She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman (LN) Volume 1 Chapter 7 / Chapters List

Through her closed eyelids, the dim sunlight stimulated the young girl’s pupils and slowly brought her back from her drifting consciousness.

After a while, Mira sat on the canopy bed and started tidying up her thin and now out of shape clothing. At the same time, she opened her small lips and took a deep breath, trying to keep her drowsy self awake. That, however, was in vain. Succumbing to the vestiges of sleepiness that still affected her, the girl’s eyes closed as her back made contact with the bed once again, her mind drifting away to the land of dreams.

Then, the moment she finally fell asleep, Mira’s slumber was disturbed anew by something else. Inside that quiet room at the highest floor of the tower, where not even the birds’ cries could reach, a muffled and rhythmical sound could be heard, over and over again. Against her own will, the girl ended up half-woken by that terrible noise. While staring blankly around her with unfocused eyes, she got up and, surprised, found herself in an unfamiliar and very luxurious room.

“Where am I…?”

Triggered by the high-pitched voice that escaped from her lips, all the events that happened yesterday suddenly gushed forth like a geyser and filled Mira’s mid. At the same time, similar to dizziness, she was affected by a slight sense of loss as the girl became aware of her current state. “Ohh, I see…” was the only thing she could mutter in response, resigned to her fate.

Still not used to her petite body, Mira let herself slide to the edge of the bed and sat there, taking a breather. But all of a sudden, from that position, she caught sight of her young and charming legs; now revealed by the flipped over end of her robe. The light shining in from the gap in the curtains worked almost like a spotlight, somehow emphasizing even more the pure whiteness of her skin; Mira was simply at a loss for words.

Even though she was blushing like a teenage boy, the young girl observed her legs and used her fingertips to quietly feel and verify their skin: it had just the proper degree of flexibility and softness, as ascertained by Mira’s sense of touch. She also clearly became aware of another thing that was going through her brain at that exact time. It was something Mira had felt yesterday while observing her own body, a sky-high sense of arousal.

“…But wait a moment, just what is this noise so early in the morning?”

With her mind now completely awake, the girl finally noticed the incomprehensible and rhythmic sound that had started while she was still asleep; consequently, she strained her ears to try and identify it.

(*knock knock knock*)

First came the sound of something hard being hit; next was the faint and unclear voice of a person. In the end, what Mira managed to grasp was that at least two people were talking, so she left the bedroom to check if anything had happened. As she got closer to the main door of the Private Room, the voices and their intention were made clearer, the chaotic noise from before now forming recognizable words in Mira’s ears.

“Mira-sama, are you there?