Picking Up a General to Plow the Fields Chapter 19 / Chapters List

Lian Fang Zhou couldn't help but look at Yang Huai Shan. As a grown man, doesn't he have a brain when doing things? Being with his mother and knowing that his mother is dissatisfied with her to no end, but still coming to provoke her, what does he want to do?

He's fine, but did he ever think that she as a young girl who had just broke the marriage arrangement with their family that it would attract a lot of gossiping?

If he didn't look so honest, she would suspect that he is deliberately punishing her!

"You!" Old Woman Yang was mad; hitting her thigh she cried, "really my kindness came to no good! My son's good heart has been fed to the dogs! The stinky girl does not recognize good from bad, what a thing, na ......"

It was lunch time and a number of villagers began to appear. Lian Fang Zhou could not help but frown. If this continued, she was afraid that they will gather to watch for fun! This vicious old woman, it seems she needs to give her a ruthless scolding, so she will commit it to memory!

Lian Fang Zhou's arched brows were unexpectedly erect; her almond eyes wide open. A fierce aura burst out and Yang Huai Shan got goosebumps his scalp tingling. His heart was secretly disappointed; she was never like this before, before she was so warm, but now she is not even giving me face ...... she really has changed .....

"Mother! Mother! Just leave it, we still have important business to deal with, so leave it! Let's go!" Yang Huai Shan rushed to speak before Lian Fang Zhou could and he hurriedly pulled Old Woman Yang.

Old Woman Yang hearing his words harrumphed; she gave a provocative stare at Lian Fang Zhou and deliberately exaggerated. "Isn't that right! We have extremely important 'business' to do! Thank god, my son has a good head and remembered it! I was almost angered by this stinky brat and become muddled headed!"

She coldly stared at Lian Fang Zhou, turned and sneered, "did you know why we came to Da Fang village? Haha, we came to set the wedding with my future relatives! Look at Huai Shan wearing new clothes with new shoes. He especially put them on for today, na! He Never wore it once before!"

A slight change appeared on Lian Fang Zhou's face and she subconsciously glanced Yang Huai Shan.

Yang Huai Shan anxiously looked at her, his face looking shameful. He looked helpless and panicked; he opened his mouth as if trying to explain something, but in the end, he didn't say anything at all.

Lian Fang Zhou chuckled lightly, her eyes turned indifferent and lightly smiled; "is that right? Then quickly scram, don't block this miss's road! Ah Ze, Qing'er, Che'er, let 's go!" After saying that, she picked up the bundles of tree strips on the ground to carry and firmly walked forward.

Old Woman Yang did not think her reaction would be so indifferent, and it did not meet her expectations. Suddenly she felt it was boring, gently she made a "tsk" sound, spitting  the ground, "not being wanted by anyone, such a useless thing!"

"Mother! Say a few words less okay!" Yang Huai Shan suddenly scowled angrily.

Old Woman Yang opened her eyes wide in disbelief; stunned she looked him up and down and was shaking. "You, are you even my son? You, you actually, talk to me, like this!" As she was saying this she started sobbing; "I have a bitter fate ah! My son has been so confused by a vixen that he doesn't even listen to his mother! Vixen, you - you stop right there!"

Yang Huai Shan's breathing started getting heavier, his nostrils puffing out steam. Abruptly he turned around and took a big step to go back, towards his mother's calls they fell on deaf ears.

Old Woman Yang was getting anxious, today she persuaded with every possible mean, soft and hard methods to force Yang Huai Shan to wear new clothes to go out. She did not expect to have such bad luck, they haven't even entered into Da Fang Village yet, and she bumped into the vixen. If her son left just like this, how would she explain it to her future-in-laws? It was settled that at noon today, that they and the Hua Family will discuss the wedding!

If she angered the Hua Family and they broke the engagement, then her son will have dissolved two engagements in a short period of time. How would he be able to marry a good wife then?

The Old Woman Yang anxiously called out, "Stop!" She jogged to catch up with Yang Huai Shan and angrily said, "Where are you going?"

"Going back!" Yang Huai Shan muffled, replied.

