She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman (LN) Volume 1 Chapter 8 / Chapters List

The paved road that started outside of Silver Horn and led to the capital of the kingdom, Lunatic Lake, was surrounded by a forest. And currently, a single carriage was rushing through it; the wagon’s wheels and horses echoing in the distance.

Nicknamed “Thousand-mile Carriage”, that two-horse vehicle was only used in urgent matters to carry VIP personnel. This fact revealed just how much King Solomon wanted to see Mira, considering that simply picking up guests for a meeting wasn’t the original purpose of that kind of transport. The girl herself, even with all the shaking, was greatly enjoying that first experience of traveling in a carriage, exclaiming, “Wow, this is incredible! It is so fast!” while looking at the moving scenery from the window.

When it was still a game, she could simply use the Floating Continent to travel long distances. That option, however, wasn’t available anymore as the System entry in the menu was gone and, with it, the command to use the item. But even if that command were there, Mira had doubts on whether the Floating Continent would work or not in that world. Nevertheless, just as she didn’t want to worry about her current situation as a girl, Mira also wanted to forget any problem related to the game turning into reality, so she chose to enjoy herself for now.

Sadly for her, that joy was disturbed less than two hours after departing from Silver Horn. The young girl started to look a little fidgety and her eyes were searching all around her; an effect of the same physiological phenomenon she had challenged the night before. And this time it was especially bad, as the continued shaking in the carriage made the situation around her abdomen feel increasingly dangerous. Finally, believing she couldn’t endure it anymore, Mira snuck her head out to look at the coachman seat.

“Hey, is there any WCs around here?”

“Double cheese…? I… don’t think so… is it some sort of food? We’ll be arriving shortly at Silver Wand, so you can just tell me what it is and I’ll gladly pick it up for you.”

“No, I am not talking about that… well, if you were to ask me, I would like something made with pheasant meat….”

“Pheasant… oh, chicken meat? Now that you mention it, we still didn’t have breakfast. Alright, leave it to me. We’ll be a little late for that meal, but we can finally eat after reaching the city.”

“Ahhh, forget what I just said! I am talking about WCs!!”

“Hummm…. I’m terribly sorry… I don’t think I’ve seen such food being sold in Silver Wand…”

“This is not about food! I am looking for a bathroom, toilet, restroom or whatever! Aaahh… stop here! I will find a good place behind a tree to just do it!”

“Ehh…? Ah… aah! That was what you meant!?”

If Mira were in her old body, she would probably be able to hold it for a bit longer; however, that wasn’t the case now. When her young body started complaining about it, the girl’s instincts warned her that she would soon end up wetting herself.

While impatiently poking Garrett’s back countless times and pointing at a proper spot in the woods, Mira urged