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exist before…”

Since she didn’t understand what it did even after testing the item, Mira was quick to ask her friend. Then, while closing his terminal, Solomon turned his eyes to look at the girl.

“It’s a newly added entry. If you leave a map in the special items section of your item box, it can be easily accessed through that ‘Map’ entry. Pretty useful, no?”

“Ohh, so that is how you use it. Yeah, it is handy, indeed.”

The moment Mira heard the king’s explanation, she instantly understood just how convenient was that item in the menu. Basically, it could be said that while playing in a game that boasted a naturally large world, the “Map” function was essential; however, Ark Earth Online did not have such a feature. Instead, there were rough diagrams of the continent sold at the Beginners’ Three Kingdoms, but even then their selling price was at a level that newbies, the ones who needed maps the most, couldn’t afford.

Although later the players managed to create more detailed versions of that kind of item, they still needed to take out and unfold a different map for each region if they wanted to check a certain location. Of course, those maps had no markings on them, let alone a dot that would show the player’s current position.

“Right? If you have a map with you, why don’t you put it in your special items section now?”

On his suggestion, Mira immediately opened her item box but then, she found no map there.

“Ahh, now I remember. I left all my maps in the flying island.”

“Oohh my. Now that’s a disaster you have there.”

That flying island she mentioned was the ¥2000 item from the cash shop, the Floating Continent. When her item box had gotten incredibly cluttered, she ended up placing all the maps inside the wooden house of her portable mass of land. In most cases, when Mira wanted to go somewhere (a dungeon, labyrinth or a field, for example) she would use the Floating Continent and check the corresponding map to reach the place. But right now, that convenient way of traveling backfired on her.

Then, at that moment, she was reminded of something..

“Now that I think about it, I cannot find the Cash Shop Management menu…”

As the girl expressed her concerns, even though Solomon displayed a meaningful smile on his face, a distinct and serious tone appeared in his voice when he proceeded to answer.

“Apparently, that entry is simply gone, together with the ‘Message Box’ and the ‘Shutdown’ to log out.”

The Cash Shop Management was, just like its name said, a menu that handled everything related to cash shop items; obviously, it was right there that one could select and use the Floating Continent. Since that entry disappeared, it meant that her ability to access her flying island was also gone.

“No… way…”

“Yeah, at first I was really upset. All kinds of holy swords were left on my flying island… ahh, even now I can still remember them clear as day…”

Afterwards, while under the comfortable light generated by a lamp in the office, somehow both people there spent a few moments simply staring at the space in front