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Day 381

"The 381st day"

I studied to some extent before coming over the New Continent, but there are few information we could know.

History that has been accumulated, unique culture and customs of this place. There are overwhelmingly more people that I do not know yet, such as the surrounding geography, severe nature, and more delicious ingredients.

Especially not knowing about ingredients is a problem.

Since exploring delicious ingredients is one of the major goals, you should collect it quickly.

Of course, together with the information we need to investigate the situation of people living here.

Actually, in the last night I released several separate bodies and tried various investigations.

The information gathered in time is somewhat small, but it is roughly as follows.

First of all, it seems that the nearby port city is a trading city state «Mushuram · Gianna».

We exist not only in trade with another continent where we were, but also in other important parts connecting city cities, and one of the biggest rivers of the New continent «Gangjinamus Taiga» is connected to the ocean through the center of the city, Trade has been carried out until it has developed.

The population is also said to be hundreds of thousands or more, it is counted as one of the important city states in the New World, and there is a long history.

And in the New Continent, the temperature is high but the humidity is low, it seems that the dry ground is spreading.

In the desert zone which occupies nearly half of the vast land, the temperature difference between day and night is intense, it seems that monsters adapted to the harsh environments are dangerous zones attacking day and night.

Still, the people living here are stubborn, building city cities and villages centered on safe areas scattered throughout the country.

There seems to be many people living around the New World wandering around the country by clan and tribal units other than those living in urban states.

It seems there are some cultures that made it difficult to battle the blood for blood, retaliation for retaliation, because the competition for a few safe zones continues violently.

Plunder is everyday, and there are also many crimes. And there are also many rigid men who will screw them down.

Because conflict is familiar, the New Continent would be quite good quality if you look at individual fighting abilities.

Therefore, simple force, it seemed like a status to be respected. It is a translation that requires minimum power to penetrate each justice.

At first it seems that it looked roughly like this.

I judged that the person who actually heard and heard it was earlier, nobody would know about us, but decided to go for a little disguise for the precaution.

Disguise first, change the pair of silver arms and make it Japanese style armor. Changing the color in parts and slightly sticking to the decoration, I wear a large black cloth over there so much.

Head does not equip helmets because the devil horn is in the way, but wrapped the neck with Sumagu built with homemade cloth with my thought. I thought it was a delicate combination, but it seems to be pretty unexpected.

Schumag, which can be substituted for various things such as sand avoiding masks, will help us in case of emergency.

After the armor is made, he wears a second swinging sword made by the blacksmith at the waist.

Black dawn swords who trained alloy of dark stone and magic metal and silver arms [Daigaku Kuroku], a white Kisetsuta who trained alloy of magic metal and silver ark with light spermite and stone [鬼 丸 丸 白 night] and inscription It is attached.

Although it is an inscription to refer to Tenkashi 5 swords, because the origin of the head family is related to demons somehow, a feeling of familiarity comes up.

Besides, although selfishness is different from ordinary garrison, if you try using Kizu sword in training, I am familiar with hands because I use silver arms as one of the materials.

The blade can also change its shape to some extent due to the characteristics of the silver arms, and it is possible to deliver a fancy slashing.

You can fight as if you are on an extended line of hand, and it is not bad to do it in such a style by chance.

In general, it is a form of armor warrior as a whole, but in the new continent where there is a lot of desert areas at high temperature it is armed like I think that it would like to steam the contents such as metallic whole body armor.

From another person's point of view, it is not suitable for the environment as thought that the head is OK for a moment. I wonder if it seems to be problematic if leather armor or partial metal armor.

Since there are quite a few magic items with [temperature control] etc., it will be interpreted as such a magic item of such kind.

Although I do not think so, I do not want to die, so I do not think I should care about that.

Anyway, like everyone else, we changed ourselves to a new fresh new fashion style that is different from usual.

Changing costumes like this may be the real pleasure of traveling.

After completing the disguise, when preparation was completed, I got on board with the ship of the New Continent who came along with dawn and went to the «Mushuram · Gianna» slowly swaying by the waves.

By the way this time big Mino Yoshikuni and Asu - chan are an answering machine, others are only applicants.

Well, almost all wanted to go.

While being shaken in a little boat, as we arrived at the huge harbor of «Mushuram · Gianna» where hundreds of ship crowds would likely crawl, we decided to stick the ground to the ground for the first time in a while.

Even if a big wave originally came, I felt almost no shake, so I did not change it sensibly much, but I wonder if I say that it will calm down as well.

I was happy to find something like Oro and Argento.

When I was walking properly without any aim as it was, I found early morning that a busy market was opened in a large square.

I was interested in the market where there were dozens and hundreds of stalls where I could move, so if I looked closer, is it a place called the new continent?

Many items that I have never seen on a stall are lining up.

Vegetables with strange shades and shapes. The raw meat of a big lizard-type monster. A liquor bottle containing a snake-shaped monster of about 60 centimeters. Unfamiliar fish that I have never seen before.

A slightly blurred yellow sword. An old old leather armor with a trace of blood left. Mantle of sand avoidance. Leather water can put a lot of water.

Meat dishes burned on steel plates. Fish dish which handled a fresh big fish. A confection that painted something like candy on fruits.

Various other things are sold besides this.

HM. There is likely to be a bargain in such a market.

With that thought, I grasp the dominant hand of Sri that came refractively by crowds and bumped into it.

If you normally do not notice it because of a severe pain, because you snatched too quickly and at the same time you snatched the sensation with an immediate effect neurotoxin due to "snake venom dosing", Sri is running for a while without noticing, it disappears behind the alley .

And a scream sounds a bit in the hustle and bustle. Apparently it seems to have noticed.

It's been reflexive, probably it's hard to treat normally.

While thinking that I had overdoed a bit, I am impressed with the attitude that I do not scare even if I see quite severe armor figure like me.

Perhaps he thinks he is rich, but is he not thinking of the danger when he hit the ball? I think, well, well, it does not matter.

There is no other choice but to give up if it is a causal response.

