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Chapter 21​ Mrs Liu came to insult again (part 2)

Lian Fang Zhou coldly smiled, "your family's son-in-law? Is that not the guy I didn't want and dissolved the engagement with? So it was picked up by your family ah? He's only a thing that I didn't want, why would I go seduce him? Mrs Liu, do not think that I'm afraid of you. If you dare say another word of this nonsense again, tomorrow we will go looking for a judge or go to the county court; it's your choice! If you have the ability, go and call your family's son-in-law. Let's say this clearly face to face. When did I seduce him? If you can't call your family's son-in-law for a confrontation, then shut up! Otherwise, don't blame me for being rude! You go stirring up trouble and are nothing but a gossiping loose-tongued woman, you staying in our Da Fang village will only corrupt the village's reputation."

At this time, there was already a lot of people gathered around to watch; everyone had heard Lian Fang Zhou's words. Her head was held high and her chest raised standing in front of Mrs Liu not letting go in the slightest. The Lian siblings eyed her with hostility and their young faces were full of anger. They could not help but point toward Mrs Liu and gossip.

Aunt Zhang stood out and said loudly, "Fang Zhou, that child, I watched her grow up; I believe she is innocent. Mrs Liu, you with nothing but a verbal statement came running to ruin another family daughter's reputation is a bit too much, right? Fang Zhou is right, you said she seduced your family's son-in-law, then it is better to call your family's son-in-law over and let your family's son-in-law personally say whether there is such a thing! You are also accusing a good person, don't you also think so!"

Everyone nodded, and without exception echoed.

The Lian Family and Yang Family's engagement was settled for many years. Were it not for the parents of the Lian Family dying in an accident, they would not be able to break it.

This side's bones have yet to cool and on the other side, the Yang Family clamored to break the engagement. This matter, it was originally the Yang Family in the wrong!

The Hua Family was even more overboard, let's not mention robbing other people's fiance, they also bullied the few parentless siblings; they were throwing dirty water at other people. All the neighbors did not like what they saw.

Mrs Liu was subjected to her mother-in-law's commands to come over and vent some anger; who knew that Lian Fang Zhou was still cursed from the last time was still not better. She was still so bold! She actually poured her from head to toe with water! Really, really outrageous!

What's more, what has this to do with Aunt Zhang? Why did she stand up for her? Also, what does it have to do with the people of this village? Every one of them was talking too much ..... (TL/N: Ummm...you called them over and now you wish they were gone?)

Mrs Liu originally intended to curse and vent out some anger, but this time she was riding a tiger and was having a hard time getting off.

If she called the future son-in-law for confrontation? First of all, don't mention Lian Fang Zhou being so calm, clear and very confident. More importantly, if the son-in-law said, "no" then, wouldn't it be her own loss? In the future, how could she meet people? If the son-in-law said "yes," that is even worse, wouldn't it mean that her own family's girl would become a joke?

So, regardless, toward her own family, there is no benefit! This confrontation was impossible!

Lian Fang Zhou was unwilling to forgive or let it drop. She approached Mrs Liu and sneered, "Mrs Liu, my father, and mother are gone but that does not mean that us siblings will let people bully us. We are all from the same village, we take the same paths and drink water from the same river. Why is your heart so narrow, mean and vicious? Coming to specifically pick on us! Those words of yours, every sentence was trying to force me to death; are you happy? When have we siblings offended you? Can you tell me clearly? Today, if you don't explain clearly, don't expect to leave!"

The more people listened, the more they felt sympathetic. Their eyes toward Mrs Liu were increasingly filled with contempt and were talking non-stop.

A burst of white and green appeared on Mrs Liu's face; she was suddenly condemned by the crowd and she felt somewhat overwhelmed, she was a little panicked. Just then, she caught a glimpse of Wang San 's Wife in the crowd, she pointed at her and yelled, "I did not lie! You, it was you who tried to seduce our family's son-in-law! It was Wang San's Wife who told me that she saw it and if you don't believe me, you can ask her."

Wang San's Wife saw everyone's eyes simultaneously turn towards her, she suddenly panicked and hurriedly said, "what nonsense are you saying! Why pour dirty water on me? When did I say this? Something like that never happened!"

