Picking Up a General to Plow the Fields Chapter 34 / Chapters List

The guy had a messy hair; his beard which was pulling dregs hid half his face; even the slate gray clothes, and puttee on him were old and dirty. At this moment sitting near the wall with both hands were hugging his knee. Those eyes fixated on the nearby bun vendor.
His whole body was worn-down and sullen grey; only the pair eyes were especially bright. Although at this moment, he appears to look foolish, however, those eyes make people believe that those are a pair of shining eyes, when it moves.
Lian Fang Zhou glance over at Lian Ze as she took back her gaze.
It happened in a flash, but Lian Ze knows his sister understand what's on his mind. So he couldn't help and said: "I just felt he's really pitiful."
It was certainly pitiful. Lian Fang Zhou took out several copper coins and gave him: "Go buy some mantou for him!"
"Yes!" Lian Ze's eyes brightened with unexpected joy, then grab the coins and headed out.
Third Aunt, startled, cried out to him. Rushed to look at him, just to see him give the mantou, he just bought, to the guy. She let out some tsk, full of detest, said: "You two siblings really know how to live. Why bother with a beggar who got nothing to do with you? Is money that easy to earn? Don't your heart hurt when it's spent?"
Lian Fang Zhou just indifferently smiled: "It's just a few copper. I saw that he is starving and that I have the power to do some good."
Third Aunt kept on whispering another sentence: "There so many like him in the world, can you help all of them? What if one day, you got nothing to eat, who would help..."
Lian Fang Zhou left her be and continued to eat.
Not long, Lian Ze returned, Third Aunt also scold him a few sentence.
Lian Ze also ignored her and lowered his head, to focus on his noodles.
Third Aunt saw there's no point, also started eating.
Once the three of them finished, they paid the bill and left.
Third Aunt didn't forget to smack her lips as she reminiscing the taste and endless yearning as she sighed: "That noodle was really fragrant and delicious. It would be wonderful if I could have it every day! Life would be worth living!"
Lian Fang Zhou couldn't help chuckle. Isn't it just a bowl of noodle, no need to say 'life would be worth living'. She, Lian Fang Zhou believe she won't fall to that low.
Third Aunt thought she was laughing at her wishful thinking, so rolled her eyes: "What are you laughing at? I know it isn't possible, can't I just talk about it!"
"Nothing like that!" Lian Fang Zhou grinned: "I didn't mean it like that, what I mean is Third Aunt, your standard of need is very easily satisfied!"
"Hmph, you are laughing at me!" Third Aunt rolled her eyes at her, taking it as Lian Fang Zhou saying the opposite.
Now the three of them are full, they exited the town to return home.
Third Aunt started to yawn since she woke up so early and also rush around half the day. Now that she is full and out of town, exhaustion set in. So she hid in the cart to sleep.
Lian Ze was also a bit tired. But he was also afraid that Lian Fang Zhou was also tired, so he motivates himself to chat with her.
The siblings weren't loud, and none of Third Aunt's muttering in their ears, so soon the mood was light.
Lian Fang Zhou suddenly cried out 'YA', and said: "I forgot to ask around the price of charcoal. If it was cheap, I should buy it now or else later it gets cold and the price increase."
"Forget about it Sis," Lian Ze was somewhat surprised when she said that. "We don't have the wealth for such things. Making fire with firewood is fine. We can't afford charcoal! Only the rich could afford to use those things. Wait until tomorrow, when we gather more mushrooms, we can save more money. It's good enough if we can eat well and bundle up during winter."
Compare to unpractical charcoal, Lian Ze is more interested in gathering mushroom. Especially when hearing from Lian Fang Zhou, that when the weather gets colder, there'll be no more mushrooms to pick, he became more anxious and energetic.
Lian Fang Zhou overlooked the matter of mushroom, instead enquiringly asked: "Charcoals are really expensive!"
"Ain't that right!" Lian Ze replied: "Not many people understand how to make charcoal, so how could it not be expensive!"
Lian Fang Zhou's heart was moved and started thinking. If this is also another path to fortune, she could give it a try. Just with her and Lian Ze wouldn't do. Need to find a partner. Hmm, of course, Uncle Li and Aunt Zhang are the most suitable...
Once she made her decision, Lian Fang Zhou felt her blood pumping. She planned to go to Uncle Li and Aunt Zhang's place to discuss.
The siblings talked as they drove the donkey cart. When Lian Fang Zhou unintentionally looked up, she saw that out of nowhere, five-six rascal-like youth appeared in front of them. Those hooligans were blocking the road. Numerous pairs of shifty eyes were laughing as they watch them.
Lian Fang Zhou heart shook and suddenly pulled on the reins. She unblinkingly glared at them.
They come across robbery!
Internally she felt really anxious. Eyes scanned around. This region was completely remote, with green hills on both sides and not a single person around....
At this moment, she immediately felt despair and thought: why did we happen to meet with this situation?
"Who, who are you guys!" Lian Ze also saw them, his face changed as he called out in shock.
"HAHAHAHA!" those hooligans immediately burst out laughing, sounded incomparably wild and shameless.
One of them pointed at the stuff behind them, full of delight as he shouted: "Leave everything including the donkey cart and money behind, then you three can scram!"
"No way!" Lian Ze said without a single thought. The cart was borrowed, the things were bought with hard earned money, so how can he agree to leave them behind.
"Hmph!" That person coldly sneered, not putting any importance on Lian Ze and Lian Fang Zhou, who were still kids, or Lian Xiao Man.
Lian Fang Zhou bitterly cried inside, she didn't know how these guys set their eyes on them! How much could they have?
What she didn't know was, when she went to the medicinal shop and got ten silver liang for the Reishi Mushroom has fallen into their eyes. Then later, they kept on following them.
Ten silver, donkey, cart and the money from selling mushroom was enough to move their heart.
Even though there are lots of rich people on the street, but when wanting to take action, they need to look at the target's situation.
Without a doubt, Lian Fang Zhou's group was the perfect target to take action on.
"Real men waste no time chattering with you! Since you refuse the toast, then drink this penalty! Brothers advance, throw them off the cart!" The leader laughed.
It would be troublesome if someone come across after all this was the main road.
He said it like there's not much to it. As if this matter is very easy to do.
Few hooligan snicker as they complied, delightfully laughing as they walked toward the siblings.
And at this time, Third Aunt is still sleeping sweetly and also gave a slight snore. Lian Fang Zhou didn't know whether to laugh or cry when she heard it.
"Sister, what to do! What do we do!" Lian Ze firmly clenched his fists, slightly quivering. Even veins were popping on the back of his hands.
He has never hated himself as much as now, hated that he couldn't do anything.
Lian Fang Zhou bit her lips, her whole heart was so worried that it went 'thump thump'.
What to do? What could be done?
Right now the only way was to lose fortune to get rid of calamity.
"Give it to them!" when Lian Fang Zhou said this, her heart ached so much and was also boiling with rage.
Their fruit of labor after working hard for so many days and the happiness and expectation that was accumulated bit by bit, was now destroyed in a blink of an eye.
She was full of resentment.
"NO! I--"
"Ah Ze!" Lian Fang Zhou held onto the impulsive Lian Ze who wanted to rush forward and fight them to death, unmovingly said: "There's still a mountain. So there's no worry of having no firewood. So even if you aren't willing, then what? Even if you fight with your life, it still won't change the result. It'll just leave you a body of injuries and then we'll have to waste money to treat you."