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enjoying that spectacle, as evidenced by his smile, Joachim reproached Reynard.

“There’s a problem, though, Joachim. Will the others accept the likes of that little girl?”

“She is the disciple of Dunbalf-sama. Isn’t this one of the greatest titles someone could have?”

“Hhhnngh… certainly…”

Having their circumstances arbitrarily decided by others, Mira and Solomon finally realized the entire situation they were currently in. The girl was straddling over the boy with their faces close to each other; simultaneously, the boy was feeling an extremely pleasant and soft sensation through his hand. Then, coupled with Reynard and Joachim’s behavior, they deduced the answer to that entire scene. Finally, at the same time, both friends looked at each other in the eyes and, as if kicking one away from the other, instantly separated themselves, keeping a considerable distance between their bodies.

“Hey, wait a moment! You people are making a huge misunderstanding there!!”

“Yeah, she’s right. When Mira was falling I ended up getting dragged by her and fell down too, there’s nothing else besides that.”

In a big hurry, they attempted an explanation by correcting what the others had said. However, compared to the spectacle witnessed just now by the king’s assistants, their words had zero persuasive power.

“Ah, Solomon-sama. Just in case, I will leave it to Your Majesty on how to conduct yourself when we leave.”

“For the sake of the Kingdom… for an heir…”

While Joachim finished with some unnecessary lines and Reynard dreamed of the future, they both calmly left the office and gently closed the door.

“I’ll hold an emergency meeting later…”

“I feel bad for you.”

“Don’t go thinking it doesn’t concern you.”

“If I return to my old appearance using that Vanity Case it will be fine, right?”

Instead of working out a way to clear the misunderstanding, it would be faster to just restore Dunbalf’s figure. That was what Mira suggested while pointing at the item in Solomon’s hand.

“Ahh… that’s impossible. Did you forget this was a cash shop item?”

“Of course I did not. I am aware that since we cannot access the cash shop anymore, this item is indeed really valuable. If you let me use it, I promise to work with all my might for you and repay your generosity. So, give that item to me.”

Just like a kitten leaping at its prey, the girl reached for the king’s hand.

“I’m talking about the rules for this kind of item. You can’t give or trade them with others.”

As he reminded Mira about that rule, Solomon extended his arm and held out the Vanity Case to her.

“Oh come on, look. I can just pick it up like… wait a moment, what is the meaning of this!?”

When Mira, whose fingers were the only part of her hands not covered by her sleeves, tried to take the item from the boy’s hand, something unexpected happened. As if laughing at her efforts, her fingertips hopelessly went through the Vanity Case like it were a simple hologram, leaving no sensation of touch.

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