Picking Up a General to Plow the Fields Chapter 13 / Chapters List

Chapter 13

Mrs Qiao's eyes are red with envy

Translated by Maggie Edited by Simple

Lian Fang Zhou had some slight regret in her heart. It was after she agreed to try, that she remembered this country has no Arabic numerals; seeing that old Villager Shi asked about it, she smiled faintly feeling somewhat awkward and said: "In fact, it is my own unique way of calculating, using code."

"Oh..." She didn't know if Old villager Shi believed it or not because he couldn't help but ask: "Miss Lian what method did you use to calculate so fast?"

Lian Fang Zhou chuckled saying, "I calculated mentally!"

The world is full of wonders, and some people are born with mental arithmetic calculation, this is not an impossible thing. Old villager Shi then laugh and exclaimed, "this old one can be regarded as my eyes being opened today! Living for more than half of my life, I have never seen such a powerful mental arithmetic ability; Miss Lian is really good!"

"Insects have small skills, I can not afford to be complimented by you!" Lian Fang Zhou hurriedly smiled with modesty, and said: " Since this number is also calculated clearly, we should go back! "

"Oh, wait a moment!" Old villager Shi readily agreed, one hand waved for two workers to come over and told them to bring out the tiles that they needed and to help put on them on the cart.

The big cart couldn't hold it all, it was estimated it needed to make three to four trips to carry it all; it was a total of 22 silver. With a discount of twenty percent, it is one liang and six pennies, Lian Fang Zhou smiled as she gave thanks.

Old villager Shi happily laughed with a straightforward "it's what we should be doing," complimenting that she understood proper manners.

Since the home side also a needed help unloading, Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze followed the cart back. On the return trip, the siblings naturally wouldn't be sitting on the cart, but walking alongside it.

Li Da Mu originally told the siblings to sit on the carriage along the edge, but Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze refused.

Li Da Mu couldn't let it go, he originally wanted to call tell them to get on, but whatever was said Lian Fang Zhou was still unwilling. "Today, the whole day we have troubled Uncle Li, and this cattle is also expensive, if we tired it out, not only you, we would also feel bad. It's better for us to walk."

Li Da Mu suddenly could not say anything, sighing he then laughed and said: "Alright, Fang Zhou you are getting better and better at speaking and speaking so logically! I can't beat what you are saying, I shall accompany you and we will go together!"

He said and jumped out of the coachman's position.

Lian Zhou and Lian Ze didn't say anymore, the three stared at each other and laughed.

The cart had to go slowly, but it also took a long time to load and unload. They were busy until the sun started setting and finished working. This is also with the help of Aunt Zhang, Li Juan, and Mrs Zhao unloading.

"Tomorrow should be a sunny day, do not delay anymore! Tomorrow your San Ge and I will help you change these new tiles on, at the same time collect the old tiles."(TLN-Li Da Mu)

The so-called collecting is the meaning of maintenance.

Lian Fang Zhou smiled as she said her thanks.

The next day was also a completely busy day, they had to repair the roof.

"The hemp paper that this paste window needs, it is only sold in the county city center, wait until the end of the month when your Aunt Zhang goes to the market. At that time, you will go together and see what other things you need to buy, and buy it in one go!" said Li Da Mu.

Lian Fang Zhou also had this plan, so she smiled and agreed, repeatedly giving her thanks.

Raising her head and looking at the new roof, a sense of accomplishment and a sense of fullness rose spontaneously; Lian Ze also sighed, he couldn't help but say: "Now it is fine, no longer we will have to be afraid of the next heavy rain! And also not be afraid of winter"

Lian Fang Zhou faintly smiled: "Yes, ah! Wait until we fix the windows, we will also buy two cotton quilts, and get some thick cloth to keep as winter clothes. We will no longer have to worry about winter - there is no need to be anxious, it is now only the end of September! We Still have time!"

"Well," Lian Ze smiled as he nodded. "I will listen to sister! But, what are cotton quilts, ah?"

Lian Ze was somewhat puzzled and asked.

"What?" Lian Fang Zhou almost could not believe her ears, with eyes wide open she stared at him, "what did you say?"

"I -" Lian Ze was a scared by her gaze, and for a moment he was speechless.

When Lian Fang Zhou realized that, she hurriedly toned down her look. "Will you repeat it again?"