If Sri is an orphan panting, I think a little more, but it was a good adult, so I quickly forget this thing.

It is useless because local sake is more important than in the future of Saru.

Gubirigiri is a cheap local sake that I sold there. It is tasty because it is sake, but it has a different flavor than before.

The taste is reasonable. It is a bit disappointing that it is warm, so I continued exploring whether there was any other good sake.


Day 382

"The 382nd day"

Yesterday I gathered information while sightseeing all day, so I found many things.

This place is only a trade city state, and many products that are hard to come by from other places are coming.

Of course, it is interesting to see markets where different items are sold every day, such as daily necessities as well as weapons and magic items, rich variety of ingredients, some ethnic traditional crafts and livestock.

There will be only being told that if you have the item you want, you can go here.

However, it seems that there is also a nature that attracts attention in search of interests and profits.

Though it was learned by using a plurality of taverns laddered together as information gathering and distributed factories, going back further than the present ten years ago, the lord who has governed and developed the trade city state «Mushuram · Gianna» My family was there.

Originally «Mushuram · Gianna» was a common small village, but Mushuram, who was a former owner of a few generations and was a hero of the ocean, was sharp due to trade by water transport and maritime and the punishment that was rampaging at the time There was a history that it made it bigger, and its descendants became the lord for generations.

Whether it was due to the ancestor Mushuram's power, the lords of the lord had something in their ability.

He seemed to have strong power, strong magical powers, or the ability to manipulate sea water freely, and had a reasonable battle capability.

In addition, the lord families seemed to have managed cities to the extent that it is rude and corrupt, born in long-lasting organizations large and small, to bring riches without failing.

But now it is different.

However, it is unknown when it has become unknown, there are five influences in the front society of Muslim · Gianna », and five organizations that look behind the back society - such as mafia, yakuza, or back guild - It is said that they signed an agreement and killed nearly all of the lords.

While being a child of the concubines, one young girl who was particularly strong with [Kagosho Higashi], and a direct boy who was just a newborn baby at the time were killed by everything from children to old people, faraway babies, the lords of the lord who were greatly respectable He seems to have burnt down.

It seems that it was considerably thorough at that time, even now it has been talked about for about ten years while being awestred.

Currently it is quietly calm as one of the five organizations going into the table to hold the real power as a guardian of a lord of the lord who decides to take advantage of it dare to decorate.

There are countless small organizations besides only five organizations, and since there are new inflows from the outside, there are small conflicts behind, so it seems to be stable and unstable parts It was also seen.

In the case of

Let's briefly summarize the five organizations that seem to be important at first thought that there seems to be a gap in the neighborhood.

First of all, about the growing direct men and decorating the current «Mushuram · Gianna» as a lord of ruling and reigning [the king of the desert].

Here, it can be said that all aspects such as power, financial strength and fighting power are gathered at a high level, with gray head hair on the brown skin, red twinning like blood as the chief priest, dark high elves using the sword sword reign. right.

Considering that you can freely move up to the martial forces of the table and up to the urban forces that govern the security and defense of Muslim and Gianna », it is one of the five organizations.

It seems that the other four organizations are going to interfere if the power gets bigger so far, but it seems that this is the beginning that five organizations have become a chance to establish an agreement in the first place.

For that reason, it seems to be in this position by carrying the profits and disadvantages collectively as an intermediary between the organizations and a collective role.

The strength of the [desert king] is investigating now, but the powerful one is the head chief and the dark high elf called "sand dungeon" etc. and his wife [Kamo holding] leaves the blood of the lord's family deeply beautiful A woman who grew up [sand and woman], an assassination unit called "kaishin" that treats difficult-to-treat poisonously wearing a red-black costume, and the head of the pet [blood sediment dragon] and [blood sacrifice big scorpion] And a monster army in a trained desert area.

Originally from outside it seems to be a shallow organization of history compared to others, but in the present situation I think that it might be a fighting force comparable to [yuen].

The second is about [blue cloth lady] who dominates customs and information.

It is the masterpiece of all prostitutes and male prostitutes in "Muslim · Gianna", and absorbs or externally crawls coming from outside and dominates downtown at night.

Members of other organizations are often taken care of, and it seems that business such as buying and selling of information obtained by deriving the truth from the story leaked out in a sleeping-talking story is one of the projects.

The chief is called "Zinnia 's shaking basket", a twin with a beautiful absence of absurdity and a woman' s horse and a man 's bastard who captivates others with a superior limb.

Although the twin's direct combat capability itself is low, it can not be mistaken that one can manipulate one of the three major desires of others to some extent only by body odor and gaze movement, faithful soldier who turned his head into a sexual beast [ Im a love beast] and [Tam's beautiful animal] etc may be trying to set up a self-destructive tactic.

Colored love and lust will sometimes go wrong, so you may get burned if you take hands well.

The third is about [Pirates · Death Parade] which dominates the shipping, shipbuilding business and marine escort business etc. mainly.

The economy of «Muscleam · Gianna» is supported mainly by land transport by carriage cars, water transport by rivers extending inland, wide and deep maritime related to other continents and distant, but the big one is shipping and It is water transport.

There are huge armed vessels in the port despite a small number, and small and medium-sized merchant ships are countless so much.

If you are looking at the harbor for a while, you will find the scene where products are being unloaded and unloaded every day.

It has a lot of craftworkers who make ship which is important as such a transportation foot, occupying the majority of industry share Here, although it is inconspicuous, it has influence which can not be underestimated.

Also, in order to deal with not only shipbuilding but also the risk of raids by marine monsters, members involve a lot of fishes and mermaids Here in the table do escort business in the sea, etc. Piracy acts against the commercial enemy behind It seems that it contributes to satisfying the demand and safety of vessels supporting the economy from the front and back.

The chief of this place is the big man of a shark-type fish who is called [the big shark of the Albachum Sea]. The truth or falsehood of rumors that somehow child who inherits the blood of the sea king or somehow is unknown. But he boasts its high fighting ability as it seems, and his head seems to be quite good.

