Picking Up a General to Plow the Fields Chapter 15 / Chapters List


15. Chapter 15 maybe my mother came back to find you

    Lian Li follow where her fingers was pointing at and looked, he was also shocked: he saw all twenty large and small chickens with listless drooping head either standing or lying on the ground, a sluggish dull appearance.

    "What, what is happening!" Lian Li's face also changed.

    "Which (thousand knives killer)criminal done it!" Mrs Qiao's heart hurts so much that she slapped her thigh and cried out.

    These chickens clearly look like they got sick, afraid can't get better from the look of it! Apart from these twenty large and small chickens, there are ten fist sized chicks that are still growing, as well as a just laid egg hen and used to fight big cock!

    If they all dead, would it not make the couple die from heartache?

    Lian Li haven't spoken a single word.

    "Ah!" Mrs Qiao suddenly cried, grinded her teeth hard: "I know, it must be Lian Fang Zhou,must be that dead girl's doing, must be her! I, I'll go find her!"

    "Hold on, you wait a moment!" Lian Li called to stop her, puzzled as he asked: "How do you know it's that girl's doing? Don't go causing trouble again, that girl is now different from the past, not a good crop!

    "I, I just know it!" Mrs Qiao stompped, Under Lian Li's interrogating eyes did she finally say: "I, I was angry at that dead girl's actions, so these days deliberately put our chickens into their home garden ... ... "

    "You really -" Lian Li's anger suddenly spiked up, stare at her and snapped: "You only know to do these bits and pieces of stupid things, what are the uses! Her garden in this season, what are there left? What's the point of putting the chickens there?"

    Mrs Qiao suddenly felt there was no meaning, dejectedly said: "I was, just angry ! Oh not talk about this, I'll go find her!"

    Mrs Qiao said, and speedily ran over toward Lian Fang Zhou's home.

    When she arrived, Lian Fang Zhou and her siblings were also making dinner.

Not waiting for them to speak, Mrs Qiao's found Lian Fang Zhou and straightforwardly asked: "I ask you, my family's chicken, did you drugged them?"

    Lian Fang Zhou was stunned, "What?"

    "You're still pretending!" Mrs Qiao spat out. Harrumphed and said: "My family's chickens are all sick and listless like half-dead, certainly your doing!"

    "Aunt, when you speak you need to give evidence? did you personally see it? If you did personally see it, would you allow me to do that? If didn't see it, on what basis are you saying this? So if in future there's something wrong with my family chicken, I also go find you ah?"Lian Fang Zhou sneered back.

    Suddenly Mrs Qiao's bitterly can't say anything, stared at her for a moment then sneered:"You must have used sleight of hands! Your garden wasn't fenced properly, then my family chicken would went there. you must have held a grudge for this! Lian Fang Zhou, you compensate for my chicken!

    Twenty something chickens, what if they all died ... ...

    Mrs Qiao thinking about made her heart bleed.

    Lian Fang Zhou glanced at her, and mentally have a bit of admiration: obviously she was wrong at first, and find someone else afterwards to get even, can still say it so righteous, how this is using specious agruments ah, it is clearly using great intelligence ah!"

    "Oh?" Lian Fang Zhou will be deliberately smiled: "So uncle and aunt's chickens entered our family's garden ah? I didn't know! Since Aunt saw that why did you not tell me? Aunt's heart really is - Gee! "

     suddenly Mrs Qiao's face heated, and immediately straighten her spine: "So you admit it? Admit that you had a grudge! Dead girl, hurry up and compensate me!"

    Thinking of those ten liang, she immediately said: "Compensate with money!"

    "I didn't know such thing has happened,Aunt don't pester incessantly, OK?" Lian Fang Zhou said lightly, and asked her siblings: "Did you do it?"

    The three of them shook their heads. Lian Fang Qing also added: "I didn't know, if I did know, I would have shoo them out long time ago,and not allowed to bite my family's plants!"

