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of them, reminiscing about the many items they’d lost. Inside the room, the shadows cast on the walls wavered faintly and hopelessly, as if reflecting the two friends’ state of mind.


“Anyway, after finding out about me, you went and sent that urgent invitation for the audience, right?”

Despite the fact that the wound inflicted on her by the earlier shock was still big, Mira managed to recover herself.

“Exactly. The timing was simply too perfect, you know? And even if your appearance had changed, I could guess that it was because of the Vanity Case. Something like that wouldn’t be impossible to happen.”

Following Mira, Solomon also sealed once again the scars from his past and turned to face the reality in front of his eyes.

“If I knew this would have happened, I would have never used it in the first place…”

“You were so obsessed with that appearance of yours to the point you created a damn collection of screenshots of your avatar doing cool poses. That’s why I thought you absolutely liked that old man’s image… but why did you end up changing it?”

“Hmm, well… it is a long history…”

She then continued and talked about how she had received a message informing that her game money balance would be expiring soon, resulting in her buying the only ¥500 item in the shop. Next, while omitting the fact that she’d pulled an all-nighter after deciding to create the ideal female image, Mira explained she had just wanted to check, out of curiosity, the parts that could be selected by the Vanity Case.

“And then you turned out like that, huh.”

While displaying a bit of compassion on his face, Solomon expressed how it was, indeed, a misfortune that had happened to the girl.

“Yep. I do not remember ever hitting the ‘confirm’ button, only that I fell asleep while looking at the screen.”

“Reaally…? It’s pretty strange for you to suddenly doze off like that. You probably lost yourself working on the character editing.”

“When I noticed, I had spent the whole night on it.”

It was too late, but Mira realized her mouth had just splendidly betrayed her. Furthermore, that longtime friend of hers had already started to suspect something was missing from her history. To prove his assumptions, Solomon moved his lips and spoke.

“That ‘Mira-chan’ of yours was really done with all your might… ”

“…It is my greatest masterpiece…”

“Yup, yup! Say it again! That loli body is soo like you!”

The king looked like a kid whose prank was successful, but that appearance was easily overshadowed as the corners of his mouth distorted in a broad and wicked smile. In the past, the two of them used to talk all night about the characters and idols they liked; as a result, they easily understood each other’s preferences. And because of that, Solomon was able to see through Mira’s excessively honest figure.

So far, the girl didn’t give out any specific examples of her interests, so she tried thinking objectively about her own appearance, something that was customly made from head to toe. Then, upon realizing that she was now a walking embodiment