The fighting power includes a violent fishman and a pirate group composed of mermaids [parade · byte], etc. The land force is slightly inferior to others, but it seems to boast of unrivaled strength in the sea.

The fourth is about the death merchant Grandes which dominates the manufacture of various dangerous illegal magic drugs and the purchase and sale of magic items when taking it.

Grandes which is the chief of this place is an old man who is said to have been resurrected by becoming "dead skull of the sand belt" which is a type of undead once died by certain secret skill.

Trumely unknown rumors are constant, such as being active for about a hundred and several years, liking to eat the living heart, or crushing slaves with new illegal magic drug experiments.

It wore a luxurious outerwork decorated with gold and silver jewelry, the whole body is wrapped in a bandage, the only exposed bare head is a white skull Grandes are involved in more than half of the weapons circulating in «Mushuram · Gianna» .

Private soldiers are also armed with good weapons, and their soldiers are the most numerous soldiers. There seems to be some high-ranking adventurers who are killing themselves by debt, seems to possess both strength and quantity of doubles.

Also, if necessary, disposable death troops [Rendes · cartel] that broke the reason with illegal magic drugs seem to be used without hesitation, probably flying most among the five organizations.

The fifth one is about the closest [The Kamiyo Dungeon] which is the closest to [the arms sector of the guardian] which is the closest.

There is a robust base around [the temple of the sand castle] that the [Godai Dungeon] - [God of the Sand Castle]] was built [Guardian arm sect] are struggling to capture on a daily basis.

Although it seems that ordinary people can also challenge [the castle of the sand castle], it seems that it is a confident believer and it seems to collect half of the drop items so there is little thing to challenge the present situation It is.

Simply, it is because it does not get worse if you take the lives and capture the results even if you capture it.

For that reason, the quality of the members of [the arm of the guardian arm] who was trained with [the castle of the sand castle] which is almost monopolized on a daily basis is high, and funds are obtained by the drop items which can only be obtained here.

There are also many kinds of spices in the drop items, and it seems that there is also influence in the food goods relation.

Although there is another [the divine dungeon] in a place far away, there are many dangerous things in the road, inferior [god] class, and there are many troublesome dungeon monsters, so [sect of arms of the guardian arm] I can not shake the status of.

It is a personal impression, but a woman with a small petite lion beast called "god owner" who is pride of high fighting power is a little weak.

Directionality is different, but is it possible to reminisce about the first Queen somewhere?

Other members, such as Martyrs Menak, which are few in number but highest in quality, are also considered to be reasons similar to maids around Queen 1.

Although there is still a thing to investigate, for the time being, it will be such a thing.

At present, the only way to get in the way is [sect of arms of the guardian].

Of course, it seems that it will become an obstacle to securing [the demon gate] on the New World, but you can not miss having a lot of spices in the drop item.

I also feel like I can meet delicious unknown ingredients.

However, when you eliminate it, the balance between organizations will collapse and public order may deteriorate significantly.

Since it would be better for security to be kept to a certain extent, I think that I will proceed with secretly taking over in principle.

There is also a calculation that that person will benefit something with many secret things. It is better that you do not have an outsider, such as intercontinental movements using [the demon gate], so [Sector of the Guardian] can be handled as a good gatekeeper.

So at the moment there are no plans to hand out other organizations for now, but if you get in the way, you can eat that time.

Rather, it is convenient for you, so I'd like to get out of hand.

I think that I am relaxing sightseeing today.

This is rich in kinds of spices to preserve foodstuffs for a long time.

There are dozens to hundreds to dozens of bottles sold in the market as well.

And there are dishes like spicy curry made with the rich spices, and too effective cuisine dishes such that toxins in the body are discharged.

I tried eating with luxury shops, but everything was delicious, and I liked it so much that I ordered him to do research on cooking using spices.

Now that we are splitting the fractions to various places and gathering information, we are eating delicious food and only spending slowly.

Spicy Jean Carrey is the best.


Day 383

"The 38th day of the week"

Apparently it seems that I was touched one of the underlying organizations.

Because it is starting shopping in various wonderful places during sightseeing, picking eyes on pickpockets.

Because I was consciously suppressing the intimidation feeling, someone asked the gap from behind, whether it seemed like a little strange demon.

If you leave it without being concerned, it comes closer at the timing thinking that it is a gap, so if it is thin and orphan like a child, let me grab a little money, and not letting a slim of an adult not paralyze How often do you break your arms?

Adults pickpocket is technically high, so it probably has [burglar] or such feeling [occupation].

It seems to be alarmed if it only makes it to the driftwaters, and conversely when the rude fellows who found this and run away began to increase, the number of trainees of different atmosphere started to increase with Sri.

Sri is often a further downward end of the falling edge of the falling edge of the back organization, so probably someone in the pickpocket who broke her arm broke her boss. In the case of

For the time being, I found a guy who monitors alone, hunting by inviting me to the alley.

Pinch your neck with your fingers from behind before you notice, kick it and drop it immediately.

Instantly parasiticize the body with no consciousness, bashing up and sweeping out the information quickly.

As a result, it turned out that we targeted us as a [slave merchant] Ropson family.

Apparently the pickpockets seemed to be further ends of the lower part of the Ropson family, so it may have thought that information was transmitted to the top and erased licked idiots.

The Lopson family is only one of a number of medium and small scale organizations, but there seems to be [death merchant Grandes] on top.

People are necessary to handle weapons. There are multiple [slave merchants] in the lower organization that pledge allegiance to [death merchant Grandes] in order to secure and train available human resources, the Ropson family is one of them.

While thinking, I will attend the bullshit and stealthily go to the bases of the Ropson family.

The store managed by the Ropson family was in a place somewhat recessed.

There is a feeling of cleanliness in stores of such size. It is surrounded by high walls that will not release not only intruders but also escapeists, and there are many similar buildings around.

Although not noticeable to that extent, since a big signboard has appeared, I immediately recognized it.

There are two kinds of slaves handled by the Ropson family who is a slave merchant, and there are two types of slaves, labor slaves who work by contract, and criminal become criminal slaves.