    Mrs Qiao ignored her, sneered: "Stop giving me specious agruments! If wasn't you, who else would it be? What did you do!"

    "I do not know what you are talking about!" Lian Fang Chou sneered: "You said your family chickens half dead, I do not know what medicine can have this effect? Aunt thinks I know? And also, these days I was at home, didn't go out. Where would I get some kind of medicine? If you do not believe, you can search our home, if you can search out some kind of medicineI will compensate for your family chicken! If you can not find any, we'll go to the chief's house to talk(for judgement)! aunt, do you dare?"

    Originally hearing her(LFZ) say let her(MQ) search the house, Mrs Qiao's eyes lit up, really want to take advantage and fish in troubled waters,  but hearing the end she became frustration.

    She could not help but also hesitate, not because she believed Lian Fang Zhou, but she actually do not believe that Lian Fang Zhou have such a skill.

    "Aunt instead of here catching/holding us being wronged siblings, might as well go back and quickly think of a way, perhaps," Lian Fang Zhou glanced at her, faintly said: "my mother done it ... ..."

    "You stop scaring this old woman!" Mrs Qiao was startled/shocked, her face could not help but become white.

    Right at this time, a night wind blewi by, cool, chilling people. Mrs Qiao's only felt chills on her spine, subconsciously took two steps back, clutching her chest.

    Lian Fang Zhou was calm, gave her an indifferent glance, said nothing, that look meant: you think of what to do yourself.

"You stop scaring this old woman!" Mrs Qiao's could not help but said, the voice slightly with trembling, not as strong as last time.

    Lian Fang Zhou still did not speak, just look at her look indifferently.

    "Hmph!" Mrs Qiao could not hold it, She really want to curse/yell at Lian Fang Zhou, and even stepped forward to grab her to hit for a moment, but her heart pounding as it beat, and could not move half step, her throat seems to be blocked by something, a word couldn't come out.

    Gradually, she felt her chest muffled, as if something approaching from all directions, gradually shrink, more and more tightening, her tight squeeze her hands, almost couldn't breath.

    Could it be that and sister-in-law really came back ... ...

    Mrs Qiao's mind "boom" as it exploded, could no longer stand it, she gently spit toward the ground, leaving a "I'll come back and get even with you later on." Turned and hurriedly ran. Her was weak for a moment, and also almost fell.

    "How was it? Did you ask and get anything out of it?" Mrs Qiao returned home, Lian Li could not help but ask with concern.

    Twenty chickens, ah, could sell for a lot of money na!

    "No, nothing!" Mrs Qiao's face wasn't very good, full of panic.

    "Really useless!" Lian Li could not help but feel a burst of disappointment.

    "Husband," Mrs Qiao after a long while she regained her wits, heartbeat gradually returned to normal, could not help but ask: "You say, could it be sister-in-law blaming for taking her family's food, so -"

    "What nonsense are you saying!" Li Lian was so angry that he almost jumped up, pointing at her and yelled: "I see you pointlessly lived for half your life! Ignorant! Stupid! Did that girl use these words to fool you? You actually believe it! Hmph! Really useless! "

    Mrs Qiao's face burst into shades of red and white, quietly whispered: "I do not know, I, my heart felt disturbed/unsettled  ... ..."

    Lian Li sneered: "From what I see, eighty percent is that girl's doing!"

    "How can she have such a skill? If you said these chickens were drugged by her and died,I would believe, but, but this appearance - what medicine can this be ah? These days have not seen her go anywhere to get medicine... ... "Mrs Qiao's  voice vague down.

    Lian Li is also slightly froze, then sneered: "If it really sister-in-law, only touch our few chickens for what?"

    "That's right!" Mrs Qiao's eyes lit up, mind was certain, couldn't help angrily said: "That dead girl, mouthful of nonsense, I almost tricked by her! But what is actually wrong with these chickens ... ..."