Picking Up a General to Plow the Fields Chapter 16 / Chapters List

Chapter 16 Finally took back the grain
Translated by Maggie  

Edited by Simple

Mrs. Qiao sighed for the chickens. She was anxious at night did not sleep well, the next day she got up and immediately went to the chicken cages to have a look.

Once she looked, she felt disappointed. Those chickens are still same as yesterday; there is no sign of the slightest improvement.

This isn't much. When Mrs. Qiao also found the two large pigs in the pigsty and the cattle in the barn also drooping and listless, she screamed and almost fell to the ground. She suddenly turned and shouted "Husband! Husband!" and ran to go to the house.

After personally seeing it, Lian Li was stunned; murmuring, "abnormal, really abnormal!"

"What abnormal! It doesn't matter!" Mrs. Qiao cried with distress, "it's definitely Sister-in-law, it must be her! We must give those grains back to those siblings, or else, Sister-in-law might look for us!"

Lian Li's face burst with dismay, and his color sank. He murmured, "a thousand catties of grain ......"

Mrs. Qiao hearing this also felt heartache, but -

"Husband," she said, with great sadness: "Our family's big cattle and two pigs and so many chickens are worth more than those grains! We cannot just watch the cows and pigs die. This pig was fed for almost a year, and with no cattle, what are we going to do next spring!"

"Alright," Lian Li grit his teeth. "Give the grain back to them! Go, let's go to their house!"

"Yes!" Mrs. Qiao nodded.

Their original thinking was gaining a thousand pounds of grain for nothing. The couple was happy to death; for those few days when she was walking her body felt much lighter like her whole person was floating in the clouds.

Well, it's great, not a piece was gotten but instead they actually helped others harvest for free......

Lian Li and Mrs. Qiao came to Lian Fang Zhou's home, and he carefully said what was the purpose of the visit. What Lian Ze wanted to say was stopped by Lian Fang Zhou.

Lian Fang Zhou sighed, "so my Mother really went to find you, So it was true ah......"

"Oh Niece, at this moment don't mention that. Quickly save our family's cattle, pigs, and chickens; ah, if it's delayed I am afraid it would be too late! You be rest assured, we will certainly give the grains back, definitely!" Mrs. Qiao was anxious.

Because in limbo, how can they not give?

"Uncle, Aunt," Lian Fang Zhou wasn't hurried. She helplessly spread out her hands and said, "this matter you have begged me for, I have no idea, how can I know how to treat it ah!"

Lian Li and Mrs. Qiao both froze and looked at each other.

That's right, this isn't Fang Zhou's doing, how would she know what to do?

They are completely stupid.

At this time Lian Ze coldly interrupted, "Uncle, Aunt, if you are really

sincere, it is better to give my mother a stick of incense!"

"Yes, that's right! light incense, incense! Of course, we have sincerity, isn't that right, ah, Husband!" Mrs. Qiao willing grabbed the life-saving straw and hurriedly pulled Lian Li to go pray in the partitioned area for Lian Fang Zhou's parents' to light incense.

Mrs. Qiao also did not forget to verbally read the prayer and begged her Sister-in-law to let go of their family's pig, cattle, and chickens. She said a lot of good words when it came time to end the prayer, she even actually asked her to bless her...

Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze hearing this was speechless.

"Oh, no reaction ah!" After Mrs. Qiao put away the incense, she looked at their mother's offering plate and was extremely eager.

"Aunt, right now it's daytime!" Lian Fang Zhou said, "you should go back first, with this matter you'll have to wait until tomorrow."

"How could that be fine! What if my cattle die, what am I to do!" Mrs. Qiao felt impatient.

Lian Fang Zhou sneered, "Aunt If you knew that early, why would you do that from the start! Rest assured, my mother is not a cruel person!"

Mrs. Qiao was stunned again.

"Right, right, go, we will go back first!" Lian Li also spoke.