A labor slave is a labor force that wages are cheap instead of having employers pay for food, clothing, and shelter as early as possible.

Even if you say a slave, the treatment is close to the citizen, and it is not permissible to wage unreasonable violence etc ..

Some people are dare to do so because they can be free after the contract period.

Crimps showing that it is a labor slave are fitted on their feet and are made to understand at a glance.

On the other hand, criminal slaves are those who committed a heavy crime, so even if they die at the worst, there is no problem.

Adventurers and peddlers who go to the danger zone seem to be used as walls for meat.

Criminal slave showing that it is a criminal slave is fitted in the neck, which is also to be understood at a glance.

Both are general contents dealt by [slave merchants], but behind the Ropson family deals with other slaves.

Battle slaves, such as adventurers and capturers falling on debt, skill slaves who have taken special skills such as "smiths" and "alchemists", and monster slaves who train various monsters and tame.

Selling battle slaves and skill slaves separately is not a problem, but considering the [Death Merchant Grandes] behind the Lopson family, you can hide fighting power from other organizations, or similar small and medium size organizations There was a purpose, such as sending it as a fighting force.

One of the projects of [death merchant Grandes] is a large [battle field], so there may have been something to fight as [gladiator] there.

A monster slave is usable as a villain, so it is okay to crush a crime slave.

Anyway, it closed off the way of escape by division, and got into the front from the front in a dignified manner, and in particular there was no other thing and the suppression was completed successfully.

Besides dozens of armed members, even the same number of battle slaves have been confronted, but if you swing one arm it will sink in groups of several people.

It's a hassle that it is troublesome to kneel while handling as much as not to die, but it's not a very strong opponent.

I thought that if a strong member had a very strong person, I thought that I should try to eat it, but let's miss it because there are only trashy girls.

Instead, among combat slaves, there seemed to be a reasonable price, but I decided to overlook this as it might be used for something later.

In that case, the opponent who wants to eat no longer exists, so we will process it mechanically.

After suppressing without escaping by one person in about several minutes, we divided the body into [Roppongon] who is the head of the Ropson family [slavery] and put it under control.

Then collect obsolete items.

Because it has a role as a local agent, it is a national tribe living in the desert, a woman of a few tribes living on a ship called a sand boat in a place called a sand shore, a noble who can be calculated from other countries It is a girl or a boy who lived across various places with a moving ethnic group and pulled out only talented people who have knowledge and skills that are likely to be useful in the future.

Battle personnel are not necessary so far, but only a few from the top took into consideration the personality and others and chose it.

It will surely help us in expanding the scope of activities in the future.

As I thought, I take dozens of slaves and watch clothes shops and go around.

Everyone seems to have been treated as such because it is not a crime slave, but it was a bit dirty, so choose a pretty dress like that.

Then we attach ear cuffs and return to the house purchased as a temporary base.

Hotel living is also nice, but I do not know where the intelligence ears are.

That is what I said, so I decided to spend time listening to stories from slaves on a remodeled mansion.


Day 384

"The 384 th day"

A story that I heard from information and slaves that I gained through separation. And the reality I saw and heard with them.

Since I knew that I wanted to know to some extent, in the evening I left my children to the blacksmith and alchemists, with Kanami and Red hair shorts, Bra and Mr. Susan, with a few elite students I will go to [the castle of the sand castle] where the base of [arm of the guardian arm] is based.

In the case of

«Mushuram · Gianna» Inside the antenna shop of [arm of the arm of the guardian] has already been inspected and the information on the dungeon monsters coming out of the dropped item being sold has also been obtained to a certain extent.

After that, if you listen to the members, you will get detailed information and capture will be easier as well.

Especially not being nervous, walking while being surrounded by beautiful ladies who usually do not have different attitudes is just a few minutes.

We are in a desert area where less wasteland of plants spreads and extends beyond the horizon to the far side of the horizon.

As I went sometimes while watching the flock of "sand wolves" and "sand stone" etc, I found a fort built with processed rocks.

A sharply machined rocky pile is on the other side of the spot where there are 10 meters thick which prevents the enemy from being thick.

Above that, you can see that the face is covered with sand-like cloth like Sumague, the armed wretched watchman's eye is shining eyes.

There are also some large weapons such as barista, which are measures against large monsters, and it has a robust structure that would be tougher if attacked normally.

And in the back of such a fort there was a castle characterized by a roof like an onion.

In the far field, its full appearance is unknown, but not only is it a robust structure that prevents foreign enemies in the visible range, it is decorated finely so that it looks good.

Perhaps it is [the castle of the sand castle].

It looks like brown on the whole, it gets the impression that some sand has settled, maybe it is really made up of sand.

From the name, is it my mind that the premonition that collapses and it gets buried alive when entering? I wanted to tilt my little head.

Anyway, without getting away or hiding, we will get in directly from the front.

As a matter of course, though it is obvious from the guard number that I noticed here, ignore it and get one guard with silver arms. And the storm of destruction caused by demon thunder and devil wind.

It is caused by the ability originally provided in [Kingshoigashigami · Goddess species] named "The thunderstorm wind god", to make the exterior wall look like a solid in the moment to disappear as if nothing had been done from the beginning.

Members involved in bad luck became blood smoke, and disappeared from this world just like the outer wall.

If it completely eliminates to the interior, it adds '[arms of rainstorm and rain' s arms] etc. to this, but this time it is useless even if you do too much, so I will not pursue.

Instead, the other four rush into the empty hole like a blood starved hungry wolf.

Mr. Buri is going to head. The weapon that is not comparable to usual is bleeding in the face, and the hands have a sword that wants blood.

Following it is red hair short. As a new love sword [the annulus soul serpent sword] in hand, to prey and aim to peculiar.

Kanami gently hugged Slow star running slowly with one arm and Susan Stern steadily built magical shells.

I sent out everyone just to say not to kill as much as possible, I listened to the roaring damaging sound often.

To be honest, although the ability to challenge [Kamiyo Dungeon] is available in [Sector of the Guardian], the four strikers are also good places of excessive strength.