Lian Ze puzzledly glanced at her, then said: "I am asking sister what are (cotton) quilts, I have never heard of it, ah! Is not ... A very expensive thing, ah?"

(Cotton) quilt? Very expensive?

Lian Fang Zhou felt like crying but had no tears; hurriedly she said: "You have never heard of quilts? Do you know what cotton is?"

"Cotton ... ..." Lian Ze shook his head and asked: "What is that flower? Does it Look pretty? The matured fruits, are they tasty?"

Lian Fang Zhou was stunned, it can't be that this dynasty doesn't have cotton? She touched the clothes, it is fine linen material. It seems that quilts and bed sheets are also of this material, then---

"Those quilts that we use, what is stuffed inside them?" Lian Fang Zhou hurriedly asked

Lian Ze looked at her weirdly, but still replied: "Of course they are kapok, reed flowers, and burlap, or what else did sister think it was? Sister, it can't be that you have even forgotten this amount of common sense, right?"

Lian Fang Zhou's mind was messy, and ignored the doubt in the meaning of his words; she hurriedly asked again, "other family's quilts are also stuffed with these things?"

"Of course!" Lian Ze naturally nodded, then said: "But not all, I heard that in the really rich men's homes,

the quilt is filled with silk."

It seems that this era really doesn't have cotton or its plant. This is really ...

Lian Fang Zhou suddenly felt her heart and head was empty; she could not help but blurt out:, "This kind of quilt, would it be warm being covered with it? Can we survive the winter...?"

"Puchi!" Lian Ze suddenly could not help but burst out laughing and say, "Sister, using it for so many years, didn't you also survive?"

Lian Fang Zhou was surprised for a moment, she also started laughing happily. Nodding with a smile, "Is that not right! Silly me! Look at what I am saying!"

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, she said to herself secretly.

"These two days, we are tired out, tomorrow, let's rest for one day. The day after tomorrow, you and I will go together to the field to collect sweet potatoes and taro." Lian Fang Zhou smiled.

Although Lian Ze was also tired, he seemed unwilling to rest, he said: "How about, tomorrow, sister rests at home; I will go by myself first."

"No can do!" Lian Fang Zhou flatly refused with a smile. "You are still young, and right at your growth period, you cannot be overworked. If there's a chance of harming your body, and it causes some incurable illness, then your life may be destroyed, you can't do anymore work! "

Lian Ze listened to her serious tone, she didn't seem like she was fooling him, so he nodded his head and promised.

These two days the news of Lian Fang Zhou and others buying new tiles, repairing and tidying up the roof, was bursting in full swing. Mrs Qiao also knew about it, she felt jealous and was filled with anger, she kept muttering at Lian Li's side: "What is there to be impressive about, have you not seen a person with such a superficial face! She got her hands on some money so she could show off such fanfare as if nobody knows that! Hmph, to have the guts to take out money from dissolving the engagement to go and spend it, is she not afraid of shame! In this life she can't be married off, that is called embarrassing na!"

Lian Li listen to her repeated whispering of these words and also couldn't help but feel a bit upset, he harrumphed: "Saying these things, what's the use of it? You also are useless, you can't even deal with a little girl! Yet you still have the courage to speak here!"

Mrs Qiao knew that what he was talking about was that she wasn't able to get the money to fall into her hands. It made her feel annoyed and bitter, and cried out in anger: "You only know how to ill speak of me, what about you, at that time why did you not go then?"

Lian Li pointed to himself and said: "I go? How could I go! The big uncle snatching things from the hands of his niece, if people knew, how would they talk about me?"

Mrs Qiao was filled disagreement, Harrumphing. "What is there to be afraid of! Behind closed doors who knows what happened? It's not like those few small radish heads would dare to make an uproar in public? Even if they create an uproar, who would believe little kids words!"

Mrs Qiao grew more and more regretful, quietly whispering, "In the end, it's just that you wouldn't dare..."

She angrily said: "10 liang na! Really, six months of expenses, even if a few people say something, so what? No, we can't let them off too lightly! I have to go see!"

Mrs Qiao went straight to Lian Fang Zhou's home, not too sour and not cool she said: "Yo, you siblings are getting more and more capable, even the house is repaired! Gee, really amazing!"