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22 Forcing her to apologize

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"What do you want to do?" Hua Lao Wu was angry but he had nowhere to vent, seeing Lian Fang Zhou, he sternly and vicious glared at her. "Were it not for your matters, things wouldn't have become like this. What more do you want to do!"

Hua Lao Wu was extremely angry in his heart, he thought, "I dare not provoke the Wang Family, but the Lian Family is a small radish head I dare not mess with it? If I'm afraid of you, then from now on I don't even need to bother mingling in the village."

Lian Fang Zhou snorted. "What I want to do, your wife knows clearly. She poured dirty water on me, I just want to ask her what she wants to do! You're a grown man, in front of this helpless little girl, what do you to plan to do? Your family started this fight; can't even beat the other person with your own bad luck! You think my Lian family is weak and can't compare to the Wang Family, so you can freely insult us right? Then you've got the wrong idea. If you don't make things clear today, we'll go find a judge, and ask the judge to give justice! how about it?"

Aunt Zhang immediately stood beside Lian Fang Zhou and said, "That's right, Fang Zhou is already pitiful enough. I say, this engagement with your family, what is there that you're not satisfied with, that you need to ruin others? Anyhow, we're all from the same village, looking down and won't see, look up and you will see. What is the point of doing this? If you really force these siblings to death, will you be able to have a peaceful mind and conscience!"

Hua Lao Wu froze and couldn't say anything.

It was his mother who wanted his wife to come over to scold Lian Fang Zhou. Although he felt it wasn't a very good idea and he tried persuading a bit, he wasn't able to change her mind, so he let it be.

Just now when he saw his own wife suffer, he rushed over wanting to take her away. Who knew Wang San's Wife would interfere and go crazy!

After much difficulty was Wang San's Wife finally persuaded to leave. He had thought this matter would end here. How could he have known that Lian Fang Zhou pop out again and not let it drop!

How important is the reputation of a girl? When Aunt Zhang said forcing people to death, it wasn't an exaggeration. In everyone's heart, they understood and one after the other couldn't help but start talking again.

Lian Fang Zhou felt a burst of sadness and sympathy in her heart. Wasn't the once mighty Lian Fang Zhou forced to death by Mrs Liu's words? If she did not accidentally transmigrate over, leaving Lian Ze, Lian Che and Lian Fang Qing behind, she didn't know how pitiful these three would be!

From this point of view, wanting Mrs Liu to pay with her life isn't excessive!

But this matter, she had no way saying it out loud and could only let Mrs Liu off lightly.

"Then what do you want?" Hua Lao Wu took a deep breath and asked Lian Fang Zhou.

Lian Fang Zhou coldly said, "make her apologize and make it clear in front of the folks here, that she is making trouble for no reason; that she is talking nonsense and promise that she will not do the same thing again in the future!"

"Why should I!" Mrs Liu had not calmed down yet from fighting with Wang San's Wife, so she Immediately burst into anger again when she heard she must apologize.

"Shut up will ya!" Hua Lao Wu glared at her when he heard her speak. He said to Lian Fang Zhou, "I promise she will not talk nonsense anymore! This way it is enough, right?"

Lian Fang Zhou stared at him indifferently and said, "If us four siblings weren't parentless orphans, would you dare to say that? Do you think this is enough?"

"That right isn't it obvious that they are bullying!"

"Oh, these parentless children, what a sin, ah!"

Hua Lao Wu's face burst into shades red and white. He finally experienced how shrewd and powerful Lian Fang Zhou is. Seeing that he can't fool them, he could only glare at Mrs Liu lowly shouting "what are you waiting for? Still not quickly apologizing to them? In the future control your mouth and talk less nonsense!"

It was obviously her mother-in-law's idea, why should she have to shoulder the black pot? Mrs Liu's heart felt hundreds of thousands of times unwilling and felt aggrieved, but she could not say it.

Being a daughter-in-law to push all responsibility to the mother-in-law in front of everyone, if Hua Lao Wu doesn't divorce her, then it'll be strange!

Mrs Liu had endless bitterness but couldn't speak about it. she resentfully returned a glare at Hua Lao Wu.

Hua Lao Wu was starting to get somewhat impatient, the longer they stayed the more humiliating it was, he then again quietly shouted, "quickly apologize, did you not hear?"

Mrs. Liu's eyes blackened, she so angry that she almost fainted. Finally, with her husband's coercion did she reluctantly speak up, "Sorry ......"

Lian Fang Zhou did not speak, she just coldly stared at them.

Hua Lao Wu was really annoyed, he grabbed Mrs Liu and made her turn to face Lian Fang Zhou, yelling, "you playing dead? Just now in the fight, you had such spirit, where did it go? Telling you to apologize is not going to kill you! Hurry up, do not make me lose face!"

"You - Hua Lao Wu you are heartless!" Mrs Liu felt aggrieved, stamped her feet, and started clutching her face and cried.

"You want to cry, want to scold and want to get even; you couple please go back and do that, don't waste my time! We siblings have worked for the whole day today and we need to go back and rest. Tomorrow we need to get up early to work!" Lian Fang Zhou looked at them coldly.

"You hear that!" Hua Lao Wu really could not listen anymore to everyone's discussion and see their fingers pointed at them, he even understood Mrs Liu's intentions. She felt that apologizing to Lian Fang Zhou, a little girl is embarrassing and will lose face. She had delusions of fooling them to avoid it, but Lian Fang Zhou is not so easy to fool.

Everyone in the neighborhood saw it, and more and more firmly believed that the Hua Family is bullying a family of orphans, this isn't a good for their reputation!

"Listen well, if you don't properly apologize and cause the Hua Family's reputation to drop, don't believe that I won't divorce you! If I can say it then I can do it; It's up to you." Hua Lao Wu leaned close to Mrs Liu's ear and coldly whispered.

Mrs Liu's heart chilled, she lifted her eyes to look at Hua Lao Wu's solemn face and it killed all her resistance. She faced Lian Fang Zhou and said in a quiet tone, "I'm sorry...... it was me talking nonsense, I created trouble out of nothing, I should not have! In the future— I will never do it again!"

Lian Fang Zhou indifferently said, "this is what you personally said, I hope you can remember it! If you ever talk nonsense again and try to ruin my reputation, whether in front of my face or secretly behind my back, my Father and Mother in heaven will not spare you! If I say it like this, do you dare accept?"

Mrs Liu was surprised and her heart "thumped" as it jumped.

"Accept or not!" Lian Fang Zhou snapped.

Mrs Liu was shocked to see a cold as knife-like eyes from Lian Fang Zhou, she for actually no reason felt a burst of fear sprout from the bottom of her heart. She subconsciously blurted out, "accept! I accept!"

"Then that's good!" Said Lian Fang Zhou. Glancing over at the neighbors, she said, "all the neighbors here are witnesses, Fang Zhou will thank you first!"

Everyone said, "it's something we should do."

Aunt Zhang laughed and said, "alright alright! So it's just a misunderstanding! All is well, everyone scatter, scatter!"

Everyone was still talking as they dispersed. Mrs Liu and Hua Lao Wu had already fled the scene.

"Oh, it's been hard on you, Fang Zhou! Now you can be at ease. From now on no one would dare to use this matter to talk nonsense! Alright, the day is not new and it is getting late, quickly go back, wash and rest early." Aunt Zhang lovingly stroked Lian Fang Zhou's head and softly said.

"Thank you, Aunt Zhang, if it wasn't for you, I'm afraid it wouldn't have gone so well!" Lian Fang Zhou looked up at Aunt Zhang, her heart bursting with gratitude.