Although it is a residents of the New continent whose basic performance is high as a living thing, it is inferior to [yuen].

On the contrary, there are three demons whose existence can make multiple opponents opponent, one consisting of a comparable existence. It would be more difficult to lose.

I had plenty of time to think that I would finish a cup first, but there was a sign of a sudden swelling in the interior.

Apparently it seems that the godfather, who is the chief of his / her girlfriend, joined the battle.

There is a unique sign that somewhere [God power] has the power that resembles. "Gouh oh you! The roaring of the deep bass giant beast echoed so far and the ground trembled.

The heads of the five organizations have been found to be all [guarded], so it will be related capabilities.

Well, the facts are put on and the outcome does not change.

The more powerful the enemy is, the more battleable character war demons are in there, so it would have been better for her to rather be defeated.

Look at the great troops of the blood sword that ripples even the sky, and do not die as much as possible.

I had no choice but to wish so.


Day 385

"The 385 th day"

Yesterday there was no particular upsurge, the head chief [god owner] was destroyed like expected harmony, excluding the bad lucky members who were involved in my first shot that destroyed the outside walls without putting out the dead The [takeover of the arm of the guardian armor] was completed.

As I said that I should not kill as much as possible, as I'm putting out the dead, as I will reflect on later.

If I had time to spare, I was planning to challenge [the castle of the sand castle], but I was wearing ear cuffs to prevent rebellion, and was mainly murdered by Mr. Buri ' Treatment of constituents who sometimes resisted.

In the repair of the exterior walls and houses that were destroyed gently, I used time more than I had thought of post-processing, such as examination of treasure and drop items accumulated and specially Mr. Buri who was lightly runaway .

As soon as I noticed, the sun changed and I looked around those who were members of the hundred fifty people [arm of the army of the army] arranged orderly.

Below is a wide range from a young single digit child to the old one like only bones and skin, but those who have certain faith in their eyes will come watching me with various emotions.

If there are people who look at violent, there are people who are ecstatic.

I already have ear cuffs installed, so they will continue to live as before, but is it such a mind that [God owner] etc somewhat send a strange and hot gaze?

A smell of love - hate whirling euphoria and crazy, like seeing loved ones, or seeing those who are hated.

I thought that it was a similar one of the first Queen, or a more troublesome one because there is fighting power, I dare to leave it untouched.

The headquarters is over, but the members still remain in the antenna shop of Muslum · Gianna », so we decided to return home today because we also handle it.

Sometimes I got a large amount of spices and other ingredients in large quantities and I should have Iiyu and sisters make cooking using dragon meat.

There was also a reminder that they wanted to rampage from Mino Yoshikun who is staying on a ship by boat, so if you challenge [the castle of the sand castle] first, it may be reluctant.

So the strategy is at a later date.

While thinking of being bored, I secretly secured a sand snake is drinking a labyrinth wine bottled [Shatanrana].

It was a delicious liquor, which is quite tasteful, as it makes me habit. Alcohol is also strong, somehow even vigorous will rise even more.

There seems to be other kinds, too, which seems to be expected for labyrinth.

It is necessary to prepare quickly and to attack quickly.


Day 386

"386 days"

In the midnight when the number of active human beings decreases, Mino Yoshikun is moved by the magic boat.

Navigate without turning on the lights, and anchor down as close as possible to the place near the castle of the sand castle.

And although both demons are bigger than me and have a reasonable weight, it was a weight for me to have no difficulty to carry, so after recovering a magic ship carrying two demons, I was more than a bird I flew faster in the sky.

As it was originally close to the place, just arrived safely just a little flying, and guide the two demons to the base of [the arm of the guardian arm].

Since we have already become affiliated here, we do not mind others' eyes either, so the possibility of two conspicuous demons will be unlikely to leak to others.

You can do as long as you do not go outside.

When introducing [god owner] as a caretaker, Mino Yoshikun showed interest in unusual things.

Apparently, it seems to be because it is the same lion beastman as Lionel. The fine tribe is different, and although there are different gender in the first place, there are parts that are somewhat similar.

While watching the squirrel, I am watching the details while turning with the kurukuru. [God owner] is left as it is, but is it deliciously cheeks red red?

Unusually I was interested in the opposite sex with besides battle, I neglected Mino Yoshi-kun who was burning Yakimochi behind Asu-chan, I decided to return to Muslum · Gianna at one end.

It is still before dawn, because I'm still leaving Kanami at Muslum · Gianna ».

Time passed by breakfast and preparations, and before the noon it was supposed to gather at the entrance of [the castle of the sand castle].

I am challenging this time, Kanami-chan, Minookichi-kun Asu-ji, then Buri-san and Suten-san, then the four demon kids excluding red hair shorts and Nicolas.

We basically fight, our children are planning to visit.

It is still too early to let the fossil fuck you, so I will keep studying one by one.

By the way, Sei Saigyo, Mr. Kugi and Mr. Akuto, who did not accompany this time, are planning to do business with Muslim · Gianna.

It seems that he opens a doctor's office that combines the hobby and profit of Sei Saigyo at a section where anyone can use it freely without requiring permission in particular.

Then, at the same time, slaves who are going to work here will say that they will sell the goods of the former continent beside them.

Even if it should happen, Shizuo Kun would manage somehow.

Although we have a lower fighting ability than us, in general it is a fierce man. Besides, because there is the strongest Ai-chan in the Miki, it is even worrying about not involving an unrelated person.

However, as trusting that it would do well if you are a three-man, it's okay.

Anyway, let's say you're ready so let's go quickly.

Because the map which understands direction to some extent is kept from [god owner], this time I decided to aim at the deepest part with the shortest route.

Because the search can be done even after it is over.


Day 387

"The 388th day"

The inside of [the castle house of the sand castle] was exactly a maze.

The sand which constitutes the beautiful interior of the castle inside the foreign country which is not beautiful so far flowing, sometimes the wall is born, occasionally the wall is born, occasionally the passage is extended, occasionally the room appears.

The interior that is changing every moment confuses the entrant. It is likely to be difficult to go outside even if you are bad.

