Picking Up a General to Plow the Fields Chapter 25-26 / Chapters List

Chapters 25 Opportunity gotten by sacrifice

Mrs Miao secretly speculated. This scoop of rice should be at least four jin(or 4x500g). Afraid it could have also been five jin(TLN-2.5kg). Mixed with vegetables, sweet potatoes and the like, enough for those two to eat for the two weeks.

Only need to leading the way, and you can get this much rice. Only a fool wouldn't do it.

"How about this," Mrs Miao pondered for a bit: "Tomorrow, I'll make a trip to your uncle and aunt's home, you also come as well. Just to let them know. After all, it's such a long trip, and also a big forest. Better to let the adults at home know."

Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze looked at each other. Neither of them thought that Mrs Miao would say this.

Mrs Miao's intention they understand, but greeting the adults, to obtain consent of adults. Just in case anything happen, they can be explain everything clearly.

Mrs Miao's misgiving, Lian Fang Zhou can understand and agree.

However, with uncle and aunt, to give greeting to that couple, this -

Lian Fang Zhou don't know what to say.

Need to know that although the two family are fighting badly and Lian Li and Mrs Qiao bully them fiercely, outsiders doesn't catch a wind of it(don't know about it). Because after all it never broke out into public.

But even so, the fact is Lian Li and Mrs Qiao isn't considered as their elders - at least the siblings doesn't think of them as elders.

If they had the appearance of elders, then when Hua Family came several times to bully, they wouldn't have not stood out to protect them. Instead was quiet and not even say a single fair word.

With this kind of person, they happen to be their "elder" in the eyes of outsiders. Can make decision for them. Lian Fang Zhou only snorted in her heart.

Lian Ze was anxious. When he was going to speak, Lian Fang Zhou rushed to lightly pulled him (TLN-his sleeve i guess?). She shook her head and grinned: "Great! Then Aunt Sun tomorrow you call on me and we'll go to my aunt's and let them know."

Lian Fang Zhou very readily agreed.

"OK, then that's how it's settled!" Mrs Miao slightly relieved, and also very frankly smiled as she nodded.

Sun Zhang Xing then said: "You really did come at a good time. The day after tomorrow, if the weather is good, I was going to make a trip!"

"Really? That's really great! Our luck isn't bad!" Lian Fang Zhou's eyes lit up as she said.

"Haha, who says it isn't!" Sun Zhang Xing also started grinning.

Seeing that matters have been settled, Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze prepared to take their leave.

Lian Fang Zhou want to leave the rice behind with ?(what's the feeling when you have to leave behind something precious? unwillingness? ).

Mrs Miao was joyful at first, followed by a little hesitation and said: "This - not right, your aunt, still don't know if she will agree or not ... ..."

"How would she not agree!" Lian Fang Zhou smiled, used a carefree tone and said: "Uncle Sun isn't an untrustworthy person and us siblings are not without sense. So how could aunt disagree!" "

Lian Fang Zhou without any explanation, gently rested the melon scoop on the table, said: "Put it here for now!"

"Haha, then ... ... Haha!" Mrs Miao rubbed her hands. Her refusal was pushed back into her throat, causing her to unable to say anything.

Lian Fang Zhou also did not give her the opportunity to talk. She smiled as she took her leave, and pulled Lian Ze to go.

"Sister," On the road, Lian Ze worriedly asked: "Would Aunt really will agree? She treat us -"

Lian Fang Zhou thought about it thoroughly, slightly coldly said, "That is why she'll agree. Hmph, possibly in her heart she wish something happen to us in the middle of it!"

Lian Ze's chest tighten, his face changed a bit. The eyes looking at Lian Fang Zhou was expressed very clearly, what if -

"Don't worry," Lian Fang Zhou faintly smiled toward him, said: "We will definitely come back perfectly fine!"

Do not know why, but when Lian Ze hear her certained tone and see her faint aura, his heart then settled down.

"I believe in my sister," he said softly.

Just like Lian Fang Zhou expected. The next day, she and Mrs Miao knocked on the Lian Li's door. When she pleasantly smiled as she talk about this matter to Mrs Qiao, Mrs Qiao was surprised for a moment. Then gently harrumphed, neither salty nor bland said: "Where you go to is your own business. Do as you like. Out of nowhere, you come and ask me for what ?"

Mrs Miao wanted to say something, but Lian Fang Zhou has already rushed to say: "Since Aunt said this then we don't have worry! Aunt Sun, let's go!"

Mrs Miao froze, then suddenly thought of some rumors she occasionally heard. And coupled with last night not sleeping well due to happily accepting rice, she half-heartedly let Lian Fang Zhou pull her away.

Anyway she has already greeted the elders of Lian Family!

Mrs Miao thought in her heart.

Because the next day have to walk such long mountain road, Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze didn't go anywhere and stayed at home to rest that day. Lian Zhou also instructed Lian Che and Lian Fang Qing, how they should be at home.

The next day, the day was still not bright, Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze already gotten up.

Opened the door and the morning cold chill blew in, which seep into the bone marrow. They hastily started the fire, ate something, took the sacks that was prepared last night for the outing.

