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somehow, things will be quick then and she won’t even need to fabricate any more lies. While disregarding her own image for now, the girl decided that the first thing she needed was to get a good grasp of the current situation. Without paying any mind to the documents she’d dropped, Mira once again sat down on the sofa with all her weight.

“Indeed, well done.”

To Mira’s short and affirmative answer, Solomon’s lips parted into a huge grin.

“Man, talk about a complete change!”

While holding a hand over his mouth and giggling like mad, the king glanced at Mira over and over; every time he caught a glimpse of her figure, he would lose it and burst out in laughter.

“Yeah yeah yeah, a lot of stuff happened to cause this, you know?”

The girl glared at the laughing Solomon, a disgruntled and sour look in her eyes.

“But that kind of change… it’s like heaven and earth. Well, somehow, that’s so like you. That loli body, I mean.”

“Oh, leave me alone.”

He held his laughter back while eyeing Mira’s whole body again and gave his seal of approval. However, that only made her turn away and pout, seemingly annoyed. The entire scene was so ridiculous that, at first glance, no one would be able to guess it was made by one of the highest ranking Experts of the kingdom together with that country’s very king.

“Anyway, could you answer me something first? Just what is this world?”

Mira started with the most simple and direct question she had.

Solomon briefly finished laughing and, while fixing his posture, sorted out the information he had in his head to finally reply with a few words.

“I don’t know.”

“How is that possible? Even after thirty years you do not know anything?”

Her eyes slightly widened when she heard what the king said.

“Oh yeah, that’s right. Properly speaking, we’re not in a game. The world here is real, but… is this planet somewhere in the same universe as our Earth, the place we were born? Or are we now living in a world from some kind of universe that follows a completely different set of laws? What if it isn’t any of that and we’re actually in a dimension composed of principles that are outside our very comprehension? I still can’t answer these questions so that’s what I actually meant when I said ‘I don’t know.’ ”

“I see now… but anyway, we really are in a real world, huh?”

“Most likely. Just what kind of crazy daydream would make it possible for one to clearly feel the passage of thirty years?”

Solomon shrugged while directing his gaze at a part of the bookshelves, replete of data collected from events that had happened during those three decades since the game became reality; “I really did my best.” he said in a self-praise upon seeing the sheer amount of information stored there.

“Well then, in my case it would still be enough for me to think of it as a dream…”

“Okay, that’s fine since you’ve only spent one day here. But, too bad! This is real.”

Spent one day. In a sense, these words reminded Mira of a really important question that kept bothering her mind.

“By the way, Solomon. How did you know