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With the errand at the Fool's Wunderkammer complete, Mira and the other two returned to the academy. By the time they arrived it was already past midnight, Pam who fell asleep on the way back has been quietly dismissed.

"Sorry to have you tag along with me until this late, mm."

"Oh, no, it was a very nostalgic experience and I learned a lot. I am very grateful."

When Mira said so, Cleos smiled happy from the bottom of his heart and thanked her. It appeared that his words weren't a lie.

"I also need to say thanks to you, Hinata-sensei. If not for you, I would still be tripping on those puzzles."

"No, no such thing! I have learned a lot, too. I will do my best to put it into use during my classes."

Although Hinata tried to act humble, being told so by Mira must have made her really happy as her tail danced wildly in the air.

"Hm, I see. That's fine then."

Mira stared at Hinata's stiff expression, and thinking that it was great that she managed to contribute even a little to the future of Summoning, she smiled.

Like this, Mira's party dissolved and each of them returned to their normal life.

Since it was late, Hinata would apparently stay the night in the night duty room.

Cleos had preparations to do for tomorrow so he would return to the substitutes' secondary residence that was near the castle.

As for Mira, after she bid farewell to the two she headed straight to the castle.

("It's already late, but I guess he's still up.")

Thinking so, Mira passed the castle gate, exchanged greetings with the guards as she entered, and on the way to the office she encountered Lily.

"Oh, Mira-sama. Did you need something at this late hour?"

The moment Lily saw Mira, her complexion changed at once and she approached Mira assertively.

"Yeah, I had business with Solomon, you see. Is he in the office now?"

Slightly discouraged by Lily's craving expression, Mira explained her objective.

"If it's Solomon-sama, then he is currently having a bath."

"Is that so. I was about to go in vain then, you have my thanks."

Saying so, Mira turned around and headed toward the baths as if to escape from Lily, who kept approaching her closer and closer.

The Arkite Castle had a gorgeous and luxurious public bath. Folded inside its dressing room, there currently were Solomon's king's clothing.

Confirming that, Mira was enticed by the bath's scent and thinking she might as well get in, she started taking off her clothes. It was the result of her wanting to recover in a large bath from the tiredness after finishing work, and of thinking of giving a report at the same time.

Inside the grand bath's murky hot water, there was Solomon's appearance enjoying himself while humming a song.

"I'm baack."

After calling out like this, Mira immediately headed straight for the fountain-equipped bath and under the hot shower.

"That was fast. Inside there. were tricks that you're so bad with, so I thought it would take you an entire day."

Seeing Mira appear like that. Solomon was astounded for an instant, but thinking there was no problem he laughed it off, then stood up and entered the fountain bath once again.

"Good grief, if you knew then you should have told me about it."

Mira pursed her lips as she heavily sat down, immersing herself in the bath.

"But you know, if I told you about it you would get angry at me for spoiling, wouldn't you?"

Not looking sorry at all, Solomon said so as if it was natural.

"...Certainly, that might have been the case."

Unable to deny it, Mira muttered, abruptly ending the topic, and immersed herself in the water up to the top of her head.

"Still, that was quite fast. I thought you would be still running around perplexed."

It was because he knew Mira so well, that Solomon made such a mystified expression when he said so.

"Mm-hm. When I invited Cleos to act as illumination, Hinata-sensei said that she wants to join, so I thought I might as well take her.

Peeking just her face from the water, Mira extended both her arms and legs in a completely relaxed pose and spoke.

"Uh-huh, and?"

Leaning against the edge of the bathtub, Solomon spoke affirmatively.

"And you see, this Hinata-sensei was actually an incredible genius. We let our eyes off her for just a moment and she solved the cube's puzzle, the bridge mechanism also took her just a few minutes."

""THAT" has?! Whoa...that's amazin'."

When Mira explained boastfully, Solomon who actually saw the mechanisms raised a truly impressed voice.

"So that's how you progressed so smoothly. So, how was it? Did you find the documents?"

"Mm-hm, all perfect."

Raising her left arm up high as to show off the bracelet terminal, Mira broke her balance and sank into the bathtub again.

"I see, that's great. It was there in the index, but it could always go missing, so I was a little worried."

