Oh, number 005 General Manager Feng raised to 2,300,000." The auctioneer said.

Yu Ao Tian looking at the person who sits at the same row with him, just as predictable, Feng Chen Yi sits not far from...

Feng Chen Yi sensed that Yu Ao Tian is looking at him, waving his hand, smiled while Yu Ao Tian replied him with faint smiled.

At this time, Mo Tong Xue raised her hand but who knows that Feng Chen Yi secretary also followed.

"Ao Tian, this Feng Chen Yi simply wants to fight with you! Sister Xue Tong you keep raising your hand, ***him!" Long Qi who sits beside unhappy said all cursing words.

Mo Xue Tong looked Yu Ao Tian.

"No need to raise your hand. I don't want it anymore."

"What?" Long Qi gave him deathly glared.

"To confront with this kind of event where the value of things has exceeded the price, Yu Ao Tian never interested in. little brat, you better learn more since we are enter business world!" Long Ye who sits beside his younger brother laughed at him.

The problem is he isn't the "material" for entering business world.

"The next is the nine painting from the famous painter. The starting price is 800,000 dollar." Auctioneer said, Feng Chen Yi's people force to raise hand.

"Uh, there are rumor that General Manager Feng's father really like this painter painting, perhaps today Feng Chen Yi in order to gain his father favor, no matter what this paint we should win over? Even the price has up to 1,400,000 dollar, will it exceed General Manager Feng's price?"

"Xue Tong." Yu Ao Tian rolled his eyes: "This things, no matter how much the price, you should take it!"


"Beautiful. This is really my Ao Tian Ge, others seize us, we will fight back. Humph." Long Qi excited, he wanted to see how thing will end.

After while, the painting has been reaching to 4,000,000 million and ended up in Yu Ao Tian's hand. At this moment, Feng Chen Yi left the auction.

"Lao Yang, the youngster really is youngster. See, only to take revenge they fight as if you die I live. Simply to say, hard to become the talented person." The elders who sit at the same row smiled each other.

At this moment when the employees of the auction took down the painting and giving to Mo Xue Tong, she just wanted to receive...

"Xue Tong, go, give it to General Manager Feng."

"Yes." Mo Xue Tong walking towards Feng Chen Yi and gave him that painting.

"Ao Tian, what are you doing? Why you give him after we have..."

"CEO Yu? How do you do, I am General Manager Feng's secretary, Lisa. This is our General Manager Feng present for you. Moreover, he said he still have things to do so he takes his leave first, he won't wait till the end of auction. Good bye." After Lisa said, she gave the thing to Yu Ao Tian and hurried left the place.

"What stuff that gave by Feng Chen Yi? Don't say that?" Long Ye doubted said, but he saw Yu Ao Tian has unwrapped the gift... "Really the thing you want!"

Just now seeing Mo Xue Tong gave Feng Chen Yi the painting that won by Yu Ao Tian.

"What are you guys playing? What schemes that Feng Chen Yi plan?" long Qi who is still not understanding how businessmen "tricks".

His older brother who stood at his back laughed: "Ao Tian ah, it seems that Feng Chen Yi really has similar side with you, especially he likes to plunder others prey and then send back to the people. Really hard to make people to guess about this evil interest!"

"Long Ye, why don't you say that I have good eyes in seeing others?" Yu Ao Tian's eyes flashed. Stood up, he lifts up the small box, waving at the exit direction.

At the same time, in the exit way Feng Chen Yi also waving his box to Yu Ao Tian, smiled and then he left...

"Lao Liu, it seems you are underestimated both of that two brats, they are... compare to what you thought, both of them are real pain to confront!" CEO Yang attacked by saying those words.

"Lao Yang, I have received news about Yu Ao Tian intention to partnership with Feng group second young master, if the second young master really joining hand with Yu Ao Tian, in this way, there will no place for us inside China market?"

"Oh,... it seems this business fat (cash cow) later or sooner will eat by these two youngster." CEO Yang helplessly stroking his head...

"All of the guest, this is the last auction for today and also the climax. Old rule, it human auction!" after the auctioneer said, as seen there are two people who are pushing the transparent showcase slowly heading to the stage, while the inside the showcase is filled with a lady who wear sailor suit....

That girl is facing directly to Yu Ao Tian, suddenly his eyes emitting more than dangerous aura, the killing aura!

"Flat Chest!"

"Xiao Meng Li!"

"Yao Yao, this is bad, grandpa seems cannot... cannot anymore!"

"Mom, what happen? What is going on?"

"Your grandpa kidney is necrosis, doctor said he must immediately changed it. But... it cost 12,000,000 dollar, we... what should we do?hu..."

Three days ago, it was the longest nightmare Yao Yao ever had in her life after she received that name card, she tried out to make the phone call. The others party simply said, as long as the girl still virgin the deposit money will be 1,000,000 million. About the job... she had guessed it!

She sitting and huddled inside the showcase, she cannot see the outside. But outside the auction there are lots of people keep on raising...