Yesterday Lian Fang Zhou asked Sun Zhang Xing, what kind of things need to bring, such as dry food, water and the like?

Sun Zhang Xing unrestrainly wave his hand, said: "No need! The mountains have the most clean mountain spring water. And this season, there's a lot of wild fruit and mountain herbs aren't lacking. What need is there to carry dry food?"

That being said, but Lian Fang Zhou felt its the first time the siblings are going. Unlike Sun Zhang Xing, not eating something that could suppress the hunger, afraid they can't carry on.

Coupled with the fact that the two of them aren't familiar with Mount Xian Teng, still need to ask Sun Zhang Xing a lot. In order to avoid his impatience, gotta bribe, isn't right?

There is a way make people mouth soft by eating, Lian Fang Zhou doesn't believe that after he ate their family's food, he won't answer their question.

As a result, she gritted her teeth, and made five boiled eggs. Used bamboo leaves to wrap three rice dumpling. Left two eggs for Lian Fang Qing and Lian Che. The remaining three and the rice dumplings, she packed them in a clean cloth carefully.

Before going out of the house, Lian Fang Zhou gently woke up Lian Che and Lian Fang Qing and said a few words. Then did she go out together with Lian Ze.

Two children were lovable. With half-squinting, sleepy eyes they still know to say "sister and second brother come back early."

At the east, the color of fish belly's white(TLN- what strange way to describe sun rising) have yet to appear. The dark blue sky was so blue that it was exceptionally permeable, with a clean deserted-ness. And stars, like freshly washed shiny, as if suspended in the ice.

In front of the sky, one star looks particularly bright. That was the Morning star.

Siblings used the weak starlight to go to the village entrance, where Sun Zhang Xing's home is. From far, they can see his house revealed a dim light in the hut.

"Uncle Sun!" Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze happily greeted as they stepped forward.

"Oh, you have come!" Sun Zhang Xing laughed with a 'haha', gave them a nod and said: "I was just talking about it, and you came! Let's go, we'll set off!"

26.Mount Xian Teng

"En," Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze grinned as they agreed. The two siblings felt a feeling of excitment and joy in their heart. It was a feeling of exploring new things and curiosity.

"Be careful on the road! And come back early!" Mrs Miao waved at them.

"En, I know! You go back now! Days still early, go back to sleep!" Sun Zhang Xing turned back and said.

Mrs Miao did not respond to his words, and yelled, "Take care of Fang Zhou and her brother!".

"I know, don't worry," Sun Zhang Xing said.

After walking far away and reached a bend, Lian Fang Zhou subconsciously looked back. She faintly saw Mrs Miao. Still standing there, looking over in their direction. In the cool night, it looked so lonely and frail.

Lian Fang Zhou felt sad. Couldn't help think, all year round, the days that Uncle Sun go hunting can be a lot. And Aunt Sun's share of waiting in torment also isn't little.

In the end, because too poor, ah!

Sun Zhang Xing was very familiar with the mountain road, but still hasn't enter the mountains. People on this road was a lot. What's more it was also flat. Not difficult to walk on. So it isn't difficult for Lian FangZhou and Lian Ze to keep up with him.

Sun Zhang Xing is also a kind-hearted person. He felt that his own family received so much rice, not taking care of them, can't be justified. So was very patient, from time to time remind them of their steps on the road. And did not once go as he like.

Gradually dawn arrived, and the hanging high in front Venus star gradually faded down, at the East appeared the white sun. The road beneath the feet can already seen clearly, so the three people speed up the pace.

After walking for about half an hour later, Sun Zhang Xing turned and smiled: "Let's take a break here, in a while won't rest. There's still two more ridge too! If tired, just you say it, we'll stop and take a break. Traveling through the mountain road need one burst of energy. If rest the legs, it'll become soft. Then will only be more and more harder to walk!

Both Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze nodded and smiled as they said alright and gave their thanks again.

Sun Zhang Xing pointed to the side said: "Down that the slope, there's a spring. If you're thirsty, you can go drink a few mouthfuls of it!

Lian Fang Zhou then laughed: "I was going to ask Uncle Sun is there any place to drink around here!" Then she stood up.

Lian Ze also said he wanted to go. The siblings went over together.

After resting more than a few minute, the three people continue travelling.

The sky was getting brighter and a thin faint rays appeared at the east sky. It is expected that it won't be long til the sun come out.

At this moment, without having to concentrate on her foothold on the roads, Lian Fang Zhou took the opportunity to ask Sun Zhang Xing on the various things about Mount Xian Teng.

Originally she was worried that Sun Zhang Xing won't be willing to say. Who knew that he was such a talkative person. And just happen to be a good way to pass the time on the road. So he endless chatted with the siblings.

The two siblings from time to time ask questions. Which made Sun Zhang Xing more and more interested. And the three of them did not feel tired when travelling.

After about an hour, and they finally reached the foot of the mount Xian Teng.

In fact, when gradually getting closer to Mount Xian Teng, both sides of the forest seem to be a lot taller. Vegetation also seem more lusher on both sides of the mountains. It obviously doesn't look the same as the one previous seen. It is more towering, tall and broad.

