Picking Up a General to Plow the Fields Chapter 31 / Chapters List

Third Aunt PK Aunt

Mrs Qiao was caught off guard, “Aiya” sounded as she was rammed at the lower abdomen,it hurt so much that her vision was black, her body couldn’t stand the pain so she stumbled backward.

   Luckily Lian Li who was standing behind her and did not fall over. Some people in the crowd gently laughing.

   How could Mrs Qiao simply let it go after suffering this? With wild anger, it only took one push for her, (Mrs Qiao) to shove Lian Li away. Yelling “You dare hit me? What do you think you are to dare to throw a fit at my door!” She rushed towards Lian Xiao Man.

   The two sister-in-laws' twisted together, hitting as well as cursing. The two’s momentum was too fierce, everyone was stunned for a moment, when they came back around, they hurried to pull apart the two to mediate.

The two was like ‘you pull my hair, I’ll pull your clothes collar’. Everyone pulled for a good while before they could separate the two. The two was still fiercely staring at each other with red eyes, panting as they insult each other endlessly, clothes were a mess, hair was dishevelled. Both were in dire strait and ferocious.

Lian Fang Zhou looked towards them, nearly bursting out in fits of laughter, the word 'shrew’ is simply the vivid portrayal of the situation in front. Lian Xiao Man screamed and cried out 'father and mother' again, as she started crying. Mrs Qiao cursed non-stop, for a period of time it was uneventful.

“Our Lian Family’s Eldest, you should say something! Letting them stir trouble like this is hardly presentable!” No one knew who in the crowd called out.

“That’s right, that’s right!” Everyone else echoed.

Lian Li’s brows lightly pinched up, unhappily swept a glance at the direction which the voice sounded out, blaming the person that was being so nosy.

In all fairness, of course she (Mrs Qiao) isn’t willing to let Lian Xiao Man stay.

Because after Lian Xiao Man’s man died, it was already, not the first time she returned to her family. Every time she returned, she shamelessly doesn’t want to leave, this time, she arrived when the day has nearly darken, Lian Li mentally guessed that she definitely stirred up some trouble at her husband’s family again, and this time, there’s a possibility of staying even longer, and may even shamelessly not leave!

Of course Lian Li wouldn’t let her stay. The person who just called was very loud, even if Lian Li want to pretend he didn’t hear anything is a bit difficult. So he frowned so deep that it was even more unsightly. Only he was sluggish and had yet to come forward to respond, he sees Lian Fang Zhou pulling Lian Ze over them, pass through the crowd and abruptly came up front.

   The siblings came to Lian Xiao Man’s front, Lian Fang Zhou reached out and supported her (Xiao Man), calling out, “Third Aunt!”

   This was out of the blue, so everyone was shocked. Including Lian Xiao Man herself. Lian Li was secretly relieved, the foot that was raised was gently put back.  Aunt Zhang has also just arrived at this time, and also froze when she saw this situation.

   “Third Aunt, since Uncle and Aunt refuse to take you in, then you come to our place! I am willing to take you in.” Lian Fang Zhou grasped Lian Xiao Man’s hand, her word were very gentle, but the meaning was completely straightforward. Moreover, she used the word “take in”, that is saying she, Lian Fang Zhou is the owner.

   Aunt Zhang heard what she said, she then understood her intention, couldn’t help but to praise Fang Zhou with ‘Brilliance'’, Aunt Zhang made up her mind help her (Fang Zhou) in a while. Everyone never thought that Lian Fang Zhou was this generous, so numerous discussion of praise emerge.

   Lian Fang Zhou lightly smiled as she said, “It’s what should be done!” And no longer speaked more. Mrs Qiao wasn’t happy. She felt that Lian Fang Zhou ‘did it on purpose’, intentionally using this to ridicule her, make her look bad – or else why did she come now to take in Lian Xiao Man? Not wait for everyone to disperse then say it?

Although Mrs Qiao couldn’t accept it at heart, but it isn’t good to open her mouth, once she open her mouth, it would seem like she is fighting with Lian Fang Zhou to keep Lian Xiao Man, she certainly won’t do that!