"Really? What if -" Mrs. Qiao was still not willing, she looked helplessly at Lian Fang Zhou, as if waiting for her guarantee.

Lian Fang Zhou said that this matter only her mother would know. Her eyes showed she had no answers.

Mrs. Qiao, helpless, had to go back.

That whole day the couple did not give up, they looked left and right in the animal pen, looking forward to a miracle. But in the end was disappointed. They could only persistently endure and be patient until the next day.

Early the next morning, Mrs. Qiao with an unkempt appearance came to Lian Fang Zhou 's house.

Lian Fang Zhou was in front of the stove burning the fire when she saw her. She didn't wait for her to ask and said, "my Mother talked to me in my dream last night; my Mother said, if Uncle and Aunt are determined to change, she will forgive you this time! Go pack some incense ash from the incense pot to bring back! Use the incense ash when filling the water for the animals to drink; wait at least half a day and it will get better!"

"Really? That's great!" Mrs. Qiao's excitement shone on her face.

"Grains?" Lian Fang Zhou stopped her and said, "We're going to get it now!"

Mrs. Qiao's whole heart was on the cattle, pigs, and chickens. Why would she bother with her? She nodded. But suddenly she stopped again and said, "what if... It does not work?"

Lian Fang Zhou sneered and said nothing.

"Just pretend I didn't say that, pretend I didn't say that!" Mrs. Qiao suddenly remembered that these words were disrespectful, and could not help but gently slap her mouth twice before quickly saying.

Lian Fang Zhou called out to Lian Ze. "Get the baskets and sacks, we're going to get some grains! Fang'er, Che'er, you two go to the stove and watch the fire. Wait for us come back to move the grains!"

Lian Fang Qing and Lian Che quickly agreed.

Mrs. Qiao packed two packets of ash, wanting to leave quickly. Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze also followed behind to move the grain.

Lian Li borrowed a large scale and watched at the side carefully. Seeing the two siblings each carrying one basket at a time out, one sack at a time, caused his heart so much aching it was almost dripping blood.

Time, little by little, went by. He finally couldn't bear it anymore, and was about to speak out to refuse; just as he heard the excited screaming of Mrs. Qiao in the yard. "Husband, Husband! Amazing, really amazing! They're already better, much better, ah! The cow, pigs, and the chickens all have vigor, and they are starting to eat!"

Mrs. Qiao was jolting with happiness, and hurriedly fed the cattle with the best forage. Not like before when she was afraid it would eat too much.

Lian Li was surprised and happy; those words of refusal couldn't come out anymore. He really believed it, and was really afraid! How would he still dare refuse?

Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze, the two even carried away the scales. They were busy for a whole half day before they got back the catties of grain upstairs in the storage.

Although the siblings felt their bodies being tired, when they looked at the sacks filled with grains, their spirits were very happy.

Lian Ze could not help but grip some rice in his hand, full of grain; and placed it under his nose to smell. The fragrance of rice made people's hearts pragmatic.

"Sister, you are so great! Now we do not have to go hungry! economize how we eat, and we will be able to sustain until next year's harvest! This way Fang'er and Che'er can eat a little more and feel full!" Lian Ze's face shone with joy.

"Yes, no matter what you need to eat until you're full, or elsewhere will you get the strength to work? Not only eat eating until you're full but to also eat well. Sister will find a way and will not let you suffer!" Lian Fang Zhou is also very happy.

The so-called mother manifestation, of course, is false. The fact is, she got a few herbs mixed together into juice and mixed it with some rice and secretly sprinkled it in the garden for Aunt's chicken to eat. The next night with Lian Ze she quietly snuck into her Aunt's home to let the pigs and cattle eat it as well.

It is not a deadly poison, it just causes some intestinal gas and loss of appetite.

This is from her past life when she went to visit the ranch, she learned about it. Coincidentally, this kind of grass is common.

"Sister, I, I would like to discuss something with you." Lian Ze suddenly and hesitantly said.