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that I was Dunbalf?”

She didn’t remember giving any hint that would lead to such conclusion. At most, it would be the Master Key, but the excuse that it was an item given to her by her master wasn’t something so poor it would fall apart so easily. In fact, both Litalia and Mariana were convinced after seeing the key. Anyway, who would really expect that someone who went missing for thirty years would suddenly reappear there? That boy, however, got the answer right in an instant. There must’ve been a reason for that and Mira wanted to hear it.

“Hmmm, yeah. If I were to go into details it would take too much time, so I’ll be brief. I received a report from my Magic Clothed Knights stating that they’d met a young girl named Mira. It also detailed that said girl was a Summoning Expert who controlled an incredibly strong Dark Knight. And right after the report, I heard that some girl, also called Mira, appeared in one of the Silver Linked Towers and claimed to be Dunbalf’s apprentice.”

“So with that alone you managed to guess it?”

“Oh no, I received the report yesterday night immediately after checking the Friend List. For thirty years your status had appeared as offline but, on that day, it changed to online.”

“Wait, did you just say ‘Friend List’?”

Of course, that list wasn’t something unknown to Mira; simply put, it allowed one to register friends and verify if they were online or not. What she really wanted to know was where did Solomon find such thing in the menu. If there were an entry for it she might have tried to open the list, but that was exactly the reason Mira didn’t consider doing that. When the girl was still in a game, the Friend List could be accessed by opening the System entry in the menu, but that option was now gone from the screen. Then, how did her friend manage to check that Friend List and confirm that she was online?

“The System option in the Menu is gone, so how is it even possible that you managed to open the list?”

“Man, that’s right. Considering you’ve just arrived in this world, you must only know thegame methods to do that stuff, right?”

When he finished talking, Solomon placed his fingers in the usual position to open the Menu, over the bracelet on his left arm, and kept them there. After a short while, a screen that only the boy could see was projected to him, its appearance differing from the regular Menu.

“Now, try copying what I did a moment ago.”

Mira did exactly what she had seen him doing and continued to press her fingertips against the Menu. A second later, a completely new screen appeared and, there, she was able to confirm the entries in the list.

“Ohoho… look at this…”

From top to bottom, the items listed in the menu were: 『Friend List』, 『Map』 and 『Divine Protection』.

“There is one entry here I have never seen before…”

The girl murmured in surprise and tried selecting the “Map” entry that floated mid-air. Although the entire screen suddenly blanked out, there were no further changes to it.

“Hey, Solomon. What is up with this ‘Map’ in the menu? I believe it did not