She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman (LN) Volume 1 Chapter 11 / Chapters List

Situated on the fifth floor of the Royal Castle, the king’s office had the privilege of overlooking the city’s lake. And it was inside of such special place that Mira and Solomon stood, completely alone. Awaiting further orders on the corridor that led to the room were the king’s loyal servants, Reynard, the Knight, and Joachim, the Expert.

The interior of Solomon’s study was surrounded by bookshelves, with every single one of them packed full of books containing knowledge about the techniques and histories of places from all sides of the world. Under the view of said bookshelves, the king was currently sitting on a leather-covered chair, his back closely pressed against the furniture. On the other hand, Mira was nonchalantly observing the room as she sat down on the corner of a sofa that looked dangerously close to get buried by official documents.

“Well, this place seems like a complete mess, you know?”

“Come on, I’m so loaded with work there’s no way I could find a breather to clean the room.”

Even if he was addressing a young girl, the tone Solomon used to speak with her was incredibly informal, unthinkable for someone who stood as the king of a country. That, however, wasn’t a problem since Mira had already forgotten the difference between the positions they currently held in the kingdom.

“Humm, indeed.”

After that reply, both of them straightened their postures and exchanged looks.

“First of all, could I go directly to the point and ask you something?”

Solomon focused intently on Mira while raising his index finger.

“Alright, what is it?”

With the intent of increasing her level of comfort while sitting, the girl took the many documents that were in her way, on the sofa, and placed them indiscriminately by her own feet. During that time, she just directed an affirmative answer to the king, without paying much attention to the person himself.

“Are you… Dunbalf?”

Those words were enough to bring her back and Mira caught herself turning to look at Solomon with surprised eyes, the official papers she held moments ago now scattered all over the floor. The reason she was taken aback was simply because the young girl was in the middle of thought, trying to find a harmless way to explain, if possible, her current situation. She wanted to keep to a minimum the damage to her own image, or rather, to her very existence as a human being.

However, not even in her wildest dreams did Mira expect it would be the king himself who would start with that delicate subject. Furthermore, his question wasn’t something he used to try and collect basic information about her, but actually a means to confirm his suspicion; the smile on Solomon’s face already revealed how much he was sure about that fact and had no traces of his usual love for playing pranks on others. Finally, after looking at that very expression he displayed, Mira was able to confirm that, without a doubt, the boy in front of her was none other than her close friend Solomon, the person with whom she’d worked hard together when it was still a game.

At least,