"You dare!" Old Woman Yang said angrily, "if you dare to take a step, believe it or not, your mother will kill herself here and now!"

Yang Huai Shan's mood suddenly become stagnant.

Old Woman Yang suddenly beat her chest and stamped her feet, her face full of bitterness. "You are my son if you don't listen to me, how will people trust in me. What face will I have to continue living! What's so good about that Lian Family girl that will make you so obsessed and lose your mind. For a woman who does not even have you in her eyes, you will even not listen to your mother! You are being unfilial! Our ancestors won't tolerate it, and heaven will also not allow it!"

Only after her preaching did Yang Huai Shan soften down. He sighed, "Mother, don't mention past matters from now on OK? Lian Family's engagement to me has already been dissolved. I will also listen to your words and will marry Hua Family's miss; what else do you want? Fang Zhou, she never offended you, so you should let your mouth accumulate some kindness and don't say anything, alright? Count it as me begging you! Alright?"

Old Woman Yang has never seen her son so pained like this, with a despairing expression. She has also never heard him use this kind of despairing tone, until the pinnacle of pleading while speaking to her. For a moment her heart ached, feeling angry as well as helpless; it was like a heavy stone pressing on her chest, it was heavy and left her muffled and sour.

"Alright then! Let us go, if we don't hurry we'll be late!" Old Woman Yang sighed, pulling Yang Huai Shan to go back to Da Fang Village.

Yang Huai Shan glanced at her, took a deep breath and silently followed behind her.

"Sister," after returning home and placing the tree strips down, Lian Ze carefully said, "are you all right? If you don't feel happy -"

If she's not happy then what? Lian Ze didn't know. So he also didn't know how to comfort Lian Fang Zhou, but his heart felt very sad.

So he quietly said, "I'm sorry, Sister."

Lian Fang Zhou was just using the water from the wells to fill a basin to wash their face and hands. Hearing what was said, she raised her head and laughed at Lian Ze. "Look at you, how am I not happy? From what I see, you look more depressed than I am! Alright then, quickly go in and take a break. Wait until noon for something to eat. We still have to get the rest of the tree strips and those branches to bring back! "

Her bright smile was like the sun dispersing away the dark clouds in his heart. Lian Ze's heart relaxed and hurriedly said, "Sister really isn't upset?"

"Not sad!" Lian Fang Zhou smiled. "The dissolving engagement thing, I took the initiative to mention it; why would I be sad?"

"Sister, they are bad people, let's ignore them!" Lian Fang Qing said angrily.

Lian Che also said, "when I grow up, I'll protect Sister, nobody is allowed to bully Sister!"

"Yes, that Old Woman Yang is the most horrible, I spit at her!" Lian Fang Qing nodded.

Lian Fang Zhou "Puchi as she started laughing; a burst of warmth spread in her heart, softly she talked to them: "Alright, I'll wait until you grow up, no one would even think about bullying us! Let's enter the house!"

Lian Fang Zhou was unhappy, but not the kind of Lian Ze was thinking.

She's unhappy that since Yang Huai Shan has decided to marry the Hua Family girl, why does he not know how to avoid arousing suspicion? He actually approached her? What does he mean? Pretending to be lovers?

While on one side he is marrying another woman, the other side he is pitying her. This is kind of lover makes most people feel nauseous!

Since he decided to marry another woman, then he should completely forget about her. He should single-mindedly live with the other person! If he still thinks about her, then he should have the ability refuse the marriage with the Hua Family to the end!

Since he has no courage and will not resist to the end, then don't come try to entangle with her!

The day he said to her, on his father and mother's side, he will think of something, his insistence she saw it clearly. Although the engagement has already been dissolved, but if, if he could fight for her until the end and is able to protect her and he can the pay price for gaining her, then marrying him isn't impossible.

After all, in this strange ancient era, wanting to marry a man like this isn't an easy task.

But no, only after few days, ah, he was dressed in brand new clothes and was running to the new wife's family to settle on the wedding!

Don't talk to her about difficulties! She only wants to see the results! The result is: He really is a weakling and did things like this!