Looking with enjoyment as Mira hurriedly raised her head from the water, Solomon smiled with relief.

"Now then, it's about time I'm done."

He said and left the bathtub.

"Ohh, I'll pass the documents to you while you're still here. It would be bad if they got wet, so let's go outside first, mm."

"True, I'll take them."

Following him, Mira stood up, gathered her hair and squeezed water out of them, then together with Solomon headed to the dressing room.

"Here, it's this."

After just lightly wiping off her wet hands with a towel, Mira took out the document copies and extended them to him.

"Looks like it, thanks. Also, good work."

Solomon confirmed the copies of the documents and "I need to go deliver those right away." he said and quickly put clothes on.

"Oh right. How long will it take to decrypt?"

While opening the door to the bath, Mira turned around and asked abruptly. If it was to take time, then the amount of free time she had would increase by the amount it would take. It was no wonder she was interested.

"Hmm. Let's see. "I will decrypt it within less than a day as long as I have the documents" is what Süleyman said."

"...That's fast, mm."

Solomon must have known why did Mira ask, which is why he smiled like a mischievous kid. Once again made aware of Süleyman's competence, Mira muttered with resignation.

"Well then, I'll be going ahead. Good night~."

"Mm-hm, good night."

After seeing off Solomon who finished dressing up and left the dressing room with a light gait, Mira once again returned to the bath. There, she broke into a run and leaping like a rabbit she dove into the bath.

"It's all miiiine!"

What awaited her there, was an overwhelming sense of liberation. Unable to endure, Mira started to swim. It was in order to fulfill her wish to try swimming inside a large bath at least once in her life.

She did flutter kicks and breaststroke, and floating on the water turned upside, too. It was when Mira enjoyed her time in the bath to the fullest. The moment she saw the door open, maids who finished their work have entered one after another.


Suddenly encountering the maids while in a floating posture left Mira so embarrassed that she quietly looked away. The eyes of the maids who looked at her were full of warmth.

With the appearance of the maids the monopoly of the bath had ended, but Mira who wanted to take her time in the bath, busily looked all over to fulfill another of her desires.

("What a superb view.")

There was no one on their guard in there, and nothing that could hide them. Bare skin filled Mira's entire view. With water droplets increasing their charms, the maids exposed their bare skin in front of her.

Mira compared the size and shape of each of them and smiled, enjoying her time. Acting unashamed, she peeked at everyone perfectly and beyond all suspicion.


Leaning back on the rim of the bathtub, Mira muttered with satisfaction.

"Are you maybe tired?"

When she did, Lily peeked in at her face from right next to her.

"I'm a hard worker, after all."

All things aside, she did go to a dungeon's deepest level and came back. It was no lie that she was tired.

"In that case, how about I give you a massage? It's my specialty."

Lily said so and smiled gently. However, her eyes shone like that of a beast who is after its prey.

"Hooh, that sounds good, mm. Can I ask you to?"

"Of course."

Filled with sense of satisfaction, Mira lacked vigilance and let such sparkle pass by her unnoticed. Lily too, had laid her impulses asleep deep inside and first massaged Mira with devotion.

"Ahhh, right theree. It feels goood."

Just as she said, Lily was certainly skilled in massaging. Mira's mood was truly like that of some kind of great king of a Southern country. And as such, squinting pleasantly Mira started to lightly doze off.

"How about I massage your entire body while at it?"

Seeing an opportunity in Mira's dreamy state, Lily whispered into Mira's ear.

"I guess, mm. Do so then."

Not suspicious in the least, Mira closed her eyes and "Ahhh, what paradise" she muttered.

Moments later, the look in Lily's eyes clearly changed. At the same time, the presence of the maids in the surroundings who peeked in at the two had also changed all at once.

Mira who appreciated the herd of little rabbits did not notice that she herself, was also a kitten who's an object of appreciation. And that mixed inside the herd there were several wolves.

Gently held up in Lily's arms, Mira was carried to the massage table that stood by the bathtub and put down there. From there on, she received a careful massage and further rose to the paradise.

And just like that, Mira left herself to the comfort and started to breathe in her sleep.

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