Mrs Liu became anxious, she rushed forward to pull Wang San's Wife's arms tightly to hold her, "In the evening when you passed our door, you said it! You said at noon when our family's son-in-law and his mother were entering the village, that Lian Family girl approached them and threw herself at him- "

"Lies! Lies!" Wang San's Wife used some strength to pluck off Mrs Liu's hands. Not waiting for her to finish, she glared at her, "I never said that! I say, Mrs Liu, you are coming to Fang Zhou's door to make a scene and it isn't the first time. Who doesn't know you are so disparaging! I passed your home? My home is in the north of the village, yours is in the south, why would I go passed your door! Oh, I remember now, two days ago the two of us had a dispute; now you want to get even with me. Damn you, Mrs Liu, you're so detestable!"

"You -" Mrs Liu was about to go mad and angrily said, "a good thing you are, you dare say something but will not dare to admit it; you deceived me! I'm not finished with you!"

Mrs Liu lifted her hand towards Wang San's Wife to hit her.

"Ah! Damn you Mrs Liu, you are actually hitting people now, you bitch!" Wang San's Wife wasn't the brightest, she was screaming as she immediately fought back, these two people were now tussling around.

When everyone first saw this, they were stunned; then followed by "woots"  burst out laughing, pointing as they mocked.

"Yo, these two started fighting!"

"Fight, fight, this is a good thing....."

Lian Fang Zhou and her siblings were also shocked, they never thought things would evolve into this.

Lian Fang Qing clapped her hands and giggled. Making Lian Che lightly pull her sleeves and gently shook his head. She cheekily stuck out her tongue at her second brother and changed to biting her lips as she secretly laughed.

"You stinky bitch, I see that you have run out again and went crazy, for what! The bowls have not been washed, the bath water has also not been heated and you're still not hurrying back!" Mrs Liu's man, Hua Lao Wu suddenly jumped out and yelled, wanting to take Mrs Liu away.

Seeing that his wife's hair and whole body was completely wet, with her hair disheveled, her face with finger long bloodstains and her clothes having pieces torn out, he could not help but be furious at heart. When he was breaking them apart, he took the opportunity to help his wife.

Mrs. Liu was going mad with anger, and now that she had her husband's help, why would she need to be polite anymore. In the chaos, she severely twisted Wang San's Wife in the waist two times, making Wang San's wife cry like a pig.

"Ah! Damn you, Mrs Liu, you tore this old lady's flesh! Hua Lao Wu, aren't you a good thing, you're taking advantage of this old lady! Help! The Hua Family couple wants to murder!"

Wang San's Wife's shameless-like yell fooled Hua Lao Wu, as he hurried to the side to hide.

One needs to know that in Da Fang Village, among the one hundred families, Zhang and Wang are the two most popular and prestigious surnames. If  Wang San's Wife insisted that he "molested" her, then later on the Wang Family might come knocking on the door, then he will suffer!

Once Hua Lao Wu stepped aside, Wang San's Wife immediately took the opportunity to rush towards Mrs Liu and fiercely beat her.

Wang San's Wife's strength was too big, making Mrs Liu stagger and fall to the ground. Wang San's Wife also unflinchingly carried on and heavily beat Mrs Liu's body, the two swore and tussled again.

"Ah, an accident is going to happen, quickly pull them away!" The people who were in the crowd watching the fun exclaimed, making everyone wake up. A few old aunties and young wives hurriedly stepped forward, scrambling to pull Mrs Liu and Wang San's Wife apart.

The two people were already so messy; their clothes and hair both looked embarrassing and funny, the two people were not satisfied with the other. Both eyes were wide open with hatred and glared at each other, they were still struggling while screaming without care. It seems as long as they could get free, they would immediately swoop forward and start another round of beating.

The Wang Family's aunties tried persuading with every method they had, and Wang San's Wife was finally taken away. Hua Lao Wu was berating her as he approached to take Mrs Liu away.

At this time, Lian Fang Zhou had enough of the liveliness; she coldly smiled loudly saying, "hold on!" She steadily blocked the path front of Mrs Liu, her eyes staring at her coldly and said, "Mrs Liu, you can't go, the matter just now still hasn't been made clear!"

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