The emerging dungeon monsters also change depending on the inside, they attack not only from the front but also many races that have been good at surprises and secret occasions.

To give some examples -

Sometimes it mimics sand walls, and attacks are set without sounds from the blind spot "

We usually await an intruder at the center of a room which is only visible on a normal floor and predispose prey by the pit of a sandstorm which is difficult to escape "

"Sand Iron Slime" falling from the ceiling without signs and scraping with fine iron sand flowing violently in the body while wrapping the prey "

Each one is small and weak but attacks prey with countless flocks, carnivorous breeding into the body ""

"Sand golem" that forms the body with moving sand and continues to regenerate unless the core in the body somewhere is destroyed

A viper snoozing about two meters at a time with a demon that makes a person sleep a person who has eyes and eyes while being about a meter long.

- and so on.

It is certainly a strong tribe, and although there are many opponents at once at the same time, it is the current opponent.

With so much response, we used to capture together to a certain extent.

[Castle of Sand Castle] led by [God Bless Man] led [Secret arm 's arm] continued to capture for many years.

Therefore, the way to capture has already been known.

First, there are five areas of [the castle of the sand castle].

Perhaps the central area where the dungeon boss will sit on the four east, west, north and south.

There is an entrance and exit in the central area, and if you go for hundreds of meters, you can find a bigger door as you can even enter a giant.

There are four dents in the door that releases the presence as saying that the fine décor is given and the dungeon boss is there ahead.

By placing something key here, the door opens and the way to the dungeon boss will come out.

And something that is key is an item that drops by subverting the dungeon monster of the area boss - hierarchical boss, like the field boss - placed in a special large room existing in the north, south, east, west, north and south respectively.

Actually [the god owner] and his men were able to fill up and fill one while paying a great deal of sacrifice, so it would be almost certain that the doors will open if it is possible to arrange four.

That's why we need to get four keys, but because it's not fun to go along as it gathers together, we decided to do time attacks in four groups according to east-west north and south.

It's a simple content that only comes back with keys, but everyone is serious about it, as he places the bottom at the top and wins that the hope of being granted will come true.

It is a grouping, but one group is me and children.

The two teams are Kanami and Susan.

The three teams are Mino Yoshi and red hair shorts.

The four teams are Mr. Buri and Asuji.


It's a little different from usual.

It would not be fun to say that the same partner for everyone who is basically on good terms.

It is not bad to combine with a different opponent, also as an occasion.

It is a bet that began for that reason, I wonder if it was somewhat good.

By the way, the structure of [the castle of the sand castle] is complex, occasionally fatal trap is laid on the thing, others were the ordinary [Kamiyo Dungeon] with no other place to change.

It would have been troublesome personally that it was simply simple or that we had to unravel the mystery, or that it was a special condition or made a difficult structure with a simple structure.

[Successfully subverted Area Boss [Sharq]]

[Treasure box as the first subjunctive bonus [Sandbrush sword coffin] was awarded]

The key that the upper body is human and the lower body is the scorpion of the area boss is obtained like a sword.


Day 388

"388 days"

We got the key safely late in the evening yesterday and gathered in front of the gate we had to spend the night there.

The ranking of the key collection ranked first in the four teams of Mr. Buri and Asu - chan, the second group is Kanami - chan and the two stars of the Space star, the third place is Mino Yoshikuni and the third group of the red hair short, the fourth place is It is the result that I and one group of children.

It was the result that I was the last to capture with safety first for children.

It seems that we have spent more time than we thought, as we did not only visit but also sometimes weakened and let us fight.

Even if we attack a little bit more, it may have been fine for children now, but it will not be good to kill instant death on the other hand, so it will be such a thing.

To tell the truth, I did not imagine that the four teams of Mr. Buri and Asu-chan would be the top, apparently it seems that time has been shortened by Asu-chan moving forward while breaking the sand wall.

Well, it is Asu-chan who has crushed a hard rock from usual. Although it is hard, although it is the wall of [Kamiyo Dungeon], it is said that it is not so difficult now.

During the battle, Mr. Buri rushes forward and kills himself, searching is the shortest route, and it is also nod to become such a ranking.

The two teams of Kanami and Sen Mi of the second place are in a good order.

Both search and battle are secured at a high standard, in some sense the most balanced team.

Even if you are misled by the maze, you will be able to draw correct answers in a short time.

On the other hand, the three teams, Mino Yoshikuni and Red Hair Short, in the third place, are low in search ability, regardless of battle.

Both are from the brain muscles, so it seems to be a result of struggling with the internal structure that is confused by a complicated structure.

While thinking as losing defeat.

Since I can not help it, I am going to receive punishment grudges, but after eating breakfast I put the keys in and opened the door.

And at the end of the door, there was a red - black sand giant as if he had sucked a lot of blood, as "a warrant of the sorrow of the sand castle.

I think that it is a dungeon boss, unfortunately it still seems to be an area boss.

The length of the body exceeds ten meters, the lower body is a scorpion with huge scissors and poisonous dripping tail. Eighth arms in the upper body like a human each have huge gifts, a thick heavy body like armrests like sand hardened, a spiral staircase leading to the upper floor behind the "Kodensha Soldier of Sand Castle" wearing full-body armor Because there is a thing, can we say as a trial before the dungeon boss?

We had to defeat the "Kodensha Soldier of Sand Castle" which was arranged in order to get the keys, but Knight Guard soldier Sharuk I knocked down sword, Kanami killed us The Konbuden soldier Garb who did it got the ax, the konbuto soldier Minobichi killed, Spears, the Kurogyan soldier Shamar who had defeated the spears got a dagger.

And the "Kodensha Soldiers of the Sand Castle" is as if they were united, looking towards the intruders we gave a roar of anger.

Technology that can be contested against the appearance is super class. Besides a variety of attacks due to gifts, scissors of the lower body and piercing of poisonous tails can not be discerned.

Moreover, as long as it does not break the small hard eight cores somewhere in the body, it regenerates almost indefinitely, not only is it possible to divide as many as the core, but also by indiscriminate range attack like sandstorm by sandification There are also many special abilities such as being able to do.

