Picking Up a General to Plow the Fields Chapter 14 / Chapters List

14.You want a man?

Translated by Maggie    Edited by Simple

Lian Fang Zhou smiled and called out "Aunt!" She did not continue her other conversation.


Mrs Qiao could not help but glance at the rise of that neatly built roof, her heart became even more jealous. She laughed saying: "I say, Fang Zhou ah, we have to repair the roof of our house; on your way to buy more tiles, let us borrow them to use first. Wait until your uncle is free, and then go to buy them and we will return them back to you!"


"You want to borrow our tiles?" Lian Fang Zhou asked.


Mrs Qiao saw that her attitude was very good and did not get angry at all, she was secretly pleased inside.  She nodded and said, "Yes, of course, it is to borrow, later on, we will definitely return them to you!"


"Oh, how much do you want?" Lian Fang Zhou asked again.


This time Mrs Qiao was so happy that flowers bloomed in her heart, she quickly calculated mentally in her head, and hurriedly laughed saying: "Oh, not too much, ah, eight hundred or nine hundred is enough. Oh, no, maybe more than a thousand pieces."


In her heart she was secretly proud that she could speak so well, saying "more" than a thousand. As if more or less depended on the situation. If she could get more then get more, what the roof doesn't need, she can use to cover the pig pen, cattle stalls and more, ah ...


Lian Fang Zhou then lightly sighed, full of regret she said, "but Aunt, this is really unfortunate, yesterday the roof of our house had been repaired. The tiles are almost all used up; ah, we were only left with a few sets of ten tiles, if you do not mind, then take it. Otherwise, you will need to wait until the next time we buy, you should come early ah!"


Mrs Qiao was suddenly stunned; she looked around the yard, and sure enough, the ground was clean. Besides those few sets of ten tiles, was there more?


She could not help but get furious, glaring at Lian Fang Zhou she said, "dead brat, you are messing with me!"


"Aunt, I'm being accused wrongly, ah!" Lian Fang Zhou laughed and said: "You asked and I answered. How did it become me fooling you?" Suddenly her face darkened, with eyes like ice she stared at Mrs Qiao, coldly saying, "Your house was newly built last year, but you ran up to me asking for thousands of tiles, I think you are the one messing with me?"


Mrs Qiao was suddenly dumbfounded, snorting she said, "What 'want'? It is borrow! Just borrowing! If you aren't willing to give them, you say so much nonsense!"


"Ohhh -" Lian Fang Zhou dragged the 'oh' sounding full of ridicule. "So it was 'borrow' ah, I don't know if borrow and want have any distinction in Aunt's eyes, personally I think there's none!"


Mrs Qiao was angered until she wanted to collapse, her nose almost breathed out smoke. Since she born from her mother's womb, she had never been this angry!


Especially in the past, it was just her bullying the Second Branch; now she was bullied by a family that was left with a nest of small bastards, this imbalance was terrible. So today's share of anger was more intense.


"You should be proud then!" Mrs Qiao sneered, "having dissolved your engagement sure is good, what is there to be proud of! I believe, in this lifetime you shouldn't even think of being able to marry off!"


"Aunt, please leave!" Lian Ze furiously rushed up.


"Ah Ze," Lian Fang Zhou held him. Towards Mrs Qiao she faintly smiled and said: "The things you said, I do not care! I marrying off or not is not for you to have a say in! Isn't it just finding a man? Really easy! In this world, two-legged toads aren't easy to find, but two-legged men there are plentiful of!"


"You, you -" Mrs Qiao's eyes opened wide, her leg stomped with an "Oh" sound. "You are really, really shameless!"


Lian Fang Zhou also ignored the stunned Lian Ze and chuckled with a meaningful look toward Mrs Qiao. Watching intently, she smiled. "Aunt, ah, why are you blushing? You already gave birth to a baby; are you still thinking that you're a young girl, na. Shy, ah? Or say, you also want to find a man? I advise you to save it, with you like this, even giving money there's no man willing to want you!"


