Picking Up a General to Plow the Fields Chapter 35 / Chapters List

Lian Fang Zhou's words finally made Lian Ze lose his spirit, what sister said was right, can only comply.
He threw a glance full of hatred at them, mentally vowed: one day, I'll have them return everything back.
"Let's get off!" Lian Fang Zhou nodded her head toward him.
The siblings were just getting off the cart with their heart bleeding when they heard a slightly hoarse voice calmly say: "Halt."
Not only the siblings, even the hooligans looked over at the sound.
"It's him!" Lian Ze was shocked, Lian Fang Zhou also saw that they stared at each other in surprise.
That person was the guy whom Lian Ze gave a mantou to.
"Hahahaha! Where did this beggar come from? This master wants you to scram away!"
"Stinky beggar, find life too long?!"
Seeing clearly who that person was, the few thugs started arrogantly jeer.
That person was still standing there, indifferently looking at them, placid expression.
His calmness infuriated some of the thugs: being taken lightly by a beggar, how can they continue to live from now on?
"Really unlucky! Dare to stick into our business, brothers, teach that beggar who doesn't know what death is." Embarrassment becoming anger, the leader spat on the ground. He waved his arm as he rolled up his sleeves, leading everyone to venomously rush toward them.
Lian Ze tightly closed his eyes, Lian Fang Zhou's heart thumped.
When she regained her wits, she was in midst of yelling 'It got nothing to do with him', it was already too late.
Those thugs were already yelling out as they rush to hit, Lian Fang Zhou couldn't help subconsciously move her eyes away.
Tragic cries continuously reach into ears. It wasn't one person but a good few people.
She and Lian Ze quickly looked over and what they saw made them overjoyed. The thugs had fallen onto the floor or clutching their limbs or head.Grimacing in pain as they scream endlessly. And that man was still standing there firmly with his face still remaining calm.
"What's going on! What's going on! Where are we? Ah!" Third Aunt just rubbed her eyes and sat up. When seeing the scene before her, she cried out in shock.
"Leave!" that person said in a calm voice.
That bunch of thugs dares not have any more evil thoughts. They endured the pain as they hurriedly picked themselves up and scrammed away with bit crawl. In a blink of the eyes, they were no longer in sight.
"This... what has happened?" Third Aunt spoke out some prayers. She wanted to stand up but her legs were soft, so she collapsed into sitting.
"He saved us! Sister, he saved us!" Lian Ze's eyes were shining with ecstasy, he happily called out to that man as he speeded over. Lian Ze could not help but take his arm and shook it in excitement: "You are amazing! You drove them away!"
"Many thanks to you...Sir, for saving us!" Lian Fang Zhou also came over. She smiled as she spoke to him.
Originally she wanted to say 'Many thanks, hero' But seeing the person's messy hair and beard, and his whole body was dirty, she thought 'can he be called hero'. Not bothering if this place has the same meaning, but she felt embarrassed saying it out loud.
The man grinned. When he smiles, his eyes light up bright, and his whole vibe seems to immediately change.
"I saw them sneakily follow you halfway, then took a shortcut to ambush---" He said with a smile. Once he finished, his face suddenly faces changed and fainted on the ground.
"What's wrong! Hey, wake up, wake up!" Lian Ze anxiously cried, he hurriedly squat down and shook him.
Lian Fang Zhou was also startled."Sister, he's injured! He's bleeding! It must be those guys just now!" Lian Ze exclaimed.
Lian Fang Zhou quickly look over, and saw fresh blood oozing out of the man's arm, she then shouted: "Quickly bandage him. We got to stop the bleeding first, then talk!"
"Oh," Lian Ze responded and rushed to carefully help that man lay on the floor. He tore a piece off his clothes, then bandage him up.
"Fang Zhou, Fang Zhou!" Lian Xiao Man finally clumsily stood up, jumped off the donkey cart and stumbled over. She pulled Lian Fang Zhou further away and with a glare, she reprimanded: "You're a girl, stay further away from this beggar! Do you still want to get married?! "
"Third Aunt, don't call him beggar this beggar that. Truthfully, if he hasn't saved us just now, we would have become beggars!" Lian Fang Zhou frowned.
"What?" Third Aunt froze.
Lian Fang Zhou looked at her and said: "Just now, those few people were robbing us of our things, even the donkey too! If they really snatch away everything, we may have become beggars--- the poor!"
"Such, such matter happened?!" Third Aunt recalled back the scene she had seen when she just woke up. She couldn't help but let out a breath of relief and patted her chest. With lingering fear, Third Aunt said: "Oh, and I was sleeping like a dead log. It so fortunate, so lucky!"
"..." Lian Fang Zhou was speechless, rolled her eyes and removed her(Xiao Man) hand to move toward Lian Ze to ask: "Are there any other injured? Is it serious?"
After Lian Ze helped bandage him up, he had already checked him again. He replied: "Some seems like traces of old wounds. But it isn't serious."
Lian Fang Zhou nodded her head as her heart settled a bit. She mentally thought what should she do?
Lian Ze has already spoken out at the side: "Sister, he's injured from saving us, so could we take him back home?"
In front there's no village, nor were there shops behind. Not to mention the fact that man was injured unconscious. And at the moment, can only do that!
Not waiting for Lian Fang Zhou to give a nod, Third Aunt has already shaking her head and waving her hands: "No way! How can you bring back a beg- stranger home? How would others see us? Fang Zhou, you are a girl!"
Lian Fang Zhou shot back: "Don't we have you? Who can say what? If we throw our savior to one side, ignoring his life or death. Then how will we look? Third Aunt, come help out!"
Third Aunt frowned in disgust: "This dirty ..."
Now Lian Fang Zhou is starting to get a bit angry, so with a darkened face, she said: "You're not willing to help, then forget it. Ah Ze and I don't have so much strength, so can only take it slow. If by chance the thugs return - "
"Coming, coming!" Not waiting for Lian Fang Zhou to finish the sentence, Third Aunt quickly came over.
Lian Ze couldn't help but smile.
This man's physique was tall and on top of that, he's unconscious, his body heavily sunk straight down. It took the three of them great effort before they could get him into the car.
Third Aunt naturally frowns hard, while kept on nagging and nagging. Not stopping until she got Lian Fang Zhou to promise "wait for him to wake up and then let him scram!"
But Lian Fang Zhou didn't say anything, only pretend to not hear it.
Lian Fang Zhou hurriedly drove the cart. Even when they reach home, that man still did not wake up.
The three of them had no choice but to get him off the cart and place him in Lian Ze's and Lian Che's room.
When Lian Che and Lian Fang Qing saw it, they were shocked at first. But hearing this man saved their sister and brother, both of them were no longer afraid. They also helped draw water and grab a towel.
This person was a man, so it was inconvenient for Lian sister and Third Aunt to stay by his side, so they went out to bring in the stuff they bought. Afterward, Lian Fang Zhou drove the cart back to Uncle Wang to return it. And on the way, she brought a package of sesame candy for Uncle Wang's granddaughter.
Until it was time to light an oil lamp, the man finally woke up.
At that time, Lian siblings and Third Aunt were preparing to eat. The man got out of bed and followed the light. Lian Fang Zhou looked up and saw him. She put down the chopsticks and got up to go over. Kindly smiled and asked: "You woke up? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere? Is the wound still hurting?"
The man was stunned for a moment, then hurriedly said, "I ... where am I? Did you save me?"