 On Lian Li’s side, he already breathe out a sigh of relief as he called out “That’s right, that’s right! You go over to Fang Zhou’s home! We are also doing it for your good! Fang Zhou’s home got a big bundle of food, how much would four children eat? No worries with one more person! Unlike us, every day we got to count the amount to cook, oh, we have no other way, Ah Hai’s study need money! Why need to suffer with us.”

   Lian Li explaining like this, was good as it points out his own difficulties, it seems like they can’t take in Lian Xiao Man cause of predicament, at once it made the people’s feeling of disgust lessen a lot. After all, whose family doesn’t place their child as the most important thing? Pity all the parents’ heart ah!(Means – Parents tend to worry about their children.)

   But Lian Xiao Man snorted again and again, facing the ground as she fiercely spat a mouthful, glaring at Lian Lin “If you really thought like that I also wouldn’t have blame you, you should have told me clearly from the start! Why didn’t you say so from the start, but you had to wait for Fang Zhou came, wait til she open her mouth first, then you say that? What do you mean doing for my own good? Only seeing Fang Zhou say like this so you can happily say such generous words! Those that doesn’t know would really think you are something good! Hmph, being a bitch still want to set up an arch, is talking your kind of goods!”

   “You -” Lian Li didn’t expect Lian Xiao Man to not give him face, in front of his face she said such ugly words, it made him so angry that his face flushed. Within the crowd, some could not endure and gently started laughing. Although Lian Xiao Man’s words was harsh, everyone thought about it and felt it was really reasonable.

Afraid that before Lian Fang Zhou came, those two would want to stop Lian Xiao Man and not allow her into the door, not allowing her to take any advantage of their family, how is it really thinking for her own good? If they really thinking for her own good, then at least let her into the room, sit down and slowly discuss, even if they haven’t yet think of Lian Fang Zhou’s place!

No one would be cold and ruthless to block the door, then turned around and get some ready-made advantage, saying it’s for their sake! Everyone talked about the Lian Li couple, as a person, they can’t help but be even more shameless.

When hearing Lian Li say that, the two Lian siblings (Fang Zhou and Ah Ze) stared at each other, eyes saying ‘so nauseating’, didn’t expect that Lian Xiao Man, without hesitation talk about them in reverse, Lian Fang Zhou couldn’t help but secretly laugh, and suddenly felt that it isn’t bad to take in this Third Aunt. At least from now on, there’s someone to deal with the detestable Uncle and Aunt.

She’s the lower generation, so when doing these kind of things a lot isn’t good, even if in reason, but Third Aunt isn’t the same!

Originally hearing her husband say it like this, her heart was also full of joy, secretly saying that husband can really talk. Who knew her happiness has yet to warm up, it was fiercely smashed. Mrs Qiao felt a mix of anger and embarrassment, sharply yelling “Really kindness come to no good. In this age, being a good person is hard! At the start, we want to explain it clearly, but you come up crying and throwing a tantrum without stop, how could we open our mouth? Good words were exhausted by you! Your kind of woman, with your man dead and not being well-behaved and stay at your in-law’s house, still have the face to yell at people? Can’t believe you can open your mouth! It’s you who’s the bitch, a bitch who can’t behave!”

“Hussy, I’ll rip your mouth!” Lian Xiao Man was enraged, eyes go red as she glared at Mrs Qiao and rushed over again to go all out on her.

Mrs Qiao’s eyes also go red, swore: “Bitch!”

The two struggled as they want to break away and hold the other to give blows. Everyone hurried to pull and numerous mouth tried to persuade. Lian Fang Zhou frowned, looking at Lian Xiao Man, that face full of grief and about to cry but unwaveringly endured, she couldn’t help but start to feel some pity and loathe Mrs Qiao even more.

As the saying goes, when insulting, don’t disclose people’s shortcoming. Lian Xiao Man is a widow, this identity can easily cause trouble. In this era, widow causing trouble where she can’t explain even with a hundred mouth can cause death. Once Mrs Qiao opened her mouth it arrived, such vicious motive.

“Aunt! Third Aunt!” Lian Fang Zhou suddenly loudly screamed. This sudden melodious scream startled everyone, including the red eyes Lian Xiao Man and Mrs. Ma (typo by author-should be Qiao), who were like cock fighting.

Suddenly it was silent, so quiet you can hear a pin drop, not even one sound was made.