"You, you!" Mrs Qiao felt a burst of dizziness, she felt like she was seeing stars in front of her. She was angered until she almost fainted and her was heart going crazy until she didn't know what to do!


"What you, you?" Lian Fang Zhou harrumphed: "I'm telling you, ah. Oh, and quickly bring a thousand catties of grain back to us, otherwise, hmph! My mother said she will definitely go find you!"


"You are dreaming!" Mrs Qiao's breath finally returned to normal, she bitterly spat at the ground; with a red and greenish pale white face she ran out fleeing.


Lian Fang Zhou felt it was interesting and couldn't mask her laughing as she bent over.


She heard a faint "Sister" reaching her ears. Lian Fang Zhou froze and secretly breathed out "Damn!" She only remembered beside her there was also Lian Ze.


She looked up at him, Lian Ze's face had a suspicious flush. He was both embarrassed and awkward, he was also angry and sad.


"Sister how can you, how can ---" Lian Ze was so depressed that he couldn't say it.


"How can I say those words, right?" Lian Fang Zhou continued, facing his eyes she gently sighed. Softly she said, "Ah Ze, Sister was only saying it; I just want to scare Aunt! What kind of person Sister is, don't you already know? Sister was just using her mouth to talk about it. Could it be, that you look down on your Sister?"


"No, no!" Lian Ze repeatedly shook his head. "How can I look down on my sister! I also know my sister said it only to anger Aunt, but in case Aunt talks about it to the public, would that not be bad for sister's reputation?"


Lian Fang Zhou chuckled, smiling as she said: "Don't worry, those words, how can she say it out loud to someone else? Will people believe that I, an unmarried girl would say that kind of thing? Did Sister ever say those kinds of words before? Since that's the case, even if she talks about it, who would believe it!"


Thinking of Mrs Qiao's awkward state, Lian Fang Zhou could not help but burst out laughing, "hehehe..."


"......" Lian Ze for a moment was speechless.


"Alright," Lian Fang Zhou gently patted his shoulder; softly smiling; "Sister will promise you, from now on I won't say these kinds of words!"


"Ah!" Lian Ze nodded, then his face showed a bit of a smile.


Mrs Qiao escaped from Lian Fang Zhou's home, she still felt flush and her heart was beating irregularly. Not until she returned to her own home, did she breathe out a long sigh of relief.


"What's the matter with you?" Asked Lian Li, looking strangely at her.


"I -" Mrs Qiao was startled, she started stuttering, "no, nothing, nothing is wrong!"


Although she and Lian Li have been a couple for several decades, but these words she can't say it, it is simply embarrassing to death!


"Nothing wrong? If nothing is wrong then why do you look like you have seen a ghost!" Lian Li stared at her with dissatisfaction.


Mrs Qiao internally thought, It is scarier than seeing a ghost! Lian Fang Zhou that girl, eight out of ten a ghost has possessed her body, or else she is completely crazy; how else could a young girl say these kinds words.


"That Lian Fang Zhou is really going too far, hmph, I just asked to borrow some tiles from her; she even teased me!"


Mrs Qiao coughed and changed the topic, angrily she spoke with Lian Li about what happened.


When Lian Li heard it he also felt angry. "This is really outrageous! This girl is really lawless! If she doesn't want to give then just simply say no, but to actually talk like this! And You, we just changed the roof of the house and yet you still said all that. isn't this simply asking to be ridiculed? My face, you completely lost it! You have embarrassed me! What are you standing for? Hurry up and go cook!"


Mrs Qiao snorted, "if You're that capable, then why don't you go find her and get even? Really!" She went to the kitchen to wash the rice pot and no longer mentioned it.


She placed the pot on the rack, then went to the yard to feed the chickens and close the pen.


When she saw those chickens, she suddenly froze for a moment, then "ahhh!" as she screamed, "husband, quickly come, come and see!"


"What are you howling like a ghost for!" Inside the house, Lian Li was startled and was scared by her scream, angrily he stormed out of the house.


"You look, you look!" Mrs Qiao did not bother with what he said and pointed at the chickens in the yard.