The room waiting for itself also has the function to assist the "Kodensha Soldier of Sand Castle" and it will be much stronger than fighting outside.

It is a dungeon monster of the level which will be forced to annihilate if fought normally, or to be forced to withdraw from dying.

However, this time the opponent was simply too bad this time.

That would not be the case, a ruthless ruin falls on the "Kodensha Soldier of Sand Castle".

[Successfully subjugated Area Boss [Wasato, Kodensha Soldier of Sand Castle]]

[Treasure box as the first subjunctive bonus [Sand phantom warrior coffee] was awarded]

Tens of minutes after the start of the battle, when all the cores were removed by taking the movement of the "Kodensha Soldier of Sand Castle" of things somehow endured from its toughness, a large amount of reddish sand was left behind.

In the meantime, eat the core, collect sand with [the whole plant] and compress it small with [high compression]. It's enough to make a giant. When it becomes compressed and becomes the size as big as the human head, it is more difficult than this.

I tried to eat it with pakuri that it became hardness which can not be shaved with a mithral knife because it was compressed.

I thought that I could not learn anything, but I had a feeling that it was still a bit lacking.

As we expect later, we will go up the spiral staircase.

The spiral staircase continued steadily whether the fighting also in space.

Apart from occasional battle with dungeon monsters, did the small hour keep going up?

A huge round rock rolled from the top of the staircase, the stage of the stairs suddenly disappeared and it looked like a slide, a lot of sand caught from the top, and the spiral staircase where a gloomy trap was settled finally The end came.

Before the spiral staircase, it was an open big room not hundreds of meters square.

In the case of

Coco has stairs that came up and some big windows that can see the outside.

There are no decorative items to color large rooms, and there are no furniture such as chairs and desks. I thought that the dungeon boss of [the castle house of the sand castle] is also a throne suitable for sitting here, but it was bewildering that there was really nothing.

Well, where is the dungeon boss in such a large room where there is nothing like this, thinking so, walking towards the center of the large room, a part of the sand floor rises.

The sand overflowed like a gobo gobo, it eventually formed a monster monster.

The lower half of the monster is a huge scorpion of a strange shape wearing a vampire black violet spotted shellfish, the upper body of the monster is a clean woman with a beautiful demon wearing a thin dandelion.

If you look only at the upper body, there is a hard and inviolable atmosphere like a [saint] somewhere, but the lower body with four violent scissors and three venomous tails stands out as much.

It was a dungeon boss called "a female teacher of a sand castle" that appeared.

"The female teacher of the sand castle" which gives a sense of intimidation suitable for the dungeon boss of [the castle of the sand castle] opened the closed eyelids and glared at the surroundings with the red eyes.

Did you recognize us reflected in it as an enemy, "Are you OK! "It emits a shriek scream.

The grudge was put in, it shocked and trembled the big room and rippled the surroundings. Instead of a metaphor, the large room ruffed literally.

The change from there was dramatic.

The undulating surroundings are overflowing with sand that springs up like the "female teacher of the sand castle" appeared, forming a monster one after another.

First of all, thirty bodies of "Kodensha Soldier of Sand Castle" killed to gain the key will appear. After that, two "Soldiers of the Konju guards" appeared.

Dungeon monsters that have appeared do not have to be mentioned unlike before, and it seems that the case is one or two times lower than individuals who have been defeated, but there are many numbers to compensate for it.

The large room where there was considerable leeway is now the enemy 's nest, and a wall to protect the dungeon boss' s "female teacher of the sand castle" was built.

From that, it seems that the "female teacher of a sand castle" is stronger as a flock than a piece, the enemy of a pattern that tends to be a dungeon boss.

Whether you are ready, "the female teacher of the sand castle" spun a [magic] using the devil held in his hand while being protected by the underlying wall, and in parallel with it spewing light purple poison smoke from the three tails .

Poison smoke is very toxic to see and it seems dangerous even if there is [tolerance]. Moreover, it can be inferred that [Magic] being spun from experience is a powerful silo monochrome which blows off to the subordinate communities.

It seems that my head is not bad because I understand my own role and demonstrate the maximum effect, so it is likely that unpleasant behavior will increase if I chase it.

While watching the details, I cut a sword of the second swing that I wore on my back.

In accordance therewith, [Arc Moon Flight Slow] [Storm Wind · Reform] [Saint Cross Strike · Reform] [Reinforcement of the Great Cut Stimulus] etc. duplicate activation.

Also add a similar line of 'warfare'.

Black and white, and the flying slash colored with red phosphorescence ripped out the dungeon monster who was in the direction of travel without asking questions, and the "teacher of a sand castle" lurking in the back reaches that red - black sand wall instantly produced It was.

But the red-black sand walls would not have been extraordinary hardness.

The sand wall broke down as though it were sharp and harsh sounds like a thick metal sheet, but it has not arrived. In the case of

Were you afraid of the imminent "death" near you, or because of anger against rude invaders?

That 's an unknown thing' s female teacher of sand castle that outperformed the attack, a roaring like a scream, it was a sign of a full battle commencement.

While the remaining dungeon monsters are going offensive, this also punishes enemies.

MONO Yoshi - kun 's rush with shelling. Mr. Buri 's blood sword.

Kanami's demon ice to freeze. Sorcerer's magic group like a meteor.

Raid of red hair shorts like beasts. And remote attacks of children.

Although it is wide, this is a space covered with sand walls around here.

The roar that shakes the body reverberates and vibrates as if it had happened even in the case of a big earthquake.

The battle becomes fierce with the time, the trace of fierce battles fierce and engraved in the big room.

Dungeon monsters that are more tough than their strength because of their characteristics take a little time, but they have already experienced battle.

I also knew how to kill, so I almost scoffed for as long as thirty minutes passed.

At the end, the lower part of the scorpion was cut off and the red core, the heart, was scooped up by my silver arms and ended wiping out.

I was thinking about getting delicious afterwards, but the body of the "female teacher of the sand castle" has become a sand, leaving the core inside the hand.