"I have to go into the woods to see if my luck is good. If I can hunt some good stuffs! You two don't go too far. If you lost the way, then you're in trouble! If in case you can not find the way, remember to go find streams in the mountains. Follow the direction of flow to leave! Entering mountain, best follow along the stream, let's see, that one right there. This way will be better! Around 15-17pm, let's meet up here and go back together. You better not be late!"

Sun Zhang Xing solemnly said.

Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze quickly agreed. Lian Fang Zhou smiled and took out the egg and rice dumpling. She handed them to Sun Zhang Xing: "We brought some food, just a little bit of our gratitude. Uncle Sun please you don't refuse!"

Sun Zhang Xing originally wanted to decline, but heard Lian Fang Zhou say. If he decline, is a bit too hypocritical, so he generously accept, grinned: "Thank you, thank you both! Well, I have to go first! It's time to hunt. And the time flies, and in wink of an eye, one day is over! "

The siblings bid him farewell.

"Come on. Let's eat something, then go after a while!" Lian Fang Zhou said.

"En!" Lian Ze nodded. The two sat down and ate the eggs and rice dumpling. They rolled up the leaves to scoop the nearby mountain spring water to drink.

"Sister, do you think we can find mushrooms?" Lian Ze looked up and observe the gloomy big forest that look as if it could open its mouth waiting for people to send themselves in. His heart was thumping a bit like drums.

"Let's try it first! Since we came, we can't go back empty hand ah!" Lian Fang Zhou laughed.

Lian Ze also grinned and nodded. His heart was originally thumping, but, since Sister wasn't afraid. And he is a man, what is there to be afraid of?

When they had eaten, they sat down again for the time it take to make tea. Then went along the direction of the stream to the forest, according to what Sun Zhang Xing said.

Just need to remember the location of the stream, and go a little further from the riverside also isn't a problem.

The two walk into the forest, reached the tall trees which seem to rush to the sky. Below the trees, was filled with a variety of short grass and shrubs. Lots of those whose name aren't known and also completely lush.Vines climbed and wrapped around them. It looked pretty, but walking through it was difficult.

Perhaps because normally no one come to this place, so the mushrooms were plentiful. Because a lot of trees fell down, and because the long course of time and no one to deal with those fallen trees, it have begun to decay. Now was cover with moss and wrapped with vine.

And these kinds of rotten wood are the best place for mushroom to grow.

Siblings were extremely delighted.

"Sis, can these be picked?" Although Lian Ze was filled with excitement til his eyes shone, he did not forget to ask Lian Fang Zhou first.

Lian Fang Zhou could not help but be delighted secretly in her heart with a steady thump. First she took a good look, and then pointed out to him how to pick them.

This forest not only has mushrooms, other sorts were plentiful. Just with this glance, can see there's Ectomycorrhizal, Morchella, wild shiitake, wild jelly ear, Russula. Lian Fang Zhou also found some Tremella fuciformis and Boletus edulis. It made her overjoyed. She carefully picked them.

Here has abundance of mushrooms. So less than an hour, the two Lian siblings already filled the four sacks they brought.

They tied the sacks tightly. And picked up an appropriate branch to be the pole in the forest. Each carried a burden out of the woods. They came to place where they separated from Sun Zhang Xing and place the sacks on the grass.

Fortunately, the mushrooms weren't heavy, but cannot be squeezed. Although it was loaded to the top, but in fact weren't heavy.

The two took a break for a while. Seeing that time was still early, Lian Ze said that he want to go to the stream to see if there are any fish. Lian Fang Zhou went with him.

This terrain was more level, so the stream of water was also more gentle. The width of stream was two meters or so, can also see the bottom in crustal clear water. The bottom was large chunks of dark stone.

The egde was full of coin-size wild chrysanthemum: a touch of purplish blue petals and wrapped the golden stamens. At first glance, it grow along the river to no end, dazzling people's eyes. They don't have small home's jasper-like freshness.

Perhaps because it was daytime, the stream was too clear. It has fishes, but were the size of pinky finger or chopstick skinny small fishes. Groups and groups swam here and there. But no big fish.

However, under the large stones, there were thumb-size, freshwater shrimps.

They carefully removed the stones. Then saw that hard-shells, almost transparent shrimps waving their long pair of pliers. With their thumb and index finger, they pinch the backs, gently held them and pulled them out of the water. The pair of slender pliers waved around as bowed body struggled.

"Sister, such a big shrimp and also this much. Really rare!" Lian Ze excitedly laughed: "We catch more to bring back!"

"Good! Tonight we have something good to eat again!" Lian Fang Zhou is also delighted.

The river next to the village also have shrimps, but no big shrimp like this. Just small ones an inch long. The body was the size of green beans and soya bean kind of shrimps. Those kind of shrimps can only use special net. The locals called them "shrimp twist" things to fishing. It's because no way of catching- not can't catch enough. And exhausting for half-day, still not able to catch enough for a break.

Sister and brother were overjoyed to catch big freshwater shrimp. each one came from under the stone, were thrown to the shore. The feeling watching them jump under the sun crystal clear was incomparable.