Why Do Yandere Girls Like To Find Me? Chapter 10 / Chapters List

Chapter 10 sick sister is ashamed

Listening to the intermittent wheezing in the TV, and the red icon just now, it dawned on me.

Originally sister is not turned off the sound, but with the mute TV function, which should be the mute key and the shutdown key confused, so the masturbation. The sound of filth will suddenly come out of the TV set.


After hearing the intermittent rush in the TV, her sister's already crimson Cheeks became redder, and she scrambled to clench the remote control in her hand, pulling out her left hand in a panic and pressing it down quickly and forcefully

And then...... An interesting scene took place

TV remote control, unexpectedly because of sister left hand force, directly fly out of sister's delicate right hand.

Watching the remote control spinning up in the air, my sister hurriedly stretched out her hands and made a monkey's move to catch the moon.

Unfortunately, the moon flies too high.

Pale and ungodly sister dull looking at the air remote control, continue to rise and rotate, after spinning to a boundary point ... Fall.

Then fell heavily on the wooden floor, and gently rolled down to the fabric sofa under.


Hearing the gasps in the TV, my sister's pale face immediately flushed again, as if I could see the steam coming out of her head because she was shy.

It's so cute

It's like leading home to one

No, she's been kept by me right now.


I want to eat her right now.

No, she's my sister. I can't do that.

But, really good to think about her!

When I was still imagining some shameful things, my sister had ignored the gravity of the earth and directly brought her head in close contact with the ground in the form of inverted onions. The sister who was in a stance posture actually tried to see the 'artifact' under the sofa.


She underestimated the distance between the bottom of the sofa and the floor.

Helpless, she had to pour her body sideways on the ground, frantically looking for the ' Oracle ' that would put an end to this filthy root.

Finally, she found it.

In the moment I saw the ' Oracle ', my sister's blushing face showed a little joy, but the next thing left her sister's face covered with sorrow.

Because, she ... Those petite arms don't reach the remote control under the sofa at all.

Gradually, my usual performance of all do not care about the sister, incredibly lying on the floor with helpless sobs.

Listening to her sister's choking voice, a sour of hard name immediately poured into my mind.

This should be the first time she cries after that thing, right?

Think of it this way, I walk to the TV without a word, gently unplug the power of the TV set.

After hearing the gasp behind her, her sister twisted her head in surprise. After putting the TV plug down in my right hand, I opened my mouth as I tried to maintain my sister's majesty.

"Go back to the bedroom and reflect!"

After staring at me with red eyes, my sister walked into her bedroom with a silent word.

Looking at my sister's departure figure, I suddenly remembered an important thing.

Looks like that tape is my room stuff, and I brought back two girls didn't say hello to her in advance!

It's dead, it's dead.

Not only did I indiscriminately reprimand her, but I took two girls home without a word.

Is she going to do something impulsive this evening?

I'm sure it will.

No, I have to stop her.

"Well, you sit down first, and I'll go and see her." I smiled with embarrassment, and rushed to the Yan Ye laoshi and Lian Shan.

Then she rushed to her sister's bedroom.

It's not off?

When I was ready to knock on the door, I found that my sister's room was not closed at all.

I went sideways and carefully into my sister's room, and then there was an incredible scene.