Why is it so.

[Dungeon Boss "The female teacher of the sand castle" was successfully suppressed]

[Clear condition of the divine psalm [the castle of the sand castle] [the sandstone castle tower] [annihilation of the army] [the teacher capture] was achieved

[Special ability [One night Sand Castle] was granted to one person who achieved achievement]

[Treasure box [fantasy sand castle pillar] was awarded as the first subjunctive bonus to the accomplished party]

[Use of warp gates will be banned as a privilege after capture]

[Please note that the warp gate applies only to the capturers]

[Psalm awakening person / part of the divine power of [the god of the sand castle]] was collected for the shrine psalteric caption by the main character]

[God power collected by God with poor quality was played because the collector was Ogami]

[A part of the played power is materialized by regulation]

[Night Tenzouko one row got [Sand Castle God Sand Tree Vase]! It is! ]

[It became possible to get the dominated labyrinth by the effect of the special abilities [plunder labyrinth / cynomanism]]

[By conformity condition, you can loot [the castle of the sand castle]. Do you loot it?

«YES» «NO»

The material of the dungeon boss is only the core, and the mass of the sand gathered by [high compression]. I will drop my shoulders and shoulders, but as I eat it at a later date.

[Sacred God Sand Tree Vase] It is a simple pot about 50 centimeters in length, which has only one day but it changes to any structure Collect infinite sand - and treasure box and select «YES ».

[Special abilities [plunder labyrinth / exoticism] triggered. From the present moment the control of [the castle of the sand castle] has transitioned from [the god of the sand castle] to the night Tenzoko]

[Please adjust labyrinths arbitrarily after that]

After that I fiddled with setting as usual.

We will scrutinize treasure chests and other treasures collected by Kanami - chan from "Kodensha Guard of Sand Castle" and increase the difficulty of capturing so as not to be captured, and increase troublesome traps.

And if you set up [demon gate] in a newly built hidden room it is completed.

The name was made to be [the demon tower of the sand castle] at the texture.

After I finish my work I drink a little labyrinth and go out.

It was around evening, so I'm looking forward to dinner from my sisters who will be waiting at «Mushuram · Gianna».


Day 389

"The 389th day of the week"

One day thing I have to do absolutely has ended now that I was able to build [the demon gate] on the New Continent.

It is a translation that we can go back and forth between continents at any moment, but that does not mean I can not translate sightseeing.

Because the ingredients I have not seen yet are waiting for us.

Certain ingredients that may be at the end of the desert area, such as foods that sleep in some [Kamiyo dungeon], such as the 'emperor' something like ordinary taste, are certainly in here.

So in our translation, we have a unit remaining in «Mushuram · Gianna», a unit that goes inland through a giant river that leads to the ocean through urban center «Gangjinamus Okawa», and other various freedom units I decided to break up.

Just deciding a rough direction and not acting as a unit.

Each degree of freedom to act freely judge and act, respectively, it is a tequilo policy.

If it is insufficient, it will be more cautious but in the present situation it will be impossible to some extent, so it would be nice to feel such a warm feeling.

If there is something there is enough power to deal with each person, it is also important to move so as not to be cowardly while acting carefully so as not to make irreparable failures.

In such a way, I and Kanami and red hair shorts etc are troops heading inland, Sei Saigyo and Ai-chan are remaining troops, Mino Kichi-kun, Asi-chan, Shari Bli and Space stars and so on too much Members who worry about being free became troops acting freely.

While taking contact regularly, we were quickly spreading to the New Continent.


Day 390

In [Sharkhead issue] which became a ship by [], we were running up the giant river «Gangjinamus Taiga».

On the way, I interceded with various small and large merchant ships and fishing boats, or interacted with ethnic minorities who built villages around «Ganzinamus Taiga», while fishing.

While I was able to see the scenery of the surroundings when I was moving up, the scenery as informed was spreading as well.

Although there is green around «Gangzinamus Taiga», there are not so many plants to be seen in the mountains far away. It will be different if it approaches, but only from a distance there is a brown mountain.

While thinking that it would be a tough journey on land, we were going slowly.

By the way it is a desert version such as [a bandit] - [bandit] and a [pirate] etc encountered immediately while heading towards [Kamiya Dungeon] where Mino Yoshikun and Ajiang who are acting differently are in the center of the desert - It seems that they are doing grin on the party of [adventurer] who has attacked whether they misunderstood a group of monsters or a monster.

Everyone else is similar, and it seems that Mr. Buri and the Space stars are acting for each hobby.

Mr. Buri is buying swords such as various sorcerers and holy swords, and Susan Mr. Susan buying the knowledge of new magic wrote.

At first it seems that he was going around a large general store, but the amount that earnings earned can only be earned is high. It seems that hands have been extended to the place where the hand of the hand is «Muşlam · Gianna» the best one - the dealer merchant Grandes - although buying what you want with pom-pong.

I will not be able to meet the Grandes himself yet, but I am expecting personally that I will somehow become a knockout.

Saigyo-kun is walking around while treating cheap while taking care of slaves who will become local clerks.

Sei Saigyo can be easily treated if it dies even if it dies, and the mild atmosphere is easy to be familiar to others.

Such Saigyo - kun is a couple who finds patients with their eyes, and when they are walking along with Ai - chan who is leaping while escorting while trying to increase the number of corrupt friends, the night of the [blue cloth lady] dominates I stepped into downtown.

Then, she rescued the prostitutes and prostitutes suffering from sexually transmitted diseases such as victims who were difficult to treat, and so on, the information seems to be spreading gradually.

Everybody is moving in a busy way, but we are going to be busy if time comes anyway, so I think I will take care of the temporary situation like now.

That's why I took the grilled chicken of a fish like an eel to catch here.

Unfortunately it can not be accompanied by sister who can not accompany it Iwaki who cooked it, it really cooked alcohol.

Likewise, the sake that was born in that place would suit the ingredients of the land.

Eat goblins with dripping sauce of sauce and taste it with a labyrinthine.

Oh, what a temporary bliss?